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It is important to know where your progressed moon is transiting in your birth chart. (Horoscope) When I see the progressed moon in a house, I automatically understand what the client is going through, what they are attracted too, looking at the house the Progressed moon is in. They themselves maybe unaware of the “WHY” why am I so attracted to this thought/behavior now? Being an Astrologer, I understand that the progressed moon makes a person become more attentive to the area of life and experiences in which the progressed moon is at the time of my consultations. Although this will be felt in an unconscious matter, we are drawn to that area where the progressed moon is at automatically through our subconscious minds. Thus making it come into existence in our outer world, our lives. Do note, houses 1, 4, 7, 10, are all angular houses, that will have a stronger meaning, and much more activity will be going on when the Progress Moon visits!!

Here is another TIP I pray all will take to heart, learn where your progress moon is & what house/sign,  I’ve been practicing astrology for a long time, & whenever I see one’s progressed moon go into the 6th house of health there are health issues. And at times it does not matter if one has a natal planet in the 6th h, there maybe a planet/s in the 12th h, opposite the 6th h, or it maybe hitting a cusp. Know where your progressed moon is & what it aspects along with what house it is in. Know when your progressed moon will come into the 6th h, get health check-ups, do not start to look when it is in the 6th h, or conjunct the cusp, that will be too late.  I cannot stress this enough. I know there are sites that offer free horoscopes but I’m not sure if they include the progressed moon. It’s worth investing in to know. 

I will also include Astrologer Alan Leo’s expertise on the Progressed Moon, he is known as the “Father of Astrology”

If you are interested in a free PDF file by Alan Leo “The Progress Horoscope” by Alan Leo, you can click on the blue link!!

When the progressed, moon is in your 1st house

Get ready for a new cycle one is about to begin! With your progressed moon in this house, you will begin to feel who you really are. You will begin to feel more independent you will also begin to express yourself with more confidence related to your outside world. You also show greater assurance in what you do and say and if you never have, you will find yourself dabbling in spontaneous actions. You will feel somewhat liberated! The first house is an angular house, which means for you this will be a time of a lot of goings-on!

This is what Alan Leo wrote in his book on The Progressed Horoscope :

The Moon passing through the First House of the nativity or the progressed horoscope* will bring all matters connected with the personality to the fore, and much will depend upon the native’s own actions and upon his own attitude of mind as to how the “directions” operating will affect him.

This position generally tends to break up existing conditions, and consequently sometimes affects the health, in accordance with the strength of the Moon at birth or the solar influences operating in the progressed horoscope. As the Moon going over the cusp of the ascendant nearly always produces changes, it will be well for him to note carefully the kind of changes he desires, so as not to make mistakes.

In a general sense he may expect the personality to come more to the fore, and all matters connected with the form side of existence to engage his attention more than previously; and as the Moon now commences that half of her circle which lies under the earth, he must prepare for the change of condition which the Moon’s passage over the ascendant nearly always brings, for, as has been stated elsewhere, the lower half of the horoscope (houses I. to VI.) concerns the personality chiefly rather than the individuality.

When the progressed moon is in your 2nd house

With your progressed moon in your 2nd house, you will begin making plans and start to establish a more fixed work cycle. You will see that you will begin giving in your existence more thought, more realistic security-based values. Do know this will be a time for you to build security possibly consolidate, not a time for starting new things.

This is what Alan Leo wrote in his book on The Progressed Horoscope :

The Moon passing through the Second House will bring to the fore all matters connected with finance. There are many advantages to be gained from the Moon’s passage through the second house, for any good aspects that the Moon receives during each month will tend to be profitable from a financial standpoint, and those who are able to take advantage of this can nearly always find means to increase their incomes, either through judicious investment or through engaging the mind in general financial affairs to their own benefit. It is a good position for those who have the inspirational faculty, for imaginative and historical authors, etc.

When the progressed moon is in your 3rd house

When your progressed moon is in your third house, you’ll notice you will be on a communication highway! Wanting to learn, wanting to be in contact with others. You’ll feel an openness, your experiences with anything communication will open up a variety of options.

 This is what Alan Leo wrote in his book on The Progressed Horoscope :

The Moon passing through the Third House will affect the mental conditions, giving great activity in all matters connected with the mind, stimulating to greater thought, and also tending to bring changes. As the lunar orb is below the earth, the native will be liable to brood over his conditions, desiring to alter in some way the environment in which he is placed. And so this progression of the Moon through the third house never fails to give some restlessness, while it also brings one into close contact with relatives, or persons who have some claim upon the native.

The objective consciousness will be far more active than the subjective, the mind being more drawn towards objects and externals and by these means stimulated and rendered more inclined to think deeply.

When the progressed moon is in your 4th house

When your progressed moon is in your fourth house, the fourth house being the endings of a cycle, which would mean that the beginning of a new cycle will come about. Look to go deep within yourself for answers relating to your home, your family, your foundation, how to make it more secure so you can launch yourself into your new beginnings.

The fourth house is an angular house, which means for you this will be a time of a lot of goings-on!

