War? November 2017 USA Predictions! Highlights

  October 25, 2017~Mars went into the USA 10th house in the sign of Libra. Mars is strong in the 10th house, In Mundane Astrology, this is known to cause military questions, also warlike rumors and activity, we will see movements of Army or Navy. The 10th house in Mundane Astrology has special reference to a king or President of a country. It also rules government, royalty. National honor and reputation. The 10th house & the First, are “EXTREMELY IMPORTANT HOUSES” as they are angular houses. Note: With predicting using Astrology, which is a very powerful tool, everything, body, planet, aspect, all have energy, & is continually moving, changing, predicting is an art, & does takes time, lots of time, to perfect timing down to the minute/day, on when something is going to happen, I like to give my predictions a week before to a week after, unless otherwise I state a certain time, date.


November 3rd, 2017~ Sun in the USA 11th house, in the sign of Scorpio, Trine Neptune in the 3rd house in its own sign of Pieces~

I am seeing good relationships with President Trump, the vast majority of people are very happy with him. There is peace & prosperity, goodwill. Not that the MSM will tell of it. But the vast majority of the masses do not rely on the MSM, we know better. The 3rd house is communication, newspaper, media, radio, post office, railroads, education, I’m seeing a much-improved business on this day. The 11th house in Mundane Astrology holds the Parliament, House of Commons. The Nations friends, Legislation. Also, Jupiter is in the 11th house not yet perfected but well within orb enough to benefit Trine Neptune in the 3rd house. This is “VERY Fortunate” for the people in the USA!! Great day for business dealings with money….but the USA has to get past Venus opposite Uranus,  happening the same day, Venus 25° in the sign of Libra, in the 10th house, opposite Uranus 25° in the USA fourth house. With this opposition we will hear conflicting, troublesome questions connected with revenue or possibly national finance, money matters, I’m going to say salaries attached to government positions may arise, ie….government with their inflated salaries, if anything needs to be cut let’s start there. Pass what the people need, tax cuts. A scandal may also affect people high up. (I know …nothing new with that…used to it by now I’d say) Uranus, in the fourth house, with these two opposite each other in angular houses will give the flavor of dissatisfaction, something unfortunate surrounding money matters, this maybe overseas affecting the USA.  Also, I do see some marital troubles for someone higher up & we will hear who it is.    ( Majority of people are very happy with President Trump!   TRUMP TO GIVE MAJOR SPEECH TONIGHT on N.KOREA)


November 4, 2017~ We have a Full Moon in the sign of Taurus, in the fifth house, the 5th house in Mundane Astrology relates to Theatres, any place that is considered amusement, entertainment, children, schools, some astrologers also say this house is the house of lords, the opposition of the 11th. & belongs to Ambassadors, Full moon usually mean endings of something, I’m going to say the ending of the entertainment world as we once thought it to be. They have been dealt the hand they created many moons ago. It’s their turn to pay the piper & pay they will. A vast majority of the masses are fed up with them, many who once hung tight to their every word are turning a deaf ear. Update:  They are now turning on their own.


November 5th, 2017~ Saturn & Uranus are trine, Saturn in the USA 1st house & Uranus in the 4th.  25 degrees both in a fire sign, with Venus in the 10th house in the sign of Libra, 27 degrees, Sextile Saturn in the 1st house. With Uranus involved it’s very hard to say what will transpire because Uranus is like a bolt of lightning you never know how/where/when, it will strike, but, I’m going out on a limb here & making a prediction! Even though Venus is two degrees pass, she is still within orb, & this may happen a couple days before or after give or take, I see more power than ever before with our President at this time. Our country will see beneficial reform relating to national politics, law, perhaps administration, it could also be related to Congress, legislative, something important comes about. A very important bill passes. Again, a couple days before, or, after.


