When an Eclipse aspects your Natal Chart- What does it mean?

In astrology, a natal chart is a unique document that plots out where all the planets were in the heavens at the time when you were born. The way that an astrologer will draw up your natal chart will be by looking at the time, date, and place where you were born in order to make all the calculations. We then use this chart to tell us about different parts of an individual’s life, and we use it to look at which planets fall in which of the astrological houses.

We need to be clear that the 12 Houses are different from the 12 zodiac signs. The 12 Houses are like segments on a wheel that sit inside the zodiac wheel on a traditional astrology chart. When we talk about your Sun Sign, this is the sign that the Sun was in when you were born.

When we have an Eclipse it is very important to see where it will fall in the Houses so that we know what will be coming up or what to expect. We also need to look at what happens if an Eclipse is located within 3 degrees of one of your natal planets (the formation that the planets were in at the time of your birth) as this is then going to have an effect on the traits of this planet and how it usually operates. This means that when an Eclipse aspect our natal planets, it will often have an effect on the way we feel, the way we think and react to issues around us, our decision making for the future, or any of the major things happening in our life at the time. In short- a lot can happen at Eclipse time!

Many people, however, think that an Eclipse brings with it big shocks and sudden changes which are not always true. It is correct that Eclipses can bring with them changes and that we might not see them coming, but it is not true that these are always extremely sudden or negative in nature. Some of the changes that we may experience at Eclipse time can be subtle and they may be about inner changes that we choose to make rather than be outward-facing. An Eclipse may also only be the start of changes and may kick-start a time of change and growth that takes six months to develop, sometimes a whole year, depending on the length of the eclipse.

Let’s now have a look at how an Eclipse can affect a natal planet that it aspects…                       Aspect the Sun:

If an Eclipse aspect the Sun then it is going to be all about ego and making decisions. The Sun is a forward-moving planet that brings with it change and in that case when it aspects an Eclipse it also signifies action in our lives. This could manifest as a kind of make-or-break moment when you need to make a key decision or it could be some kind of revelation that relates to your sense of self. You could find that you get a boost professionally or personally when it comes to how other people see you but you need to get a handle on the situation and use it wisely. Also, the Sun represents the key male figures in your life. It does matter if the Eclipse is conjunct, opposite, trine, or sextile, as with all the planets I’m going to talk about. Each aspect means different themes can happen.

Aspect the Moon:

When your natal Moon is hit by an Eclipse it is usually an emotional time where you may feel as if you are being raked over the coals. The problem here is that the light of the Moon is essentially cut off during an Eclipse and this can make us feel sensitive and lost. The Moon is associated with female energy so we could feel vulnerable about a Mother figure or your role mothering someone else. There may be emotional issues that bubble up from your past and this could impact your relationships and your home life and how you deal with those that you have family relationships with. As with many aspects of an Eclipse, it can take time to untangle the emotional issues that it brings with it. If you do make an emotional breakthrough than it can take a long time after the Eclipse for you to actually implement the things you learned into your life or relationships.

Often the effects of an Eclipse that impacts our natal Moon is emotional, but they can also be more obvious and home issues may actually relate to having to move house suddenly or it may come at a time when you are moving out of your home such as going to college.

It does matter if the Eclipse is conjunct, opposite, trine, or sextile, as with all the planets I’m going to talk about. Each aspect means different themes can happen.

Aspect to Mercury:

If your natal Mercury is touched by the Eclipse then this is going to be about how you are seen and how you present yourself. Mercury is the God of Communication but this is strongly linked to your image, and a good example would be how you come across online thanks to your use of social media. Mercury is an intellectual planet and an Eclipse can also alter your state of mind and cause you in extreme cases to question your mental health. In a less dramatic way, you may find that your dreams become more vivid and that you have flashes of insight and some illuminating ideas. As this is the planet of communication this can become a time when communication becomes scrambled and misunderstandings can be common.

Aspect to Venus:

Venus is the planet of love and finance and this tends to mean an abundance of both of these when an Eclipse is aspect to this planet. That means that finances are going to be in the spotlight or it might be that relationship issues come to the surface. Venus also impacts our confidence and you may feel that your self-esteem takes a hit at this time and you start to doubt yourself and your decisions.

On a positive note, your love life may prosper at this time and you may meet someone who becomes influential in your life. There can be a feeling of people suddenly entering your life now that makes it feel like destiny and this can be linked to money so it could be the start of a great new collaboration that will make you feel more secure financially. This can also be a good time to pursue creative projects as you may feel like your creativity is on fire around the time of an Eclipse hitting your natal Venus.

Aspect to Mars:

As Mars is the well-known planet of war there can be some rocky moments ahead when it comes to an Eclipse aspect to Mars. Expect agitated feelings now which may lead to arguments and some harsh words may be exchanged. The energy now is flowing everywhere and if you have some things that have been left unsaid you can expect them to come bursting out, like water from a dam. It is common at this time for us to feel as if we are being unfairly attacked, or we may have to face some kind of confrontation. All will be well if we stand our ground and don’t let others steamroll over us.

When Mars is hit by an Eclipse it brings with it a jolt of energy but this can make the energy explode all over the place and cause careless words. It can also force us to make a much-needed change in our lives and if we have been feeling lethargic we will benefit from this sudden burst of energy that Mars brings us. Know however that if you do have arguments now they could take a long time to clear up so be careful about what you say.

Aspect to Jupiter:

Jupiter is often looked at as the miracle planet and it is linked to travel and to success. If an Eclipse is aspect to Jupiter it may make you want to travel but you will be more likely to be desperate for an adventure than anything else. Jupiter is also the planet of expansion and you may open your eyes to possibilities that before you never thought were possible. Cross-cultural collaborations can be favored now so you might meet someone from another country who ends up becoming very significant in your life.

