Why in the Hell Am I Here? What is my Purpose in Life? Discovering Your North & South Nodes!

This happens to just about everyone on the planet! I say just about everyone, there are those who know just exactly what they want to do in life from the get-go, it’s as if it were stamped inside their brain from birth. But for the mass majority of us it’s not. I’m going to ask you something, have you ever heard of the term “North Node” or, “South Node”? Many folks have not a clue what they are or what they mean! I’m going to explain both!

When working with the nodes, the nodes have never failed to give me the accurate information that I need to correctly guide each and every individual in achieving success, self-confidence, and balance within the personality. Telling them their destiny! What they are here to do! Now I’m not a psychic, but when I go to look at each individual’s chart and I see where the South node is, and the North node, I know what they mean in the houses and in the signs, people do think that I am a psychic because of that ability!! For all of us here on this planet our deepest individual core issues are shown in our chart throughout the signs and the planets.

The South & North Nodes, are what each & every one of us came into this life with, our own Node’s, one is called our South Node, & the other our North Node. Both nodes are in opposites house’s in our Astrology charts & in different signs!

Our South node is the descending node; our North node is the ascending node. When astrologers are referring to your nodes we are generally referring to the North and South nodes of the moon. Our nodes reveal our talents, our professions, what we really want in this life, what we may have done in our past life, karma, our needs, how we relate to others, our traps we need to avoid, our tendencies we need to leave behind, and our attributes to develop. When I read a chart the first thing I do is locate one’s North node, & South. The nodes tell me any issues one has now that is preventing them from reaching their North Node, their destiny! Gifts they brought into this life (South Node), the talents that they need to gravitate towards to find happiness, to find one’s destiny in this life time!

It’s truly amazing when you hear just what I’m able to tell you relating to your Nodes! And no, I'm not psychic!

To order you life’s destiny (North & South Node) & find out just why you are here on earth for? You will want to order your North & South Node Reading! I will deliver this to you via Audio to your email in-box! It will be detailed, & it will ring true as soon as you hear it! I promise! But do note: In order for me to do so, you must have a birth-time, along with your day/year/ place of birth! City/State/Country! With-out this information, I will not be able to help you find your true destiny in life!

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