What Planets/Houses to Look at When Deciding on a Career! It’s about Money, Honey!

Whether we believe in astrology or not, & , we all believe in Money. Money is the driver of growth, luxury, development, and the main cause for the rise and fall of empires. It is the reason for which many battles were fought.

Howsoever people call us materialistic or money-minded, but the truth is, our survival depends on Money. We study, we work, we save, we invest, all to earn Money, because Money is something, with which we buy things to fulfill our needs, it provides us security. It provides you with House, Clothing, Food, Health, Luxury, vacations, and whatnot. Can you imagine your life without money?

During most of the Astrological consultations clients are mostly interested in two aspects of their life: Love and Money. Here, in this article, we will talk about Money Matters in Astrology.

What is Money and Wealth?

We can define money with two different terms: Assets, and Earning. Assets are our fixed assets like House, Cars, inheritance, gold etc. which are though fixed, but whose values goes on increasing with time. Assets provide us with security, and add value to our net worth. Earnings, on the other hand, denote the dynamic aspects of money. It represents the money you earned through your Job, Business, Investment, Interests, or anything which generates Hard Cash. It is not a promise like an Asset, which will give you money only when you will sell it. It immediately adds to your account, and is ready to be spent. So earnings are something which is at your disposal, and not a promissory note like an asset.

In this article, we will talk about both Money (Earnings) and Wealth (Assets).

Houses representing Money and Wealth in Astrology

In a Natal Chart, the 2nd house denotes our Wealth and Fixed Assets. It is the Asset or Wealth which you acquire by virtue of your existence (2nd house from your Ascendant), thus, mainly shows your Family Assets, Inheritance, Family Business etc.

The 11th House represents your Earning by virtue of your primary earning source say through your full-time Job, or your Business (it is 2nd house from 10th House of Job/Profession/Business). It is to be seen for your monthly income, profit, or return from investments on regular basis.

Apart from 2nd and 11th House, using the principle of derivative houses, we can apply this rule of 2nd and 11th house from any house to denote Money and wealth with respect to that house. For example, 8th house shows the assets you acquire by virtue of your marriage alliance or partnership (2nd from 7th house of marriage/spouse/partnership), while 5th house shows the income of your spouse or partner (11th from the 7th House in the natal chart).

Thus, we can see that all houses represent money or wealth from different sources or aspects of our life. This also showcases the complexity of Money, we earn it from different sources.

 What effects Money Prospects and Wealth in Astrology?

Astrology works on four Principles only:

  1. House: The concept of House related to wealth and money has already been explained. How different houses represent different sources of money and wealth for us.
  2. Sign: The moveable, fixed, and dual sign in the above houses shows the prospects of change in the ability of earning for good or bad based on planets in it, for various sources of money. A moveable sign with good placement of planet shows that the things will change for good in future. A fixed sign in the house of fixed assets shows that there is no harm to our assets, and it will retain its value.
  3. Planet: Planets shows our drive and passion to earn money. In different houses, these planets represent various aspects of earning capacity and retaining capacity for a native.
  4. Aspect: Aspects changes the behavior of a planet as well as that of a house, and hence, plays an important part in modifying the results of a house and planets in it for good as well as for the bad.

What if there is no Planet or aspects on a house?

Suppose you are looking for Wealth prospects from 2nd house, and you notice that there are no planets in your second house, neither has it any aspects. So what it mean? Does it mean we have no wealth prospects, or what? No, even when there is no planet in 2nd house, still it has some sign in it. Say, it has Aries sign placed on the cusp. Then the Lord of Aries, i.e. Mars will denote the prospects of wealth for a native. See where the Mars is placed, with which planet/s, and getting aspects of which planet/s in your natal chart. Thus, the lord of the sign in the house also plays an important role in determining the prospects of that house. A well placed and well-aspected planet will enhance your prospects of wealth and earning, while a badly placed planet may denote otherwise.

Planets responsible for Money and Wealth

Venus is the natural ruler of second house (in Natural zodiac second house has Taurus Sign in it ruled by Venus), and is responsible for Money or wealth. Venus tells us about our ability to attract money. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, thus, aspect of Jupiter is important for expansion of money matters. Jupiter is also the ruler of Sagittarius, the natural ninth house of Luck and fortune.

The ascendant lord represents the self, its connection with Lord of 2nd house, 11th House, along with Venus and Jupiter forms the combination for money and wealth in a natal chart.

Saturn and Mars are responsible for native’s Drive and Ambition in life. This is required to earn money through efforts. Thus, independently Saturn and Mars will not add to your wealth prospects, but if related with 2nd, 11th, 10th, or 8th house or their lords, these planets opens up avenues of earning wealth.

The above planets are in favor of wealth generation. Let’s talk about the planet which is against the wealth generation or has negative aspects related to wealth. Such a Planet is Neptune. Neptune conjunct or aspecting the above planet causes financial troubles or proves unlucky in wealth-generating avenues of life. Venus in aspect of Neptune can suggest difficulties in retaining wealth or money. Although few astrologers quote that positive aspect of Neptune along with Jupiter can make wealth making combination, but still, care should be taken to analyze such combinations.

Transits and Wealth

Apart from the combination and aspects made in the natal chart, which tells us about our Money aspects, the Transits of Planets also tells us about the temporary good and bad phases related to monetary issues.

Any transit of Venus or Jupiter in connection with Natal 2nd House/Lord, 11th House/Lord, 8th House/lord or over Saturn or Mars may indicate opportunities to earn money. These smaller windows of time, represents the right time to earn or invest in a native’s life.

Similarly, the transits of Neptune or 12th Lord over 2nd house/lord, 11th house/lord or 8th house/lord may indicate period of losses or expenditure for a native.

Thus, by carefully studying the transits one can take an important decision regarding money matters, and investments, to make most out of an opportunity.

In conclusion, all I can say is that, it is all about correct timing when it comes to earning money. Not only Financial companies, but astrologers will give you the same advice, strike at the right moment. Astrology will help you to identify that right moment to strike your gold.

Many blessings, Bree

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