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Wicca~Magic~What is it & What it’s Not!! 

When most people hear the words “Wicca magic” they often imagine all the usual cliched images associated with magic such as witches wearing pointed hats who make spells in cauldrons and ride on broomsticks. Magic is often also linked to magicians who perform tricks on stage, such as sawing their assistants in half and pulling rabbits out of hats! Over the years, the true meaning of magic has been distorted to the point where now it is considered a figure of fun to many people and not something that should be taken seriously at all. The reality, however, is that Wicca-magic has been used for centuries and, although it has suffered from a long and unfair history of being associated with evil and bad omens, it is still practiced today by modern-day people. Wicca is using the power God has already given us, earth, wind, fire, water. It’s that simple!

There are lots of different interpretations of Wicca-magic floating around today, so it is important to note that this article is based on my own experiences and my own perspective. I don’t pretend to speak for all practitioners of Wicca-magic, and anyone interested in learning more about this form of magic needs to form their own opinions on the subject. This article is meant to take you through some of the basic principles of Wicca-magic and act as a jumping off point for anyone who wants to know more!

What is Wicca-magic?

When we use the term “magic” many people often think of negative things, like casting an evil spell on your enemy. Wicca-magic could not be any further from this and it is a way of harnessing knowledge and gaining power from this, although this is not power that can or should be used over other people. Instead, it is the power to do things such as cure the sick, but it also only works when a situation can be changed and not on one which is fixed.

This means that Wicca-magic is a skill that needs to be practiced and mastered and this will usually take you time as you start to perfect this important art. There is a school of thought that says that everything that is created is a part of us – and if that is true then it also applies to Wicca-magic which all of us are capable of, as we all carry it with us. If you believe in past lives, then we have all had the latent energy of Wicca-magic inside us throughout time, and we just need to pull it to the surface and re-engage with it once more.

In the days of old, Wicca-magic was used for ceremonial purposes and also to commune with God and the Goddess. It was also not only used at special times, but was a daily practice which could be harnessed to cure illness or bring more positivity into the lives of its practitioners. Wicca-magic also works on the premise of the “Three-fold Law” which is based on different powers or natural energies which we can harness to make changes in our lives. These powers are known as Personal Power, Earth Power and Divine Power and each power has a very different energy to it.

Personal Power:

Personal Power is essentially our life force that allows us to live on earth and keeps us safe. This is the power that all of us carry inside ourselves and is linked to the energy we also have in our bodies. As we go through life, this energy is topped up by many things like the foods we eat, but it also comes out of us as well through our physical activities. Wicca-magic teaches us to control this energy rather than just letting it leach out of our bodies and we can then use it as a force with a greater purpose. This also allows us to reach out goals using this power.

Earth Power:

Earth Power, as the name suggests, is the power that we find in the natural environment. We can find it in the earth, fire, wind and water, and also in other things like wood and rocks. Each of these elements and natural products has its own power and energy which can be used for a number of different things. This is why we use things like crystals to heal our bodies, as they contain healing energy which can help us. We can also use other things with Earth Power in them such as scents, oils, and herbs.

Divine Power:

In Wicca-magic, Divine Power is about the power of spirituality and is linked to the God and Goddess. It is important to note that both Personal Power and Earth Power come from this Divine Power. This is also about your life force and everything comes from Divine Power which is also the source of the existence of the cosmos. If you want to harness the Divine Power of the God and Goddess using Wicca-magic then you will usually need to use a blessing circle and ask for the deities to bless you and help you with your goals. Although I have to admit, I use my mind & do not practice using circles. To each their own. The power is all in one’s mind!

Performing Wicca-magic:

When you perform Wicca-magic, it is not about simply making requests for good fortune in your life from the God and Goddess. Instead, you need to think about what it is that you really want and, more than that, what it is that you truly need in your life. You also need to think about everything associated with the ritual and the request such as when the best time to do such magic will be and what you will need in order to achieve optimum results. Some things that people use to perform magic include candles, herbs, incense, and calendars or magical or fortunate days. If you use all of these things together then they will enhance the power of your intentions. 


