Your House Address- Are You Living in the Right House? Some Feng Shui Facts

Have you ever had an experience where you walked into a new home and just knew it was the right place for you? And have you ever been to a place that felt wrong and had negative energy? If the answer is ‘yes, then Feng~Shui/Numerology, probably played a big part in that.

In Numerology our address is said to have its own vibration matrix that means that every property also has its own unique energy and personality. All you need to do to find your forever home is to work out the personality of a property and then see if you are a good fit. Once you have a home that is in alignment with your personality, then the energy will flow and you will find balance and harmony there.

How to calculate the numerology of your home:

To find out the numerology of your home, you need to write down the number of your home or apartment.

Then you need to add the numbers together until you get a single digit.

For example:

If your home is 1234 Ocean Drive…

This means that the house number is 1234

You then need to add these numbers together 1 + 2 + 3 + 4= 10

You then need to reduce this to a single digit so 10 = 1 + 0 = 1

So you live in a 1 house!

One thing to remember when you do the calculation is that you need to use the house number and not the number of your street.

Another important thing to remember is that if you live in an apartment then you need to use your apartment number, not the building number.

Example: If you live at 1234 Ocean Drive, Apartment 12, then the apartment number is 12 = 1 + 2 = 3.

So you live in a 3 house.

Letters also have meaning in numerology:

In numerology letters also have numbers, so if you live in an apartment or home with a letter in the address you need to factor this in as well.

For example, You live in apartment 12B

You need to look at the chart below and find the numerical value for the letter B.

1: A, J, S

2: B, K, T

3: C, L, U

4: D, M, V

5: E, N, W

6: F, O, X

7: G, P, Y

8: H, Q, Z

9: I, R

So in this case it B = 2

Example: Apartment 12B = 1 + 2 + 2 = 5

One more thing you need to know!

One more thing you need to know…if you are living in a house with a less than ideal house number then you can change it! How? By putting a different number inside your door!

If you live at house number 12B which is a 5 home, and you want to live in a 7 home, then all you need to do is put a number 2 behind your door as 5 + 2 = 7!

What do the home numbers mean?

1 Home:

The 1 home is all about independence. It is linked to the number one so that also means that you are ‘number 1’ when you are there. The energy of this home rests on the individual, innovation, ambition, drive, and being a leader. This could be a good home for anyone who is self-employed or who has a very busy and active career. If you live in this home then you will continue to be independent and you will prize your autonomy and personal freedom. Living in this home will also teach you to be self-confident, courageous, determined, and forward-thinking.


A 1 home can be challenging for anyone with a family. It is not that kind of place. This home is not about partnerships but is instead about independence and your first priority here will be yourself. If you want to find or dedicate time to an intimate partner then this is not the place to do it. Having a balanced and harmonious relationship is challenging in a 1 home. If you don’t like feeling lonely then this home is also not a good fit as it fosters spending time by yourself.

2 Home:

A 2 Home is all about love and family. This is a home of partnerships and this means you will feel nurtured, included, and cared for here. This home is a safe place to raise a family and any loving relationships will blossom. Groups are also favored in this setting and you will feel a great sense of devotion to a group. Harmony is also a key theme of this house so if you want to settle down and build a home with someone then this is a great place to do it. Couples and families will feel balanced and at ease here, as will people with a close circle of best friends. This home also teaches you about how to think about others before yourself. It will also teach you to work through your emotions and put great care into your relationships.


If you want to focus on yourself then this is not a good choice. This is also not a good home if you plan to launch your career or focus on another project that requires drive and vision. The reason for this is that a 2 home is about relationships and the needs of others, not independence or the wants and needs of the individual. You could also find that feel more sensitive here than in other homes, especially if you choose to live here alone. This could even make you feel depressed that you don’t have a committed partner.

Master Number 11 Home:

If you live in a home that has the number 11, before you reduce it to number 2, then this is actually a Master Number 11 home. The Master Number 11 is like a 2 home but on steroids. This makes it more intense to live there but it can also be more rewarding at the same time.

