What’s it Mean When Jupiter is in it’s Fall? Exaltation? Detriment?

Jupiter is one of the most amazing planets in astrology and is deeply linked to philosophy and higher learning of all kinds. This is also the planet of wisdom and is known as the ‘Great Benefic’.

Why is this planet so amazing? Well, put simply, it has a much wider influence than other planets like Venus and it allows us to put things in perspective in our lives and see the big picture. Depending on where Jupiter is found in a Natal Chart, we can see according to the sign and the house where Jupiter is going to have the most influence on our lives. Think of this as the way in which Jupiter is going to bestow his gifts on you.

In astrology, Jupiter is the ruler of the sign of Sagittarius and also, traditionally, the sign of Pisces. Jupiter usually has a strong influence on the sign of Sagittarius in modern astrology as this sign has a masculine quality, which is also true of this planet. Like Jupiter, Sagittarius is known as the sign of explorers and exploration and is known for expanding things – going further and deeper. Both Jupiter and Sagittarius are linked to exploring things not just out in the real world, but also on an intellectual level. As such Jupiter and Sagittarius are linked to long-distance travel, philosophy, all kinds of higher learning, foreign countries and exploring. When we talk about exploration with Jupiter and Sagittarius, this also applies to the act of self-exploration which ends in self-discovery.

In modern astrology, the ruler of Pisces is Neptune which is important when we look at how Jupiter also interacts with this sign, which is traditionally associated with female energy. When Jupiter is associated with Pisces, it brings with it an expansive energy that is known to break down our emotional boundaries. One of the reasons why Jupiter is more at home in the sign of Sagittarius is that Pisces is known for its emotional and spiritual depths which can’t be explained, and Jupiter is more of an intellectual planet which applies reason and logic to disciplines like spirituality and emotional development.

Jupiter in Exaltation:

When Jupiter is in exaltation, it falls in the sign of Cancer which is a Water sign like Pisces. This is a hint at the kind of holistic healing process that Jupiter is capable of when applied to spiritual, emotional, mental and physical issues. In astrology, Cancer is ruled by the Moon and is known for being one of the most nurturing signs of the zodiac. If you have Jupiter in the sign of Cancer then you will benefit from all the gifts that Jupiter has to offer, but if Jupiter is in an unfavorable placement in your chart in relation to the sign of Cancer then you may find that you have an overabundance of energy in one area of your life which you are unable to resist. Overall, Jupiter in Cancer is never a bad thing as this planet thrives in this sign – and you can also look at other planets that are in aspect to Jupiter to balance out the abundant nature of this planet if needed.

When Jupiter is in detriment it is found in Gemini and Virgo which are both ruled by the planet Mercury. This is not a perfect fit for Jupiter, as this is the planet of exploration but also one that asks us to look at the big picture. Mercury, on the other hand, is more about the details, so there can be a clash in energy here as the expansive nature of Jupiter can seem chaotic when this planet is in Gemini or Virgo. On the flipside, Jupiter is hemmed in by these signs and unable to be its true self as it feels limited. It is very important to look at the placement of Jupiter and Mercury in a chart and see how these can work together in harmony, rather than against each other.

When Jupiter is in fall, it is found in the sign of Capricorn and this sign is ruled by stern Saturn which is also the planet of limitations. This is the opposite in many ways of Jupiter which is about pushing the limits and is not a stickler for perfection. Saturn likes order and one absolute truth, but Jupiter doesn’t mind a bit of chaos and does not need perfect answers to life’s questions. If we think of Jupiter as the great explorer, then this is very different to Saturn who likes routine and stability, and this planet teaches us hard lessons through repetition, whereas Jupiter often has single bursts of energy that never repeat the same thing twice. If we have Jupiter in Capricorn it can help us excel and achieve our goals if we use the ordered nature of Capricorn with the gifts and blessings that Jupiter brings our way.

Jupiter can not only expand his goodies upon you, but, he also can expand your problems! FYI!! Example: When Jupiter is going over your ascendant/rising sign, you will gain weight big time! This is also true when Jupiter is visiting your 6th house! Money problems? While Jupiter’s promises are expansion, there are times depending how one’s natal chart is, Jupiter will expand your money issue! So, Jupiter is the planet of expansion for good & not so good!

Overall, Jupiter is one of the greatest planets in astrology and is one that encourages us to have adventures and push ourselves beyond what we ever thought was possible!

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  1. Veneta says:

    Jupiter or Guru does not feel well in Pisces, as Pisces is a feminine sign, but is exalted in Cancer, the most feminine of signs! Jupiter is our wisdom and Mercury- our intelligence, logic and reason. That’s why Jupiter is the primary ruler of Pisces and modern astrologers should reconsider. Jupiter may feel better in Sagittarius, more at home, but let’s say Pisces is his vacation home.

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