Virgo June 2016 Horoscope Predictions Forecast!

Your Gearing Up Now Virgo!  

This month you are gearing up & planting the seeds to ensure a fantastic harvest for July! You have the Sun, Venus, & the New Moon all in your 10th house of career now on June 4th! The new moon being in the sign of Gemini means more communication & it will not be hard now as Mercury went direct on May 22nd!  Don’t forget to write what you would like to see manifest in your life now! Very powerful! Keep a visionary board in front of you with all your intentions for the year! This New Moon is a time of rebirth—a time when we are given a chance to start fresh & new. With the new moon in Gemini in your 10th house, your career is in focus now it may involve the general public, or you may find yourself working with women more, or both! Also, changes have been known to happen now in one’s career & how you are known in the world now. You may find yourself more responsive then usual now, & maybe you will find your feelings maybe greatly influenced by all the current events happening around you. Its a time of new beginnings Virgo! You may start a new career at this time! But, I do advise holding off until June 29th, Mars will be direct then. You are busy now planting seeds to ensure your success in the world now Virgo, & you will win!

With the Sun & Venus in your 10th house of career on June 4th, 2016, the Sun lighting up the way, Venus, love & money, & they are both conjunct you will be wanting to turn your attention to your career & what you want to make out of it now, as again, you maybe changing up some things! Do you see yourselves going in the direction you are wanting? You will find yourselves examining your role on a grander scale now Virgo, a much larger role in your community, your role in a larger society. I must say I see one possible effect for some of you being in the lime-light! Rather that be on a small or much larger scale. Also, do note at this time you do not have to be all that strong competent to succeed! One strong word of warning for you, do not pretend to be something that you are not, trust me, the truth will come out eventually, so if you have misrepresented yourself, it will damage you. Venus will bring to you by being in the 10th house of careers, it will bring you favorable circumstances in both your professional & business life!! You will find people who are in authority will be most favorable to you now. Also, you may find a new love relationship coming in now with someone older, someone that is a guide figure. It will be someone who will be able to help you get ahead in life now.  You may find yourself falling in love with a boss or an employer. If already in a relationship, it will strengthen under this transit & taken to new heights!

On June 13th, we have Mercury coming into your 10th house of careers! And Mercury went direct on May 22nd! With Mercury in your 10th house of careers, you will most concerned with making plans now regarding your professional life. Even if you do not have a career going this will be a time to focus on what you have had going out in your world now, maybe you belong to a club, organization? This placement is asking you to think about what you have been engaged with & is it still working for you Virgo? If not, you need to make plans to change it up! Make it work for you! This may or again it may not be a good time to ask for any kind of a raise or promotion, it really depends on what Mercury is up against in your natal chart. But, with that said it is a good time to go about planning just how to ask for that raise, or promotion you are wanting!

On June 20th, you have a full moon in your 4th house of home! We all know when its a full moon it at times can get very hectic! With crime rates up, emergency rooms seem to fill up, things just get a bit crazy around that time!  Your full moon will be in the sign of Capricorn. Saturn rules Capricorn! And Saturn will be in the same house as your full moon! Saturn wants discipline, & you Virgo are not new to discipline! This will be a good time to focus on your home, maybe some of you will redecorate the home, you maybe wanting to sell, or buy a new home! But again, remember Mars is retro until June 29th! If you are able to sit on any selling or buying at this time it will greatly reward you later!

The end of the month June 29th, & 30th, you have a lovely Trine with your Jupiter & Pluto! Jupiter in your 1st house, & Pluto in your 5th house! Jupiter is money & expansion, Pluto is big money! Pluto is also the planet of endings & rebirth! You will have success with transit! Professional success in political areas, or even tremendous gains in your resources as well as personal wealth! You are again planting seeds Virgo, & you are a sign to do so very particularly, which when the time comes to harvest, your harvest will be nothing more then “Spectacular”!!

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    I thoroughly enjoyed my reading from Bree. She hit the mark on many aspects that I found to be truly enlightening. Her positive and caring personality comes through in the reading as well. She was very responsive to my follow up questions.

    I highly recommend!


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