 This is what Alan Leo wrote in his book on The Progressed Horoscope :

The Moon passing through the Fourth House of the nativity will tend to awaken interest in all domestic affairs, causing the native to have his mind concerned about his residence, and may bring changes and removals or at least make him restless and desirous of change.

From an occult standpoint the Moon’s passage through this house is favorable, as it will precipitate many things that have been held in suspension: there will, moreover, be an occult vein running through the native’s consciousness, whether he recognizes it as such or not, this being one of the psychic houses in all of which the Moon has some strength, being able to receive all the vibrations that are active in the nativity.

It will have a correspondence with the latter half of the day, i.e., from sunset to dawn, making this the best portion of the day for him for the time being, and will also bring him into touch with persons who are likely to affect him in the home life. Although the Moon in one sense has not much ‘strength’ when passing through the fourth house, still she has a natural sympathetic relation with it, owing to Cancer, the natural fourth house, being the sign of the Moon.

When your progressed moon it moves into your 5th house

This will be quite a change from the fourth house!! You’ll feel a heaviness lifting! For the fifth house is the house of fun! You’ll feel you have more confidence; you’ll feel your abilities are coming into play more, your creativity will blossom making you more successful! You may take more risk than you would otherwise. This is also the house of children, perhaps you may have a child, or have something to do with children in general.

This is what Alan Leo wrote in his book on The Progressed Horoscope:

The Moon passing through the Fifth House tends to awaken the emotions in connection with love affairs, children, pleasure generally, and even games of hazard, gambling or business enterprises; for this house governs everything of a speculative nature. It is a good period to engage in investment or speculation and to seek pleasures generally.

In certain respects the fifth house has sympathy with the emotions,* tending to awaken all the feelings of the native to the utmost and allowing him to give vent to them along those lines of least resistance which are offered when the Moon is passing through this house.

When, however, she is receiving evil aspects, care will have to be taken where the feelings are concerned, similarly also in matters of a speculative nature, for financial losses are then probable; but under good aspects the native may invest to advantage, or profitably engage his mind in any speculative venture which prudence may sanction.

When the progressed moon enters your 6th house

The sixth house is the house of work service and health. You may find yourself switching up your diet, definitely get those health checkups! Be proactive! You may find yourself being more devoted to your work! It’s all about work service and health, & let’s not forget our pets!

 This is what Alan Leo wrote in his book on The Progressed Horoscope:

The Moon passing through the Sixth House, not altogether a fortunate house for the Moon to pass through, as it tends to bring some sickness or indisposition, will, therefore, be likely to affect the health, which should be well guarded during this period.

The native should also be very careful in all dealings with inferiors, as this is one of the “unfortunate” houses of the nativity; although it is true that it gives some psychic tendencies; but this is merely owing to the latent side of the nature being awakened.

All afflictions that the Moon receives while passing through this house will be likely to affect the health and cause indisposition unless careful attention is paid to hygiene, and hence will probably prove to be the commencement of any ill-health that will follow. Therefore, when such afflictions occur, the native should take care to keep the health in good order, so that when the Moon meets any benefic aspect to the other planets he may use those vibrations for the purpose of improving his general health; for this house is intimately connected with hygiene, and is just as powerful for benefiting the health as for impairing it, being related to the regulations or adjustment of the physical system generally.

When the progressed moon enters your 7th house

The seventh house being an angular house (1, 4, 7, 10, all angular houses, angular houses will carry more weight, thus there will be more happenings in an angular house) the seventh house is related to your significant others and business partners! You may switch up business partners, or perhaps a significant other. You will feel yourself-becoming more compromising.

The Seventh house is an angular house, which means for you this will be a time of a lot of goings-on!

 This is what Alan Leo wrote in his book on The Progressed Horoscope:

The Moon passing through the seventh, a house that is connected with marriage, unions, partnerships, and association with others, the native is likely to be brought into contact with others who will greatly influence his life; and he may enter into partnerships or unions, to his great advantage, if done while the Moon forms a favorable aspect to any of the other planets which is not itself afflicted.

All favorable influences coming from the planets to the Moon while she passes through this house will tend to unify the native with others and to bring him into contact with those whose lives will run parallel with his own; but no ties or attachments—no unions particularly—should be formed when the Moon in her progress through the seventh meets any affliction to the other planets. The nature of the aspects the Moon meets should be carefully noted, so that the best time to become united or attached to others may be observed.

The natal aspects between the respective rulers of the first and seventh houses, and any affliction thereto, should also be carefully borne in mind and all testimonies duly weighed

When your progressed moon it goes into your 8th house

The eighth house is the house of death, rebirth, & sex.

When the progressed moon moves into your eighth house you will feel yourself interested in metaphysics, and anything hidden. Depending on the aspects made there could possibly be a death, one thing is for sure the progressed moon in the eighth house will steer your thoughts on all eighth house in matters.

