Virgo Tarot Card Reading December 2016! Time to Relax! Reflect!

Virgo Tarot Card Reading December 2016!

 Ten of Cups Dec~1st~12th

Virgo, I feel the first couple weeks in December your focus is on responsibilities rather than be related to your work area, your home, the focus is on responsibilities. I see many of you, you’re thinking of doing anything else right now besides what you have to do because you are so bored your daily routine… you are bored with your home life and your work area. Something has to change! For some of you, I do see a very nice trip you are planning on going on. In the romance department, I do see you Virgo getting some surprise from someone you love, or it could be someone you used to be with that is entering your life again. I’m seeing it spark…perhaps  a budding romance, it could be a renewed love, if you are single, I am seeing a marriage.

Related to your work area, something’s coming in Virgo, that’s going to make you happy, it’s going to make your work a lot easier, some of you will be able to get out of a contract also at this time, I’m getting contract. I see many of you socializing with your friends and family, your out enjoying yourselves! Many of you Virgo, I do see your finances are in a touchy area, and I see that improving as the month goes on. I’m still getting a lot of you have a tremendous amount of responsibility right now, I see you are able to handle them all one by one, and moving into a more relaxing atmosphere. Virgo I do see that your best success at this time is going to come through your love of travel, relaxing, I see many of you taking a mini vacation. Much needed!

The Lovers Dec~12th~24th

The lover’s Virgo, is related to the Gemini in Astrology! Mercury rules Gemini and rules you Virgo. The focus at this time is on sudden changes going on in your life. I’m seeing sudden changes with love, newness, for a few a you Virgo’s! I see some of you Virgo’s are separated from someone you love at this time. I’m seeing Virgo… some of you are feeling trapped in a dead-end situation possibly a marriage. At this time, I see you putting your heart and soul into your work, reaching your goals, some of you, I do see are going it alone at this time. But Virgo, that is going to change considerably so be prepared! I see many of you are in for a surprise regarding your love life! I also see new avenues in your career area opening offering you opportunities in different directions.

 I see many coming in for you through a business of your own, or your company’s business possibly an unexpected source. I also see Virgo, some of you are in for a confrontation, with someone you considered your friend. Don’t go easy on them Virgo! I’m also getting in time Virgo, I see you having to make a choice, to continue on in the direction you’re going or perhaps move into a entirely different direction at this time. One things for sure Virgo, at this time you are no longer going to have to go it alone! Separation, and or alienation is coming to an end. Something is coming in to play Virgo, something that’s going to change your plans, or possibly the course of your experience. Something that looked at negative to you Virgo, will prove in time to be a blessing.

Queen of Swords~Dev~24th~31st

Queen of swords! In astrology, Queen of swords relates to Virgo! At this time Virgo, I see many of you focused on research, your desire to break into a new area! For some of you Virgo, I’m still seeing in the romance department a separation from somebody you love, Virgo, I do feel you feel the most important thing about your life is gone, and you have very deep feelings that it will not be replaced.

Virgo, I’m also getting many of you will hear of a death, possibly someone about to pass. I see you taking this to heart. But get ready Virgo, you will be moving into a much happier atmosphere. As the saying goes, sometimes a feeling of emptiness is necessary, a cup that is already full has no room for more. I see you Virgo making a decision to resolve some kind of big conflict by removing that that person who caused it, no longer allowing them in your space. That is exactly what needs to happen Virgo!

Virgo, you need to wait for new ideas to come in, you yourself need to get out there enjoy, get out into nature. Soon Virgo, a new path will come in for you. Spirit is telling me for now Virgo, you need to relax, you need to get out in nature, you need to do something different & later, doors will open!

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