Wicca-magic also uses tools which can help you to enhance the power of a ritual, although they are not powerful in themselves and they are only used to harness your natural energy. In Wicca-magic we can use these tools to call on God and Goddess or to protect ourselves from negative energy. Tools can be anything that has a significant meaning to us and that is conducive for harnessing the power of magic in our lives.


When people have performed magic over the centuries, they have almost always used candles as part of their ritual. Over the eons, candles have been associated with magic and the spirit world and of course, fire is considered to be a cleansing and healing force in our world. Often, in past times, magic was performed with flaming torches which were used to honor and call forth the God and Goddess, and nowadays we use candles to mirror this. The color of the candle you choose as part of your ritual is important, as different colored candles have different meaning and healing properties. Colors are also important generally in Wicca-magic.


When you perform Wicca-magic or a ritual, you need to think carefully about the colors you will use as these have different energy fields that can help or hinder your spell.


Incense is also something that has long been associated with magic and is similar in significance to candles. Incense is used in order to stimulate the senses and is also considered one of the best ways to call the good spirits of the world. Clouds of fragrant incense are also seen as the best way to waft a spell into the air and thus into the cosmos. You can get different kinds of incense for different occasions and this also depends on the deities or the spell you want to perform. Incense is often used to promote healing and to purify a space.

Magical days:

As the name suggests, magical days are days that have a magical significance such as a Full Moon or a New Moon. Even the time of day when you perform your magic is also important and will make the atmosphere more harmonious and spiritual.  Most magical days are linked to the movement of the Sun and the major planets.

There are also a number of other things to think about when you are performing magic or a ritual such as signs of the zodiac and important astrological days, the movements of the planets and the times of day. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that you don’t clutter a ritual by thinking about too many other considerations, so you do also need to keep it simple and focused. This is especially true if you are new to Wicca-magic and you can build up the complexity of your rituals once you have learned the basics. When we first start Wicca-magic, it is important to remember that this power is laying inside of us and is ready to come out if we can harness it, so you need to learn how to focus and visualize it. As you grow stronger and more adept, you will learn how to meditate and concentrate on the important things in life and this will open up your imagination and allow the magic to flow through you.


Meditation is such an important skill to have in life and when performing Wicca-magic, particularly as life is so crazy busy now that we all need to find a way to calm down and center ourselves. But if we are not calm and centered, then performing magic is very, very difficult, so it is important for you to learn to meditate before a ritual so that you are in the right frame of mind to open yourself up to the power of Wicca-magic. Meditation also teaches us to let go of the small and unimportant things in life and trains us to focus on the important aspects of existence. If we are unfocused, then it can mean that we are blocked and will not be able to call upon the deities and commune with them. When you meditate, make sure that you do so in a calm and quiet place where you will be alone and unrushed by other people. You may wish to light candles or burn incense as well and pure colors like white and blue are often used as part of a meditation ritual. Try to quieten your mind and focus on your breathing by breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. Make sure that you only focus on this at first, and when you are completely relaxed, you will start to feel all the worry drain out of your body, and you can also start to expel all your negative thoughts at the same time. Once you have established a clean slate in your mind, you can then invoke the deities and allow them in. When you communicate with them in your mind, you may ask them for help or for their support with a difficult issue in your life. If you need healing then you can also ask for this now as part of the meditation session.


