Virgo Tarot Card Readings Predictions July 2016!

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Virgo Tarot Card Readings Predictions! July 2016!

Welcome Virgo’s to my web-site! Thank you so much for visiting! This month I pulled three Tarot Cards, “The Star” for the first two weeks of July, 2016, “The “Seven of Swords” for the middle part of July, 2016, &, “Queen of Pentacles” for the last half of July, 2016!

Lets see what this all means for Virgo! And you will want to read this if you moon is in Virgo, or Virgo is your rising sign!

For the first two weeks “The Star” in Astrology is Aquarius! Although Aquarius can be an unpredictable sign, they are usually unconventional free thinkers. Also,  at times some can be quite eccentric! They are great inventors! Aquarius is the 11th house in the zodiac. There is where you find your hopes, wishes, dreams! Did you know that according to some traditions, each star is an unborn, or departed soul? I see you Virgo focusing on faith, & your future, seeing what can be! I see some of you hoping your future will be better than the past has been for you. Your wanting to gain maybe, regain, a sense of purpose to your life now. You have experienced something that has brought you these feelings, something that has thrown many of you off-balance. On a lighter note I do see many of you going on a shopping spree! Also, I see money coming in for you now. Some of you have won something in regards to a sweepstakes, bingo game, also, some winnings in a lottery!

Regarding work, some of you are not happy now. You need a change. It has to improve is what I hear you saying! I want to say a lot of you are going to be doing the happy dance here shortly! I see many of you getting a call for a new career you have been wanting! I see lots of correspondence to financial gains, profit, lots of calls now for you! You know, you need not worry about your money, pretty much all of you are looking great in that area now. I mean if it’s not coming in buckets thru the mail, it’s coming in other way now for you! Super good now for you Virgo! Keep on thinking positive as the first two weeks in July look fabulous!

“Queen of Pentacles” Virgo coming in the middle of July 2016!

In Astrology, the Queen of Pentacles is ruled by Capricorn! I see some of you are focusing on profit, finances. I do see your finances freeing up a bit here soon! You will feel more secure shortly regarding that area of your life! I do see some of you trying to figure out what to buy for a gift…I see this related to a wedding, possibly a baby shower. I’m seeing weddings here a lot lately, could be because it’s summer, spirit is really screaming to me on pretty much each sign, I read for this month weddings! I also see for some of you, you are being called to give advise alot this month! People really rely on you for good advice & to help them turn their issues around, you are very good at this Virgo! Also alot of you will gain I keep seeing financial gain, something great with money…. again is coming!

In romance I have to say you are attracted to someone unusual now, the ones of you that are single…you know even the ones who aren’t seem to be attracted to something unusual now.  I see some of you seeing if someone will measure up to your standards, if not, you are so out of there, I hear you saying! What I do know many of you will get to where you are wanting to go now, but it may take a little more time yet, & some careful planning to get to where you are wanting to go now!

“Seven of Swords” Virgo, I see this coming in the last week of July for you!

Seven of Swords stands for “Moon in Aquarius” “Lord of Unstable Effort”

I see some of you have untrustworthy associates, some former friend here wanting to “Get Your Ass” I see revenge. Be careful Virgo, something is not right here! It is related to work, now rather that work is in a building or on-line…you have someone’s feathers ruffled & they are out to seek revenge. Now for some of you I do see you are getting back something that was stolen from you, still be careful, I do not like what I am seeing & I would like you to be diligent in your efforts now. I also see some kind of affairs going on now, I see those that are in a relationship are not being true, they are thinking they are getting away with something. Now I’m not saying it is you Virgo, but someone is cheating now, I see it. Be careful.

In finances, again I do see favorable terms here again for you Virgo, some of you I see having unexpected financial gains. Your very spiritual now also, I see some of you getting an invitation to some spiritual even now.

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