This is what Alan Leo wrote in his book on The Progressed Horoscope:

The Moon passing through the Eighth House, considered the “House of Death,” it is probable that deaths may occur in the native’s social circle, or deaths will in some way affect him. In a higher sense, however, the passage of the Moon through this house has a very deep significance, for it awakens interest in occult matters and usually brings some phase of the occult very prominently into the life: hence the native is likely to have some of his inner senses stimulated into greater activity by this lunar position.

But much, of course, will depend upon the aspects that the Moon forms to other planets during her passage through this house, which lasts for sometimes as long as three years or more. The good aspects will bring gain either by will or legacy, and the adverse aspects, sorrow, and trouble in connection with losses, especially in relation to the partner’s income. A careful study of the aspects will be necessary before deciding definitely how the Moon’s passage will operate.

Your progressed moon in the 9th house

Look to travel! Also, you may find yourself questioning your belief system. Your thoughts will be on anything spiritual, religion, and metaphysics. Some of you will awaken your higher self!

This is what Alan Leo wrote in his book on The Progressed Horoscope :

The Moon passing through the Ninth House, a rather fortunate influence, tends to considerably improve the horoscope as a whole, causing the mind to be interested in all matters connected with either the occult life, or philosophy and religion, and if the native can aspire high enough he will now be able to come into touch with that plane of knowledge wherein all things are known: therefore, by awakening the intellectual side of the nature he will be greatly benefited by the Moon’s passage through the house.

Sometimes voyages are indicated when the Moon goes through the ninth house, but of course much will depend upon the aspects, both those in the radical and also those in the progressed horoscope.

When the progressed moon enters your 10th house

The 10th house being an angular house will produce a lot of activity! Look for your career to come to the fore, also your social status! You will be very ambitious working towards your goals! If your progressed moon enters the 10th house it will mean success for those individuals especially 35 and older! The Tenth house is an angular house, which means for you this will be a time of a lot of goings-on!

This is what Alan Leo wrote in his book on The Progressed Horoscope:

The Moon passing through the Tenth House will probably bring some responsibility, and it will certainly accentuate the native’s sense of justice, bringing out all the moral tendencies; for the tenth house has much to do with elevation to a better position in life, always giving advantages for progress and stimulating the moral side of the nature, making the native endeavour to improve his surroundings and thus making the period a good time for asking favours or raising one’s self into a higher phase of efficiency and service.

All matters of business nature will now come to the fore, and everything connected with work in which he is interested will tend to become more prominent in the native’s life, so that many advantages may be gained while the Moon is passing through this house. It will also have something to do with domestic arrangements, affecting the maternal side of the home, and generally bringing activity into the life according to the aspects, good or bad, that the Moon may meet.

When your progressed moon enters the 11th house

This is the house of your hopes, your dreams, your wishes, and the people you hang with, also the social groups you hang with. And is connected to business!

You will meet many people that will be beneficial for you. You may switch up your friends or develop a stronger repour with the ones you have. A business may also thrive, it depends on what is aspecting your progress moon!

This is what Alan Leo wrote in his book on The Progressed Horoscope :

The Moon passing through the Eleventh House will cause all matters concerned with friendships to be brought prominently to the fore. The native will either make new friends or acquaintances, or be closely associated with those whom he considers his friends, and as this house is also connected with hopes, wishes, and desires, his desires will become much stronger, and the more hope he can cultivate the more successful will he be during the time the Moon passes through this house.

At the same time, a great deal will depend upon the aspects formed by the lunar orb, for under adverse aspects care will be necessary with regard to friends and acquaintances, while under good aspects help and assistance may come through friends, also much success in dealing with them. This house is somewhat fortunate for the Moon, therefore the most should be made of all the opportunities that come in the native’s way as she passes through it.

Your progressed moon entering in your 12th house

You may feel like being alone, you may be withdrawn, to ponder the meaning of your life. You may experience sorrow, depending on what aspects are made to the progressed moon in the 12th house.

This is what Alan Leo wrote in his book on The Progressed Horoscope :

The Moon passing through the Twelfth House will probably bring sorrows and troubles, for this is considered the most unfortunate house of the twelve. However, there is a side to this influence that is worth noting, and that is the occult and psychic tendencies which it gives, and the ability to come into touch with the deeper part of the nature; for it brings out all the sympathies, awakens the truly hopeful tendencies, and does much to stir into activity the deeper emotions which are latent in the native’s character.

He will probably have some experiences of a sorrowful nature which will awaken his feelings, and it is moreover possible that he may also suffer some treachery from the hidden enmity of others while the Moon is passing through this house, but he should remember that nothing can come to him that is not his own, and therefore if he has made no enemies in the past he need not fear the Moon’s passage through this house; yet if he has committed any acts which necessitate the working out of the fate attached to them, then while the Moon goes through this house he will reap the results of those his former acts. For this is especially the house through which “Karma,” or the fruit of past actions, works out its own destiny—both the suffering experienced and the wisdom gained thereby

With progressions, as well as your natal chart planets, it matters what sign & house the planets or luminaries are in & what aspect they make.

Many blessings, Bree

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