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Before I begin with February 2021 horoscope predictions for the US, let me reiterate President Trump did win the 2020 elections on November 3rd, 2020, what I and so many, many more failed to acknowledge was the incredible underground deception that was taking place within the deep state. Such corruption was buried deeper than ever imaginable, it was there, the deception was clearly seen, as I did say chaos was coming & it surely did with a vengeance the “Good OL Boys” have been at this for some time, but the energies will prevail you’ll see!

There is so much good coming in also, so much good & happiness, but we need to get thru the rest of January & February, some of March before that happens! Not that there are not good days sandwiched in-between, but my main focus here is not on the fluff, only the meat. 

  But also note, this is far from over, with Saturn & Uranus forming a square, look for some major surprises coming in!!

The MSM who are paid for & bought by the deep state, who by no choice of their own must follow protocol as they are told or face not being able to pay their bills much less feed their families, filled the airwaves with such unimaginable lies, but as you can see they did not prevail, President Trump did win the 2020 election! Can you imagine not being able to tell the news like it actually happened due to the radical calls of the leftist mob bosses who are continually trying to silence the mass majority from free speech, not to mention being made to listen to their lies, it’s either do as your told, or you’re gone. What might any of us do in that scenario? Remember mortgages need to be paid, food needs to put on the table, their children’s needs also must be considered!

“What a tangled web we weave when 1st we practice to Deceive.” Will be the afterthought of many newscasters going forward as they watch what they created rolling into a massive ball of disaster that not only tries to take the freedom of the average American but also has already taken theirs as well.

This force to silence the American people will be the left’s downfall, many media giants will struggle to stay afloat, the masses are moving to other platforms in groves! And I’m seeing one, in particular, taking the lead! President Donald Trump.

 President Donald Trump’s power becomes more prevalent, & I do see him with his own platform, perhaps a TV show, he’s working on something behind the scenes, & that something will take on a voice of its own with millions of followers…see Donald Trump is here to stay! Perhaps I was seeing two governments striving for control over the USA….high possibility. I will say with Donald Trump behind the scenes he will become the most powerful man in American history.

I foresee many changes coming in, & due to the square of Saturn & Uranus, those radical (Keyword radical) changes will be fought tooth & nail by the masses. The year 2021, will be far worse than 2020! Saturn wanting stability, stick to the old, no change, Aquarius wanting change, with a flare of Uranus & stability of Saturn, 2021 will be filled with many more protest, violence, & social unrest. The riots will be coming from the radical left as they find out their student loan debt will not be forgiven, amongst other things that were promised not being delivered, being blocked, dissatisfaction in going on in the Democrat party.  And here we all thought that’d be over…think again! While the moderate Dems & Repubs will exhibit dissatisfaction, it’s nothing compared to what we have seen the radical left engaging in the last year 2020, & will continue in 2021, it’s more on an educated level that the moderate Dems & Rebups will dispel their displease, also note the police officers/military will be on the side of the moderate Dems & Repubs. They too know this election was stolen. The truth will come out & be in the face of every American soon. 

As I’ve always stated Aquarius wants freedom…Aquarius is a very independent thinker.  Aquarius is an air sign, & as I’ve stated the air signs are coming in to blow down all that the earth signs have built for the last 200 years. This of course will not happen overnight, but as I’ve stated before it is happening now.

The vast majority of people in the US fully know President Trump won the election, & all was brought to light. The mass underground, deception the deep state has thrust upon the people, democracy was & still is tangled into its web. With the square of Saturn & Uranus the 1st on February 16th, 2021, (remember the flavor will happen & is happening now before the planets perfect). The USA is being thrown into yet more chaos, not only in the USA but in many other countries as well.

With JB’s chart as I stated he will come into some extremely unfortunate happenings, & with the 25,000 troops guarding the capital, as well as JB hiring his own private security, & the left demanding the troops there once again be questioned, & their guns be taken away, they knew it to….while working with the energies, they prevented what I saw coming, & that is how it works in astrology, know what’s coming & work with the energies not fight them, the choice is there. But however, it’s either his health that will fail him, or possibly something more sinister, the planet line up in his chart goes out the whole year of 2021, He will not finish out the year 2021, this is coming in stronger, & I do not wish this on him, his chart is showing me this. Once this happens, K. Harris will be next up, which will throw the USA into a tailspin like never before. The vast majority of the  People of the USA did not vote for Joe B & will not stand for K. Harris. Perhaps as I’ve written below this will bring in another election. Crazier things have happened & will continue, so do not throw out the possibility of another election, we have Saturn & Uranus the planet of surprises in play!

I do see in time, all the lifetime politicians will no longer be in office, new is coming, change is coming. People will in their own states where the politician did not abide by what their constituents wanted, I see them being impeached, in the states where they were elected.

For the month of February 2021, this is what I see taking place!

Saturn square Uranus ~ February 16th,   2021  ~ Please remember there will be a series 3 squares thru out 2021 of Saturn & Uranus, the 1st one being the most prominent, so what I lay out below will be happening the whole year of 2021!