This is a good home if you are interested in spiritual healing however and if you want to develop your talents. This is also an inviting kind of home so friends and family may flock to you here. The energy of the Master Number 11 home, however, is also a little dreamy but this can nurture your creative side and help you to achieve your innermost dreams. This is also a place where you may find your feel illuminated and you could find your true path in life here.

3 Home:

A 3 home is the kind of place that is full of love and light. There is a positive energy here that makes people optimistic and filled with joy. There is a strong feeling of emotional depth here as well as self-expression. If you work in a creative field then this is an excellent choice and this is also a good home to choose if you like entertaining. You will have many great conversations with others here and can unlock your artistic potential. If you want to start a family then this can be a good place to do it and those around you will also feel more emotionally sensitive and open. If you want to focus on communication and joy with loved ones, then this home is a great pick.


If you crave time alone then this is not the right home for you. A 3 home is all about engagement and social endeavors. There is not a heavy or serious energy here which may mean that if you want to be alone and focus on a work project or similar then this could be difficult. It can be tough to focus in this home and your thoughts may fly all over the place. This is also a home-based on creativity and artistic expression but this can also make you sensitive and you may find you have big high and lows emotionally.

4 Home:

The 4 home is all about security and stability. This is also a home where you need to work slowly and steadily towards your goals and this is turn will bring with it a sense of security. The energy of this home is rooted in hard work and incremental progress. You will feel more organized here and you will be able to set up systems to help you prosper. People in this home will be loyal and will also help to protect you. This means that this is a good home if you want to build a business or start a family. Any kind of solid investments are favored and you will be able to endure until you reach your goals. This is also a place where you will learn more about honesty, security, and service to others.


If you want an easy and breezy environment then this is not a good pick. The energy in a 4 home is more serious and is focused on service and security. If you work in a creative field then this is definitely not the right choice and you may feel that your fun-loving side is being stifled here. This home is all about working hard towards your goals, often over a long period of time. It also has an earthy energy to it so if you like gardening and plants then this will suit you well, but you will need to tend to them in order for them to grow.

Master Number 22 Home:

If you live in a home that has the number 22, before you add this together and get the number 4, then you live in a Master Number 22 home. This is like a number 4 home but the effect is amplified and will be more serious but also brings greater rewards.

A Master Number 22 home will be a great place to develop your mental skills. This is also a good place to work on spiritual healing and becoming a master in your field, whatever that may be. You will be super organized here and your home will run like a well-oiled machine. This is also a place where you will be able to study deeply and become more knowledgeable. If you are a writer or an architect then you will feel very much at home and you will excel in the areas that you focus on. This can also be a challenging home however as it can be difficult to relax as you may feel a lot of pressure to succeed and work hard.

5 Home:

            The number 5 home is about having fun and enjoying a party. There is a great sense of adventure in this home and you will have lots of forward-thinking ideas flowing around. This is a flexible environment and it is all about enjoying social situations and feeling free. This is also a good choice if you want to develop your feelings of freedom but in a constructive way. You will always live life to the fullest here and there will also be a sense of fearlessness when you live here. You may feel that you can tackle any issues that come your way and bring about dynamic change.


If you want a steady home then this is not a good choice. A 5 home is all about feeling free and the pursuit of pleasure so serious endeavors will not easily blossom here. If you are looking to make some serious moves in the future, or you want to settle down in your life then this is not the right place to do it. This is also often not a permanent home and people who live here usually only do so for short periods of time before moving on. You may also find that you have a huge number of guests flocking to you here but they may be indulgent. This means that they (and you) could indulge in negative behaviors such as drugs and excessive alcohol consumption.


            If you have any addictive behaviors then these will be exacerbated in the 5 home. You could also find that your fears are amplified which could make you withdraw from others around you. Another thing that is important is that you need to make sure you have strong self-discipline if you live in this home in order to get anything done. Self-care and a healthy approach to life are very important if you want to work with the energy of a 5 home.

