What Is Astrology? & Why Should I Care?

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

Astrology & Astronomy go way back! They were established as sciences around 5000 B.C. E. in Chaldea & Babylonia. Did you know many great names in the history of our world civilization were astrologers? Not to mention our Western history books called them philosophers, astronomers, politicians, theologians, doctors of medicine, while all ignoring the most important fact that astrology played a super important role in their lives & their thinking!
From the earliest times, we have doctors of medicine that we’re fascinated by the science of astrology!
Carl Jung psychiatrist believed & practiced astrology with his patients, Look it up!
Astrology gives us a road map of what we are when we come into this world, as well as, but not limited to where we want to go! What is it we ourselves wrote for our souls to experience in this lifetime? I know, your thinking like…I do not believe I’d of ever wrote this story for my soul to perfect! So this is garbage!  I get it! I to use to think that way! Until I went deeper into Astrology to figure out me! It’s simply astonishing what I have learned! And I want to share it with you so that you may be able to understand better just “What Is Astrology? And Why Should I Care”?.
As stated in the above, Astrology & Astronomy goes way back! And quite a few people practiced it! Today, Astrology is mainly made into a joke by the main-stream media! Why? Could it be because it is a tool that is so accurate they do not want us in on it? Think about it! It’s been around since the beginning of time…Romans used it….it was used in the cartoon you see that plays around Christmas time with the 3 wise men sitting & looking at an Astrology Map! Hmmm! They are studying on where to find the baby Jesus using an Astrology Map!!
But it has been made taboo for us regular folks…..Why? Because it works that’s why! They (the ones before us) knew this & used it to gain power, money, ect… & when was the most favorable time to go to war! Predictive? Yes, Astrology can & does predict many things in our life, in our world!
Astrology will even predict if one is to fall ill & by using the planets, & what sign & house they fall in, we are able to understand the illness. I love that! But Astrologers must always state that this is for “Entertainment Purposes Only” Why? While  I do believe in always getting a doctors professional opinion, always! And I will tell a client that to!  I also strongly believe the medical profession & or pharmaceutical companies do not want anyone using alternative medicine after all that will not make them money! There have been times I will tell a client I see some type of illness coming in for them, BUT..to seek medical advice from a licensed professional.  And nine times out of ten they will email me & state “I went to the doctor & he/she, stated the exact same thing you did”! And on occasion I have heard…my doctor said it was something different, but boy am I happy you told me to seek a medical checkup! I always tell my clients to if they have Neptune in their 6th house of health, transiting or otherwise, always seek more then one medical opinion always! And that includes if Neptune is on the house cusp as well. (Pisces may be on the house cusp, which Neptune rules Pisces)
Astrology predictive? Oh, yea!
Google the term Astrology & its history…..be amazed!

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