When Pluto Squares your Natal Planets!

When Pluto Squares your Natal Planets!

When the planet Pluto transits your natal chart, and squares with other planets in your natal chart, it is often known for shaking things up. It brings with it change, sometimes the kind that can dramatically alter your life, and its changes can be both positive and/or, negative. The way in which it may affect you depends on the planets that it squares  in your natal chart (opposite & conjunct, are not always good either...depends) & the house that Pluto is in. Pluto is known to tear down & build back up. If you've had a problem with letting something go out of your life, & it must go, rather you think so or not, Pluto will ensure it changes, good or bad! All depends again what house Pluto is in & what natal planet & house Pluto is squaring. Never make the mistake & look at only what one Planet is doing in your Astrology chart, one must look at the whole chart to understand the story that is unfolding. 

Pluto Square Natal Sun:

When Pluto squares the Sun, it can affect the way we see and present ourselves. We are inward looking at this time and we are more aware of our reputation and also the power that we have over our own lives. The Sun is the ruler of male figures, so this could bring a father figure, a brother, a male boss, or a husband or male partner into the spotlight, particularly if this person is strongly linked to your personal life. As Leo is ruled by the Sun, those born under this sign may feel these squares more acutely.

Pluto Square Natal Moon:

Pluto square the Moon will shine a spotlight on your house and home life. This time is all about domesticity and it may mean that you move house around this period. Another aspect of this transition could be that someone either arrives in or leaves your house, and usually this will be permanent, whichever way around it happens. Family members are also in focus at this time and it might be that you heal a rift with a loved one or that a rift opens up that can’t be managed, meaning that the person may be eclipsed from your life. Births and deaths also often occur around the time when Pluto is squaring with the Moon.

Pluto Square Natal Mercury:

Mercury is the planet of intellect, so mental activity is stimulated at this time. You may be challenged on long held beliefs and you will often learn some kind of life lesson in the process. Psychic tendencies and feelings are heightened and dreams may become more vivid and seem like premonitions in nature. If you meditate then you may find answers to problems during these sessions, or this is also a good time to take up meditation if you have been meaning to start. We also have a tendency to become even more intense than usual around this time and you may find yourself guarding a secret.

Pluto Square Natal Venus:

Pluto Square Natal Venus is one of the most interesting of the planetary transits and one of the most pronounced. Around this time love is highlighted (as ruled by Venus) but far from being light and airy this love will be deep, dark, and obsessive. It may be that a one-sided relationship forms as one partner is far more attached than the other, or feelings are unrequited altogether. Love around this time is often fraught with complications and issues, and matters of the heart can be painful rather than joyous. Finance is also in the spotlight, as Venus is the ruler of money and possessions, and again this can be related to a loss of money or a jealous guarding of what is ours.

Pluto Square Natal Mars:

When Pluto squares, Natal Mars our self esteem can get a boost and we feel more confident. If areas of our lives appear to have been drifting out of our control then this is the time to get things back on track. You will find yourself focused, driven, and with a sharpened sense of intuition when it comes to how to succeed. Because of this, and if you have been working hard to get ahead, you will often find that you get a breakthrough or the recognition that you have been searching for, such as a promotion or a salary raise. If you have been feeling tired then your energy levels will perk up when Pluto squares Mars and you will be energized and will feel as if you can take on anything. As a result you may well take on more projects and a heavier workload, but again you will win praise for this. The only caveat here is to avoid being so obsessive that work overshadows everything else.

Pluto Square Natal Jupiter:

This is a time of challenge, and one when we will be challenged to our very core. This need not be as dramatic as it sounds. Simply, we will have cause to question our values, beliefs, and moral viewpoints, and we may find that we devote much of our time to thinking about this. Even our religious beliefs may be called into question, although this does not mean that we will lose our faith. In many cases it can be quite the opposite, and we may end this cycle feeling surer than we have ever been before. On the flipside, we may find that we have outgrown or moved on from certain ideas and philosophies that we once held dear. If this is the case, then this cycle will be a time to move on and embrace pastures new.

Pluto Square Natal Saturn:

Pluto square Natal Saturn is about change, deep change that may not always feel comfortable. Some of your deepest beliefs may be challenged during this cycle and you may feel as if you are spinning and no longer sure of which way to turn. At the end of this period however, you will have a much stronger idea of who you are and of the things that are important to you, and you will have learned to let go of the things that have been holding you back.

Pluto Square Natal Uranus:

When it comes to Pluto square Natal Uranus, it often helps to look at the signs that these planets rule. In the case of Uranus it is Aquarius, a sign so often linked to freedom and freedom of ideas. As a result there may be issues connected to a lack of freedom and a feeling of being stuck during this time. You may find that you cling to aspects of your life and don’t want them to change, but change will come under this cycle whether you like it or not.

Pluto Square Neptune:

Pluto square Natal Neptune is another transit that is also heavily linked to a sign, in this case Pisces which is ruled by Neptune. Drugs and issues with addiction can be in the spotlight here, as can our relationships with our dreams. We may find we chase our dreams in a more obsessive way than before, or that we feel lackluster and wonder if we will ever succeed and attain all we want to. Unlike other transits, this one is far less fixed, and the things that occur now may often be subject to change later on.

Pluto Square Natal Pluto:

Pluto rules Scorpio, the most sensitive sign of the zodiac in many ways. Change is on the agenda but this time you will be ready and willing to embrace it. Anything to do with different generations of people or things will be highlighted now and this can also apply to aspects such as recycling past ideas or fashions and finding a way to make them fresh and new again. Wisdom may come from another generation or from a different period of your life when things were different.

Blessings, Bree

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  1. Jennifer Browne says:

    This is the most no nonsense accurate description I’ve read so far. Im currently in the middle of pluto squares moon. Ive had a multitude of gynaecology problems ( I now need a hysterectomy) , gave birth to my son and now no contact with my mother who was emotionally terrifying and abusive in childhood. (Thanks to the pluto transits age 4+ onwards) I had brushed it all under the carpet then pluto hit my moon. Pluto is no where near finished with me yet. I’ve got square to sun, ascendant and pluto mars/orcus opposition to look forward to. Im praying for a time that I can come to terms with my childhood. I experienced pluto square to venus and in truth coming out of it I felt so much better about myself and felt fitter to have the relationship I needed. I do feel some trepidation but in truth while events are painful they also feel right. Im lucky that my husband has stood strong by my side but I’ve also had to work through things myself. It wasn’t always like that though and we have been through the mill! I check in with him when I’m struggling and my communication style has changed (pluto transiting 3rd house) I’ve stopped over sharing too which was symptomatic of mother pleasing and appeasing.

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