Visualization is a very important part of the magic process and it helps us to stay focused when we are in the middle of a ritual. Many people are surprised to learn that it isn’t too hard to do this and actually you have probably already done it in your life without realizing it. If you think of a time when your mind started to wonder, such as standing in line at the grocery store, then you have also probably started to think about other things and see them in your mind – such as a party you are going to attend or an important event in your life. All of this is visualization, but it is not focused and if you want to learn how to perform Wicca-magic then you will also need to train yourself in the art of focused visualization. This will allow you to see the things that you want for the future and help to bring these to light. For example, if you are feeling under the weather, then you may want to visualize yourself surrounded by light that is protecting and healing you, and stopping you from getting sick – this is the art of visualization as used in Wicca-magic. If you find visualization difficult, then you may want to try and become more focused and practice this when you are meditating. As you start to feel calm and relaxed, allow your mind to visualize everyday objects or things in your life that are important to you such as a family heirloom. Make sure you focus on visualizing this object and nothing else, and do not allow your mind to wander to another place. In the beginning, this may feel tiring and difficult, but over time you will become more focused and your mind will get stronger. Once you feel more in control of your visualizations, you can start to focus on the objects in more depth. The next stage of the visualization process is learning to visualize objects when your mind is cluttered with other things, and this is an important part of visualization – you need to be able to call forth images amid all the chaos! This can take time, however, and you need to remember that you have to walk before you can run. The key is to not push yourself too hard and to build up slowly.

Using Wicca-magic:

One thing you need to remember about using Wicca-magic is that it is inside you and has been inside you since time immemorial. This means that anyone can learn to perform Wicca-magic, but you also need to understand that this power is coming from inside you and you need to use it wisely. You also need to understand that you will need to use all of your energy and power in the beginning in order to call forward the magic of Wicca – and this can be tiring and difficult. You also need to make sure that you do not overdo it in the beginning when you first start to harness the power of Wicca-magic, as this can leave you depleted and is also not the main purpose of this art. If you do not take good care of yourself then you can end up exhausted.

In order to make sure you are using your magic wisely and are also protecting yourself from feeling exhausted, you need to make sure you stay grounded and centered. Those who practice Wicca-magic do this by performing a ritual technique which is known simply as “Grounding and Centering” and you need to do this before you begin a ritual to boost your own Personal Power and the Earth Power that is present in all things. This will get you in the best place to perform a ritual or perform magic, and you will also feel calmer, more focused and less anxious.

Grounding and Centering Technique:

If you want to perform a Grounding and Centering technique, that many Wiccans use in their lives, then you need to stand with your feet slightly apart and then close your eyes and breathe deeply. You need to focus on breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth, and as you do this you also need to focus on clearing out your mind and allowing the Personal Power to flow through your body. If you have any negative thoughts at this time, or any negative energy, then you need to imagine that your Personal Power is carrying this negativity out of your body. Visualize this negativity pouring out of you as this is the only way for you to perform a ritual with a clean slate and in the right frame of mind. You may also want to perform this ritual outside so that your bare feet are actually touching the earth as this will bring forward the Earth Power and make you feel invigorated and alive.

Once you are feeling calm and purposeful, you will be ready to start your ritual and perform some Wicca-magic. You can also do this technique again once you have finished your ritual in order to feel relaxed and at one with the cosmos. Many Wiccans also perform what is known as a “Cake and Ale Ritual” which is a ritual that uses food and drink to replenish your energy which can be easily depleted when you perform Wicca-magic. This is about putting good foods in your body that will make you feel happy and healthy once more after expelling energy during your ritual – so try not to overload yourself with foods that will make you feel sluggish and lethargic as these will bring more negative energy into your life.

When you have finished, you may want to follow this up with some self-reflection about what you asked for during your ritual and how you feel now that the magic is complete. Many Wiccans like to keep a journal in which they write down all their rituals and the reason for their magic, and then also monitor the results of this. A Wicca-magic journal is known as a “Book of Shadows” and if you keep a careful note of your magic then you will be able to improve in the future and feel your power growing stronger.


In the end, it is important to remember that we all have the power of Wicca-magic inside ourselves, but we also need to take the time to harness this energy and work to make it grow and prosper within us. In the beginning, it may take some time to get used to performing rituals, but if you stick with it you will become stronger and more focused when it comes to calling forth the deities and being clear about your needs and desires from the universe. All in all, hopefully, this article has helped you to understand some of the basics of Wicca-magic and has kickstarted your journey to discover more about this amazing art form.

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Many blessings, Bree

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