Virgo Horoscopes Predictions for the Year 2018! What You Need to Know Virgo!

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Do you want to know how 2018 will work out for the sign of Virgo? What will happen and how will it all play out? Which areas of your life will experience amazing luck from the heavens and which areas will be a little more challenging? Will this be a lucky year for Virgo and will you find love? How will your health be affected? Will you find your dream job? If you want to find out the answers to these questions then read on and see all my predictions for love, work, money, health and luck in 2018!

To give you an accurate prediction of the year ahead we look at the astrological weather coming up for the sign of Virgo and look at the positions of all the planets, including the important placements of Saturn and Jupiter in 2018. When you read your horoscope predictions for the year ahead, also make sure to read the information for your Rising Sign or Ascendant as well as your Sun Sign! Also note: It will take your Astrology Chart as a whole (Birthtime~ Am Or Pm must be included, City~State~Country~you were born, Month~Day~Year you were born to know exactly what is going on for you in the year ahead, this is a general reading for all Virgo~Aug 23rd~Sept 22nd, for the year 2018. With that in mind, the following will be hit &/or, a miss! You must have your own Astrology chart completed for total accuracy as stated above! And NOT a computer print out!


Here’s to a great 2018 Virgo!

Virgo Love in 2018:

The heavens are shining down on you Virgo and your love life will improve now, even though the last few months of 2017 were a little rough. Now Jupiter and Saturn are in sweet positions for you and your romantic relationships will prosper and deepen on a more mature level. Your love life will flow in a harmonious way and you will get close to a loved one who will shower you with love and support. If you had challenges in your relationships in previous months then now you won’t have to hold back anymore and can heal some of the wounds in your life. Joint projects are favored now and this could mean buying a new home with a partner, moving in together or getting pregnant. If you already have a family then you could get good news about one of your children and they could see real success soon that makes everyone around you happy.

If you are single then this could be the time when you finally get serious. Jupiter and Saturn are in good aspects now and you could find someone who touches your heart around your birthday or in the springtime. This is such an auspicious time for love that you really need to make the most of it and you should get out there and mingle so that you get the chance to meet as many new people as possible. A key romantic relationship in your life could also start out as a friendship that blossoms into something more. Saturn, however, is a serious planet and demands that you choose mature and honest people to be part of your inner circle. Avoid anyone who is superficial or who just wants to have fun. When it comes to sentimental relationships you could find something that starts now last for years. It won’t matter how old you are as you will learn to love again!

Virgo Career in 2018:

You are one of the luckiest signs of the year when it comes to career and money Virgo. Your professional sector is sparkling now and you will have lots of opportunities to make money. You are also more inspired than usual and this allows you to think up a number of creative projects that could pay off very well. Even if you are not the one reaching out to others, you could still find your phone ringing off the hook and clients will seek you out for your skills.

There could be a change of job on the cards for you or you could relocate as part of a promotion which comes with an increased salary. Work will go well but Saturn also asks you to work hard and make sacrifices if you want to really excel. This means that you will have a lucrative year when it comes to work as long as you are prepared to put in 100% effort. If you work for yourself then you could bring in new clients now and this also brings you some more disposable income.

If you are looking for work then you could spend a lot of time applying for a position and you are likely to hear good news in the springtime. When you attend a job interview you need to make sure you bring a positive attitude with you as this will boost your professional life. This is also a good time for financial investments and you could acquire some prime real estate.

You may also have plans for a new business, especially if this is something that has been in the works for a few years now. Investments, contracts, and business deals are all favored now and this is one of the luckiest times for you to make your career dreams come true!

Virgo Luck in 2018:

You have Jupiter well aspect in your chart this year and you also have Saturn in the mix to add an extra sprinkling of luck. With this, however, comes the need for commitment so you will need to be serious about any endeavors this year. Jupiter offers you a helping hand but Saturn is there to remind you that you need to do your part as well. Almost all parts of your life are shining under the stars now but work and money, in particular, will be very lucky for you.

You could have had some health issues at the end of 2017 especially if you are not as young as you used to be but now you could find that you heal fast and feel better more quickly than you thought you would. You could also find a doctor who finally helps to fix your health issues once and for all and you will truly have luck on your side. You could even find that you have a serendipitous encounter with healthcare professionals. You could also get a boost from meeting charming people now who bring a blast of positive energy to your life.

One slight blip on the horizon could be children as they may struggle in school this year although by the end of the academic year they will have made good progress. Travel is also favored for you now and you could travel long distance to a place you have never been to before. A holiday romance could even be on the cards! There is also positive news when it comes to legal issues or relatives and this could make you more optimistic than you have been in a long time. Your health gets better now and mentally you feel more energetic. You are a sign often plagued with doubts but these will disappear now and you will no longer feel down in the dumps. Instead, you will learn to find the joy in the every day.

And if you Ascendant/Rising Sign is…


If you want to make changes to your life then these are likely to be very successful although you will have to work very hard for these. Don’t expect to make progress now without making a big commitment. Your love life could go through a rocky patch but you will find peace in the end.


The positive aspects of Jupiter will be blocked in your case which makes you suffer from some health problems and fitness issues. You could feel run down and depleted. There are also issues when it comes to your love life.


You will finally feel free after a few years of feeling like your wings were clipped. Your old optimism returns and you would also find that a romantic relationship blossoms. In the springtime, your career gets a boost!


You will be more optimistic than in previous years and you can start to see some light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to lack of stability. You will need to put some work into your close relationships.


You could have some problems when it comes to your work life and this could come from colleagues who are jealous of your position. The best thing to do is ignore them and get on with your own work.


Both the Sun and Ascendant have beautiful aspects with Jupiter and Saturn now. This means you need to ask yourself what you really want from your life. You need to embrace your happiness this year and this positive attitude will also improve your love life.


You could struggle with the direction that your life is taking and regret changes you made in the past. If you are having a love affair or extra-marital fling then this could go through a very difficult period.


You have great aspects this year and are one of the luckiest signs in 2018. This is a great year when you could have good fortune in a number of areas in your chart and any changes will be very positive now.


There are some good aspects in your chart but it could also be that you do not make as much progress as you could because you lack motivation. Saturn doesn’t give anything away for free and if you want to be more financially secure then you will need to put in the hours.


This is a positive time for you and any projects you embark on could see some brilliant results. You could, however, feel lonely throughout the year but the reason for this is to teach you how to enjoy your own company.


This year will be a sweet one regarding your work and love life. One of the issues, however, is that you will need to focus on making as much cash as possible as you will need this to get ahead with projects you have in the works.


You could find that money is a little tight this year although this will seem inconsequential most of the time as your love life will improve. Despite financial matters, you will also get ahead with plans and projects which will make you appreciate all the joy in your life.

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