As I’ve stated, Aquarius wants freedom, Aquarius is an independent thinking sign. Saturn wants stability, Uranus brings crazy surprises. There will be no laws that keep Aquarius free-thinking souls locked up for too long. I do see President Trump becoming more powerful in the days to come as I’ve stated, he is working on something behind the scenes, possibly his own network, his voice will override that of Joe Biden’s. A mass majority voted for Trump, the election was stolen, the American people know this & for those that do not, you will be in for quite the surprise soon.

The square of Saturn & Uranus will bring trouble to the falsely elected radical left party, I see national politics becoming extremely disturbed, and involved. (Think China & Russia) There will be great changes advocated, reforms of a great nature that will be attempted, possibly suggested, by the radical left but will meet with resistance or possibly achieved with extreme difficulty after a long period of rebellion from the people. Riots happening here as well as in other countries will be prevalent.

There will be disasters, & trouble that will plague the not legally elected president/government.

Which I’m seeing may have to resign, or lose ground, or be defeated. There will be changes in such places as the cabinet, a death, possibly a resignation of members. A whole lot of dissatisfaction within the parties. The death of possibly the newly false president, or some statesmen, maybe also royalty.

I’m seeing the possibility of a general election taking place…or large reforms are being introduced related to elections, civic or other councils, may even be the falsely elected president himself. I do know & it’s in his chart, Joe B. will not be in office long, & KH will take over, & that will bring the most disruption, riots, America has ever seen. Perhaps this is when a new election will come forth.

But one thing is for sure, there will be a whole lot of delay, difficulty, & much opposition. All this will center around the ILLEGALlY elected president, & his cabinet.

The Coronavirus, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon, why would it? They have to keep people locked up in our homes, so we are not in groups discussing what is taking place. That will be their downfall…the American people are not ones who will oblige by the commands of the radical left, that is why they will have severe issues, & the people will have a new & more improved platform in which to discuss. Over half the population know this election was stolen from them, they will not forget.

What I advise though, never ever resort to violence, ever…it just doesn’t work, instead, be peaceful, in whichever manner you decide to not go along with the prevailing illegal party, peace wins, violence loses.

As I’ve stated there will be three squares between Saturn & Uranus, the 1st will be the most disruptive.

The flavor will come in before the two planets square prefect. Just like the energy/flavor, always happens before the new or full moon. Once planets perfect the energy has made its presence known.

This will be happening thru out the year 2021! It will not happen overnight…but what I’ve stated above will come to pass thru throughout the 2021 year, the 1st being the most potentiate!

I do see as I’ve stated Donald Trump becoming more powerful than the falsely elected president, I see President Donald Trump bringing what happened related to the stolen election out into the open, he will tell what has not been told, possibly thru his own TV show. He will call out every single corrupt politician for all the American people to witness, it will be phenomenal!

The year 2021 will be the most violent year yet, due to the Saturn, Uranus square. The USA economy will suffer. The weather will get more & more bazaar not due to global warming, but due to the planet line up. Crops will not be in abundance. Oil & gas will go up!! The Stock Market will be spiraling into a crash. Riots, & explosions will be more & more prominent.

The USA 2nd h, (Saturn 2nd house)  & Uranus (Uranus 5th h)

The 2nd h, in the USA chart relates to the financial condition, revenue, stock market, banks, commerce & trade.

While Saturn is in the 2nd h, it is evil when adversely aspected! I’m seeing poor revenue, financial stagnation, some form of depression related to securities, depreciation of securities as well as financial circles, & as it is coming into orb to square Uranus, this will become much more prevalent.

The 5th h, in Mundane astrology relates to places of fun, amusement, theaters, children & their education, music, risk-taking, speculation.

Uranus in the 5th house relates to when adversely affected as it is with the Saturn square, educational issues, explosions, risk-taking, speculation. Not ideal for children, places of fun will be disrupted.

Saturn & Uranus will square on & off all year in 2021. The establishment versus the people. Out with the old & in with the new, but not overnight.

Community & family will be more cherished. The old meets with the new, the old establishment will diminish, things that once were are changing & this process will be more prevalent in 2021, but will linger for the next 4 years. Nothing worth having is ever easy, do not expect this to be!

Stay safe everyone,

Warm wishes, Bree

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3 Responses

  1. Shivshakti says:

    You are right, people have suffered enough by the radical left, it is high time it was dealt with. J. B. has got this unhealthy look, a feeble old man, it won’t be a surprise if his health deteriorates, sorry to say that, but I think every one can see this. ️

  2. Bantu son says:

    Thank you for your information about Trump and the Election but I dont agree with you though am not a politician.It was back in 2017 when every step Trumo lived was predicted and everything happened as was predicted so sorry but you cant change my mind

    • Bree says:

      @Bantu son ~ Thank you for your comment, but it’s not my intention to change your mind, only to get you thinking about what the planets in play are bringing forth!

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