Virgo Tarot Card Reading September 2016! Huge Money, Business Changes Coming in for YOU!

Virgo Tarot Card Reading September 2016!

The Wheel of Fortune! September 1st-15th!
The Wheel of Fortune! I feel a lot of you are having some  conflicts of interest, some of you I feel are in the middle of some type of unforeseen developments that change your plans, possibly alter your course at this time! I see some important news or information coming in for you now. I’m seeing, you want information or insight on something because you’re trying to make some sense out of something… you’re trying to resolve something. In the area of romance, I see someone coming in from your past! I see that your not quite decided about which way this relationship is going to go. I also see that you’re having some increases in your financial obligations, possibly  living expenses, or your rent/house payment…something related to expenses going up. Many of you are considering a change right now… possibly even moving. Regarding your work area, you’re going to make some money, but you need some new elements to come in to get you excited again about what you’re doing. I also see for some of you… some distressing news is going to come in… it’s going to require a decision, some type of a decision, on your part… I feel this is surrounding a -career area. I do see you worried that your resources…they are dwindling, I see something about a loss related to resources… but I feel you will hear some important news soon…  that will  bring your concerns into a much lighter focus. I just see some trouble upsetting news,  you are worried about maintaining your financial position, some of you will have a sudden loss of income.

But no worries, I do see it lightening up for you! I do see some news coming in.. some kind of information it’s going to make it better rather that be in your business, or, possibly regarding your health, things will get better. For the beginning of September I do see a lot of situations that are going to be out of your control, but get ready Virgo, a new way of life is coming in for you, how exciting! Many of you are going to be given the opportunity to begin something new at this time!

The Magician! September 15th-22nd! 

Okay, let’s get going! We have the Magician! What an awesome tarot card! Your focus is on new beginnings at this time finance, and your future! Many of you are wanting to begin something new, many of you are hoping for some new insight into your future at this time. In the romance department even though you may not think so, I do see a new romance beginning perhaps even rekindling an existing romance is coming in!!  I do see a great love affair is happening to you now Virgo! Many of you are becoming more goal oriented & are motivated… many of you Virgo’s will   be able to attract what ever it is you need in your work environment or your home environment at this time! I do see a lot of you receiving a considerable increase in your salary… your income! Some of you are concerned about the sale of a home or property… stop worrying, I do see an offer coming in! It will be accepted! Some of you are going to be starting in new fields of work, career, expect a new beginning Virgo’s! If some of you are experiencing any stress… it’s time to meditate, get off by yourself, surround yourself with beautiful objects, give thanks for what you do have, meditation will do you wonders!

I see many of you getting something…. to do with financial, rather that’s a call for work, or perhaps some money will be coming in through an investment.

Many of you Virgo, need to expect a change in your love life… romance is coming, either you will start a new relationship, or you will be strengthening the one that you are in this time! I see many of you will be very successful in money matters, anything new that you are able to do on your own at this time I see you benefiting from. The universe knows what you want! Get ready Virgo because a new way of life is coming in for you!

King of Cups! Tarot Reading for September, 22nd-30th, 2016!

Virgo, to end your month we have the king of cups! A lot of your focus at this time will be focusing around activities that are either in your home, some type of business that you could do at your home… your really striving for financial independence! I do see somebody coming to you at this time, somebody is trying to find you & hire you for your services! Something really cool ahead is coming, and something that’s going to  change in your outlook, I feel this could be coming from a significant other, a partner, it has to do with love!


Many of you are focusing on things that you can make happen on your own, you are wanting financial independence, to own your own business, work out of your home, and I am going to tell you a new direction is going to make that happen for you Virgo! Please remember, this is a general reading for Virgo, Virgo rising, and if you’re moon is in Virgo, if you would like your own personal tarot reading please see below this page, I am offering a special right now, or go to my services and rates and see what else I am offering! I would love to work with you!


I really see a lot of discussions going on right now… I see a lot of talk going on right now… I see this can bring in some new money, this has to do with business, possibly even a movement to start something soon. This is just really awesome for you Virgo! Money is coming and from a business of your own, something done out of your home! One word of warning, you need to be sure to handle any financial negotiations and business transaction before you get started Virgo, or you will risk misunderstandings! I see many of you getting unexpected phone calls from an old lover possibly an old friend at this time, they do care for you a great deal just so you know. If any of you have been having problems in your home, or possibly with your family, the tension will ease off now. I want to tell you your best success Virgo is going to come through exercising your personal integrity, go for it Virgo! You will be provided for whatever you are needing will be provided for the universe is opening up… the world at this time is your oyster go for it! Your business, or place of business, is going to take a huge upward swing, again, please remember, this is a general tarot reading forecast it will not fit everyone!

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Blessings, Bree



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