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If you are just getting started on your Wicca journey then you may have a lot of questions about Wicca especially about the art of spell casting which is a huge part of this religion.

What is Wicca Spell Casting?

Those who follow Wicca believe in a simple premise. If you have an intention which is pure and true, then this intention can be made into a reality through the practice of magic. The idea is to find a balance between the other world and the earth to make this magic manifest. The person who practices the magic becomes a conduit for the intention that helps it come to fruition.

            Some of the characteristics that those who practice spell making need to have include discipline, purity of intention, determination, and wisdom. One of the main things to look for is if you feel ready to perform spells, as if you already have this desire then this is a great indication that the time is right to start on this path. All you need is the courage and conviction to bring your pure intentions into the light.

            Magic is based on the energy that is found in the natural world and makes things that we may feel are impossible become possible. The foundation of magic starts with the four elements of earth, air, fire and water and how we relate to these. It takes its influence from the cycles of the seasons and from the planets and stars and how these impact us in a spiritual way. As humans, we are all capable of performing spells and using the force of the universe to make this happen.

            If you choose to perform spells then know that you are using an ancient belief system and power that has been practiced for centuries through rituals. There are many ways that spells can be cast in Wicca including using meditation, rituals, healing, crystals, candles, and symbolic amulets to harness positive energy.

            One thing to look out for is to make sure that you use magic only when needed and that you do so in a positive, healing, and loving manner. Magic and spell casting should never be used to harm others or cause them pain or suffering. This is the ‘Rule of Three’ in Wicca which means that whatever actions you take you will receive in kind to the power of three. As such, if you do good then this will be repaid three times over, but if you use magic in a negative way then this will come back to you three-fold.

The origins of spell casting:

Spell casting began in the Paleolithic era when humans had a much deeper connection to the earth and to nature generally. Unfortunately, in the modern world this is something that has been lost but by practicing spell casting we can begin to return to our ancient roots. In ancient times spell casting centered on cave drawings, chanting, and dance. It also included ritual offerings to the God and Goddess. Offerings were also given to the Goddess in line with the Moon cycles.

            In time, magic has been used by many famous people such as religious figures, members of royal families, and other leaders of communities. In the modern day, Wicca is the main form of witchcraft that is used around the world, even though it has its roots in ancient practices and rituals.

What kind of spells can be performed?

            Spells can be performed for a variety of reasons. Some of the main areas where they are most used are for love, finance, healing, career, or luck. You can perform spells for basically any area of your life as long as your intention is clear and pure. This also means that the magic has the best chance of working in your life.

Magic is also about harnessing the force of the God and Goddess in Wicca and you should always keep the main principle in mind which is ‘Do no harm’. Magic and spell casting is also a great responsibility so make sure that you use its power wisely. Also, remember that this is a skill that can take time to hone. As such don’t be disheartened if you find it challenging when you first begin.

Types of rituals:

            Some rituals, especially those practiced in ancient times took place in a gathering. Nowadays, however, although this is still possible, many people choose to practice spell casting alone. If you do so then you are known as a solitary witch. One of the benefits of this is that you have the time and space to follow the ritual as you see fit and to perform it to suit your needs and intentions.

            In ancient times many wise women would also have done this and would have worked with herbs and plants in order to promote healing. Many witches in these times had a high level of knowledge about astrology, medicinal plants, gemology, and other rituals.

Tools used in rituals:

            The tools used in rituals can be adapted according to your own personal style and intentions but some basic items that many witches use are as follows…

  • A hard-bristled broom which is used to sweep any negative energy out of your home or ritual space.
  • A cauldron where you can make potions or healing spells.
  • A silver bell which witches usually ring before they start spell casting as this promotes positive energy.
  • An altar on which you can place candles, crystals, figures, or incense.

How to cast a spell:

            Spells can be cast for all kinds of different reasons such as career advancement, health issues, love, or simply to promote positive energy in your home. Whatever the reason, spell casting usually follows four simple steps although some spells can be more elaborate depending on their intention and complexity.

First Step: All spells usually start with casting your intention out into the physical world. This means that you should say the intention out loud and also visualize it in your mind as clearly as you can without any distractions. At this part of the spell you need to be as clear as possible about your intention.

Second Step: The second step is where you take action about the spell. This is the point where you are drawing the energy from the inner world to the present. Basically, think of this as moving the energies of the universe around to manifest your intention.

Third Step: This is in many ways the peak of the spell as this is when the power of the energy is at its most intense. Usually, witches begin to chant their spell again at this time in order to bring the energy to a climax. You need to visualize the intention again as clearly and as strongly as you can. At this time you may feel the energy of the spell in your body as it takes effect.     

Fourth Stage: The final part of the process is releasing the energy so that it goes out into the universe to manifest your intention. This is the point when the spell is complete.


Spellcasting is an art and a skill that can take some time to really hone. Many people find that it is beneficial to take the time to meditate before they start spell casting. The reason for this is that you can get your mind into the right state so that your consciousness is heightened and ready to move between the two worlds. However you wish to practice magic, the most important aspect is that you are comfortable with the ritual and are using it to bring positive energy into the world. As you progress as a witch you will find that your powers grow and that you are more knowledgeable about what works for you.

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