What the Houses Mean in Astrology

     You may have heard people talking about the ‘houses’ in astrology, which are different to both zodiac signs and individual planets. The astrological houses are linked to experience and how you function as a person, including the way in which you interact with others. As such, the houses affect all aspects of your life such as health, work, love, etc.

            The houses are split up into 12 different houses, much as there are 12 zodiac signs, and each house corresponds to one sign. In astrology we calculate the houses based on when a person is born, which is why an exact birth time is important when reading a birth chart. There are different ways of calculating the houses and they are not always looked at as being the same size, with some spreading over more degrees than others. One of the most popular methods however is called Placidus which considers the houses to be basically equally spread over a chart.

How do we use the houses in astrology?

When interpreting a chart, an astrologer will look at the house and then look at the sign and planet in this house at the time of your birth. This is then used to interpret what kinds of challenges, obstacles, and successes you are likely to face in your life.

Each house has a different meaning and affects a different aspect of your life. Here we take a look at what the houses mean in astrology…

The First House:

      The first house rules the self, how we behave, and our life force. It also describes how we interact with the world and how we come across. It corresponds to the first sign of the zodiac, Aries the Ram. As it is the first house and linked to the Ram in springtime, it looks at everything that is a ‘first’ such as new beginnings and first impressions, hence the link to how we present ourselves to others. This house is also known as the ascendant or a rising sign as opposed to your sun sign.

The Second House:

  The second house is all about the material. It is linked to our approach to money and how we manage our finances. It also rules how we make our money and how much importance we place on material objects. As a result, it corresponds to the sign of Taurus which can be a sign obsessed with money and all things financial. There is also a link between the second house and the senses, again a nod to sensual Taurus. Aside from monetary aspects, this house can also correspond to values and the values we place on things around us, either material or not.

The Third House:

       The third house looks at our environment and the world that is around us. This can also translate to the people who are close to us like co-workers or family members. The third house is linked to chatty Gemini and also rules other forms of communication (especially modern communication devices like social media, cell phones, and the internet). It can also extend to other ways in which we can express ourselves like writing, publishing, speaking, and even teaching. There is a strong link between the third house and the community.

The Fourth House:

       The fourth house looks at family, but often as it is related to our ancestors, our place in the world, and our home life. It is linked to the motherly sign of Cancer, who in turn is extremely family-orientated. When delving into the concept of family, the fourth house also relates to our childhoods and even childhood homes. This covers the concept of nurturing and how we care for others or how we are and were cared for ourselves.

The Fifth House:

   The fifth house is about creativity and hobbies. It corresponds to creative and showy Leo and is also related to your love life and luck. The fifth house also relates to relationships with children. As it has an analogy to starry Leo, this house is also about the self and self-expression through art or other means. Romance and how we demonstrate this to others is also covered by this house.

The Sixth House:

   The Sixth House looks at the every day and the minutiae of our lives. It is related to responsibility and obligation and the way we relate to those subordinate to us. The analogy of the sixth house is the sign of sensible Virgo, which is a sign that is also obsessed with heath, illness, and medicine.

The Seventh House:

     The seventh house sits opposite the first house on a natal chart. The first house rules the self and so the seventh house rules other people. It looks at how we behave with those around us, be it a close colleague or a family member. Often however, it relates to our spouse or significant other and can shed light on aspects like marriage. It corresponds to the sign of Libra, the Scales, and as you would expect is linked to contracts.

The Eighth House:

           The eighth house is linked to the sign of Scorpio, and so it is associated with birth and death. This doesn’t mean however that you can use the eighth house to predict your death, as it does not always translate to death in the physical sense. In this way, it can be looked at as representative of transformation in your life, or a time when one phase of your life will end and another will begin. As you would expect for a house linked to Scorpio, the eighth house in astrology represents sexuality, power, things hidden below the surface (common for Scorpio as a water sign) and even issues involving the occult.

The Ninth House:

  In astrology, the ninth house represents spirituality and philosophy, which is perfect when you consider that it corresponds to the natural philosopher of the zodiac, Sagittarius. It is also concerned with education, law, and religion. Sagittarius is a known wanderer, and the ninth house is linked to foreign lands. Also a bit like the maverick Sagittarius, this house covers optimism, gambling (not necessarily in the financial sense), sense of adventure, and risk.

The Tenth House:

       The tenth house focuses on career and ambition. It links to achievement and family background that may have a relationship to social status. Some astrologers link the tenth house to the symbol of the mother, although it has an analogy to the sign of the patriarch Capricorn. It also looks at public appearance, recognition, and subsequent fame as a result of this.

The Eleventh House:

The Eleventh House is related to the sign of Aquarius, the Water Bearer, and is link to groups and group activities. Aquarius is all about the group not the individual, and the eleventh house is also representative of this in opposition to the firth house which is all about the self. The eleventh house also focuses on humanitarian efforts, charity work, and helping others. Aquarius is an eccentric sign and so is the eleventh house which covers inventions, originality, and surprises.

The Twelfth House:

            The twelfth house is linked to Pisces, and it has the same watery energy of this water sign that is all about what goes on beneath the surface. It relates to hidden areas of our lives like hidden enemies or illnesses. The twelfth house also links to our inner self and the parts we keep hidden from others. Solitude, silence, and struggle are also linked to this house.

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