This time is like shining a light on new possibilities but you may not see exactly how you can make them happen and this will unfold over several months after the Eclipse date. At the same time changes could come suddenly and leave you looking at a completely new situation that ultimately changes the way you live and work.

Aspect to Saturn:

If you have an Eclipse that is aspect to Saturn it can be a time of some harsh lessons as Saturn is the taskmaster of the universe. A teacher or mentor figure may become important in your life and with hard work, you will be able to reach a number of goals in your life. This may mean that you finally get some recognition for the hard work that you do or you will be given a gift through learning from others- but you will need to use it wisely.

Saturn, however, is also a slow and stern planet so you may find obstacles are thrown up in your path at these times that ask you to slow down and look at the bigger picture. This will be showing you where things in your life no longer serve you well and there may be a feeling that you need to untangle yourself from certain situations that are holding you back. It won’t be easy though. This is also a planet closely related to responsibility so you may have to rework your responsibilities in life if you have taken on too much or too little.

Aspect to Uranus:

Uranus is the planet of surprises but a more positive way to look at it is as a planet of awakening. When an Eclipse hits Uranus you may feel restless and jumpy, and as Uranus rules lightning you may literally feel like you have electricity crackling through your veins. Uranus can be a bit of an oddball planet and it tends to emphasize the quirky side of our nature or anything that is unusual in our life or our family set up. If you have been working on a plan or project that is a little out-of-the-box then you may feel like mentioning it to those close to you now, although there is a risk that they won’t understand this new version of you.

The positive side of this aspect is that you may feel like a creative genius and any ideas that you have now may bring with them a spark of brilliance. We tend to feel inspired and the best way to get through this time is to embrace everything that comes our way but also save any major decisions for further down the road when our thinking is a little clearer.

Aspect to Neptune:

An Eclipse that aspects Neptune brings with it clarity. Something may be revealed to us but we won’t see the full picture and it can leave is feeling highly disillusioned. We may see where we have been allowing ourselves to be blinded by a situation and we may find out that we have been betrayed. The reason this still seems foggy is that we may get a revelation now but not the tools to deal with it or clearly understand everything that we have learned at this time. Understanding of the full picture will come but it will take time to get to the bottom of everything that has happened.

Aspect to Pluto:

Pluto is a dark and destructive planet and when we have an Eclipse aspect to Pluto it brings with it a double dose of darkness. Now is a time when your inner demons may pop up everywhere and if you have been struggling with deep, buried emotions, then they may come back to the surface now. Any kind of mental illness or trauma we have experienced in our life could feel like it is coming back to haunt us and obsessive behaviors, compulsive issues, and addiction can all be in the mix.

There is however a positive aspect to this as it means that you will be facing the things that have haunted you for some time. The energy will be confronting but it will be the start of a process to recovery. What starts now will be a challenge and it will take time to work itself out, so you need to look ahead to around six months down the road and move towards a resolution.

It does matter if the Eclipse is conjunct, opposite, trine, or sextile, as with all the planets I’m going to talk about. Each aspect means different themes can happen.

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12 Responses

  1. Sandy says:

    The eclipse in December is opposing my natal moon by 1 degree, and conjuncting my Mercury to the exact degree! Am I going to have a mental breakdown? Really worried about this eclipse!

  2. Bantu son says:

    Solar Eclipse in Sagitarius trines my Asc,sextile Venus,quincunx saturn,Square Plunto and Mercury.
    1.Asc in leo @24
    2.Venus in Libra @24
    3.Saturn in Taurus @22
    4.Pluto in Virgo @26
    5.Mercury in Vigo@27
    Can someone tel me what i should axpect?
    I am a Virgo Sun

  3. Guna says:

    I am so confused, because the moon eclipse in 2 days is hitting my natal moon at 4 degree distance. And I was selling my flat to move country’s, but last week I was announced that buyers did not get the loan and sale got cancelled, however I hade someone else interested and she made an offer, but I am now hesitant about all the plan and not sure I want to sell and to move. I told I would give the answer on Monday, when the eclipse is on. Accordingly to the article I should be moving, but I am afraid I dont really want to sell and move anymore. I feel absolutely confused, because I had it all planned, but when I signed first contract I started to regret, however the only way to get out of pre-sale contract was if buyers did not get the loan, and it was impossible to happen. However it did happen and I am now feeling like I have this second chance and should not sell. But I have/had many reasons to sell, just that now I am having this huge resistance. So I was hoping to have some clarity looking at the eclipse in my natal chart, but it is basically saying that I will move and it will be tough. Does it mean I should not sell? Or if stars are like that I should sell and move?

    • Bree says:

      @Guna ~ I’d have to have your chart to know for sure what is happening. With that said, I can tell your emotions are running high as is natural with it hitting your natal moon (emotions) I am in hopes you were able to postpone the decision for a couple of days, what house was this happening in? I’d have to have your chart to make an informed decision.

  4. Valya says:

    several years ago now, a fellow stole a plane at SEATAC. sounded like a really nice guy. a baggage handler. stole a plane a nd went for a joy ride. said goodbye to everyone, enjoyed the flight then crashed and died. that eclipse was on his uranus. i pulled his birthdate from the obit. pure uranus.

  5. kimberly mayo says:

    The eclpise has the moon transitting my first house and the sun tr my 7th. Theres an aspect (trine and sextile) forming to my venus and mercury in the 3rd. they are just a few degrees apart and the aspect is exactly at those two planets midpoint. Will that affect me?

  6. Meri says:

    Solar eclipse conjuct natal Venus Rx.
    I hope is something nice.

  7. sophie says:

    thank you kindly please next time include angles and chiron for solar eclipse tight hard aspects

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