November 13, 2017,~ This is a time I see some crazy changes coming in, I started on October 25th, 2017, Mars in the USA 10th house. Warlike rumors. The 10th house has special reference to our President. Mars is 13 degrees Libra, Mars is strong in the 10th house.  Mars is energy. The USA natal Sun is in the 7th house. Mars in the 10th, Square the USA Natal Sun exact 13 degrees. The 7th house is an angular house as is the 10th. Very important houses. The 7th house in Mundane Astrology represents Foreign affairs, relations with other countries, noting whether friendly or hostile. Also, political or commercial. Women, Divorce, & Marriage. I’m seeing the start of war like I’ve not seen before, something wicked this way comes, we need to pray for our President, there may be some type of an attempt, it will fail, but non-the less, pray. Update:   North Korea on Trump’s Asia visit: He deserves death

  it will start on November 13th, 2017. (Actually, it started with the August Eclipse, March/April 2018, it will climax, be ready) I am seeing someone, some prominent person either royal or political ill or dies. Government suffers, which they need to. (Some government is good, we need some government, but the government has overreached.) Rioting, crime or assaults may happen against people in high places. Possibly army could be some source of trouble. And to add to this, the USA has Pluto in the Second house soon to be squared by Mars in the 10th.


November 18, 2017, New Moon in Scorpio, in the USA 12th house. New moon new beginnings you would think anyway!


November 19, 2017,~ Mars in the USA 10th house square transiting Pluto in the second house. Pluto in the second house related to finances money, I’m seeing a bill being defeated, or not what the people wanted exactly to pass.  Unfortunately, something surrounding money isn’t going to be good.


November 23rd, 2017~ Happy Thanksgiving! It will be a peaceful time.


November 30, 2017~December 1, 2017, Mars in the 10th house, opposite Uranus in the sign of Aries in the USA fourth house. This is unfortunate, unfortunately for any nation, any ruling power. Uranus is like lightning you never know where it will strike. Mars is energy, war, and these two are at opposite ends of each other! I see around this time, perhaps before, because again with Uranus predicting is extremely hard. I see there may be some kind of loss of a bye or general election, changes in the cabinet, party splits, failure of a bill…. I see that quite a bit throughout the month of November. This is a dangerous time for the USA. Update:  Government shutdown possible~Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California do not show up for meeting that may have diverted a government shut down. Shame on them, I do hope all read on how rich these two are, all on the backs of poor people thru out the USA. Read folks, dig, you will find the truth, do not listen to the news, do your own research!  more at link:  https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/white-house/top-democrats-pull-out-white-house-meeting-after-trump-tweet-n824556

 December 1st, 2017,~ Uranus is 24° of Aries in the fourth house. Mars is 25° of Libra in the 10th house. Uranus is square natal USA Pluto in the second house, not exact, but well within orb. What a mess. Possible earthquake, UPDATE:  Delaware Hit By Strong 5.1M Earthquake Link Utube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_M1vv6Ayjo

or, explosion happening. Update: North Korea on Tuesday fired a missile that traveled about 1000 km before crashing into the Sea of Japan, the Pentagon said in a statement. more at link: https://www.cnbc.com/2017/11/28/north-korea-fires-ballistic-missile-report.html


The August 21st,2017, Eclipse, it all started with the Eclipse. Everyone needs to be ready, nothing wrong with having plans in place. Have money at home in a safe place, buy some extra food, have a plan. Earthquake is possible more so during this time, as well as war. I do not foresee a war with North Korea, I’m seeing Iran or Iraq. Military, I’m seeing a lot of moving military.


 Looking out toward the end of March 2018, that is when we have Uranus, fourth house, natal Pluto second house. Saturn, Mars, in the USA first house, the first house is an angular house, the first house is a very important house, it outweighs, all the other houses with the 10th house coming in the 2nd, being the most important. Saturn, Mars, …in the first house in the sign of Capricorn, Saturn rules Capricorn. Uranus, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, all in the sign of Aries, in the 4th house.  Uranus square natal Pluto in the second house. March/April 2018, is a “KEY” month to watch for.  

All of us have heard “GET READY” so much that it falls on death ears. It’s compared to a boy crying wolf.  So with that said, I’m reinforcing what I have stated above, the August 2017 Eclipse was very powerful, please read:  Chaos~Earthquakes~Tsunami~Solar Eclipses August 21st, 2017! Are You Ready?   events are getting stronger, November 13th, 2017, & will climax the end of March, to the 1st week of April 2018. It hurts no one to have plans in place, I’m not saying it’s the end of the world, it’s not. But, I am saying it will be a very hectic time for us all.  
I do want to apologize, it’s been a busy time for me with family, & work, Astrology is my passion, but, it, as I’ve come to realize, does not pay the bills, so I have had to switch up my routine, which does leave less time to concentrate on bringing you monthly highlights. I will from here on out have my monthly highlights out to you in a more timely fashion. I wish all my readers a “Happy Thanksgiving” & stay safe everyone, our world is really changing now….get ready!

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