6 Home:

            The 6 home is a beautiful and nurturing space. This home is great for a family and you will find that it promotes happiness, harmony, and compassion. This is also the perfect spot for children, so it’s a good pick if you are raising a family. The energy in this kind of home is good if you are running a business from home or hoping to start a family. Everyone under the roof of a 6 home will feel nurtured and cared for but this can also sometimes make you feel a little drained as you are always caring for others. There is a tendency to want to make everything perfect in this home but you also need to take time to relax. If you work in massage, counseling, interior decorating or anything to do with energy work and healing then this is a good choice.


If you want to have a strong sense of personal freedom and fun then this is not a good choice for you. This is a home that focused on service to others. It is not about the individual but about the needs of the collective group. This is why it is a good choice for a family but not so much for someone working alone, unless you work in an artistic field. This is a domestic home and it will be perfect for anyone who likes to cook and nurture their family.

7 home:

The 7 home is focused inwards. This means that it is a good place to do a little contemplation so it is good for spiritual seekers and those who don’t mind isolating themselves to look for the truth. This is also a highly intuitive environment and you can also improve your spiritual health here. This is about learning to understand yourself in a very profound way and it also fosters deep connections. If you live in this kind of home then you will learn how to find faith in yourself and those around you. If you want to know more about yourself and the world then this is a great pick. A 7 home can also help you to know more about your own spirituality.


If you are focused on the material world then this is not a good pick for you. The reason for this is that a 7 home is focused on spiritual endeavors, so if you want to get ahead in your career and make big money then it probably won’t happen in this kind of home. This home is focused on long periods of contemplation and also intellectual pursuits so if you are moving in with a partner then you need to make sure you pay them enough attention. There is a tendency to focus too much on yourself in this kind of home so couples may prefer to live elsewhere.

8 Home:

The 8 home is a good place to focus on your sense of power and prestige. This is about financial success and making more money for yourself. This can also lead to financial loss however and it is tightly linked to control. If you want to get ahead in life then this is a good pick but you need to make sure you find your own sense of balance if you want to live here. There is a sense that is can be difficult to raise a family here as you will be focused on work and making money. As this home is so linked to the material world, it may be that it is very grand or opulent and acts as a way for you to show off to those around you. This can however make you come across as a little materialistic and shallow.


            If you want a stress-free home then this is not the place for you. This kind of property is linked to achievement, control, and authority over money and it is not focused on spirituality. This is a home of abundance but this also means hard work, drive, and power. If you want to relax and switch off then it will be difficult to do so here and you will struggle to relinquish control to others. This is often also a very controlled home in that you may struggle to express your emotions to others so relationships can be difficult.

9 Home:

            The 9 home is all about humanitarian issues. There is a strong energy here linked to giving to others and charitable causes. This is about learning to be selfless and you will want to leave your mark on the world for the better if you live here. There is also a feeling of giving back to your local community and there are strong healing vibes in this kind of property. People are naturally drawn to this kind of home and you will evolve spiritually if you live here, often with the help of others. You will also get the chance to learn many life lessons if you live in a 9 home.


This is not a home where you will get the chance to focus on yourself all the time. This is more the kind of place where your focus is outward and you will be thinking about others under your care. This home fosters love and compassion and you may struggle to think about yourself. If you are at the stage in your life where you want to focus on your career or making money then the energy in this kind of home may be challenging for you. There is also a sense that people will flock to this kind of home for advice and help which can leave you feeling a little drained. As 9 is known as being the ‘international’ number then you may find that you travel a lot in this home or people from different countries and walks of life visit you frequently.

And finally…

One final thing to remember is that you can change the energy of your home by adding a number to the inside of your door. This will change the vibrations as we talked about at the beginning of the article.

            Also, remember that the kind of home we need changes throughout our lives. At one time we may want to be alone to focus on ourselves and at other times we may want to be in a home that fosters our relationships and family life. As such, if you live in a home that you love and feel comfortable in, you may also one day feel the energy shift. If this happens it could be that your priorities have shifted and that is when you will know that it might be the right time to make a move!

Thinking about selling your home & moving to the right home address to have the lifestyle you & your family want? Needing to know when or even if your home will sell? What area would be the most promising for you & your family to grow? When is the best timing in order to get top dollar for your home?

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Warm wishes, Bree

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