Venus Retrograde in Your Natal Chart What’s it Mean?

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Ted Bundy had his Venus Retrograde in his natal birth chart, but luckily we know it takes more than a Venus Retro in one’s natal chart in order to make them a serial killer!

One of the most important retrograde periods in astrology is the Venus Retrograde period, as this is a time that can have quite an impact on your love life. This is because the planet Venus is linked to all things love-related, so when it goes retrograde it can also cause some snafus in our relationships. If you want to know more about Venus Retrograde then you can read about it here, but in this article, we will look at what it means if you have a Venus Retrograde in your natal chart, which means that Venus was in the retrograde position at the time of your birth. The reason why you need to know about this is that if you were born with Venus Retrograde then it can have an impact on your relationships. This will last throughout your life and it is very important that you identify this in your natal chart so that you know how to handle it. Just remember – there is no reason why you can’t find love, even with Venus Retrograde in your chart.

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Venus in your Natal Chart:

When we look at Venus in a natal chart it is linked to love (& money, beauty) and shows us how the person looks at love and relationships. If however, someone has Venus Retrograde at the time of their birth then they will have a different approach to love compared to other people and you will also face some unique obstacles in your relationships. As many as one out of ten people are born with Venus in the retrograde position in their chart, so it is important to check if you do too.

But it is not all bad news. There is a positive side to all of this. People who are born with Venus retrograde are said to be highly individualistic and they tend to go their own way in life. They tend not to follow the crowd and they do not conform to social norms that other people choose to follow. People with this placement also tend to eschew tradition and they also reject moral or religious ideals that they do not agree with or which they consider to be hypocritical. They are pioneers and trailblazers in that way!

People with this placement are also troopers and even though they may have issues in their relationships with other people they still try to do their best and live their lives in a spiritually profound way. One of the issues that they may face in their life is that they need to understand that they don’t have to live in a conventional way if they don’t want to. They may be afraid of doing this however as it can make people judge them or think of them as eccentric oddballs.

The good news, however, is that people who are born with Venus Retrograde have a lot of courage and this means that once they realize that they need to live on their own terms, they have the guts to back this up. They will be able to go against the grain and they will understand that they are different from many others around them. This can however also makes it difficult for them to form relationships as they need to find people who understand them and take them as they are.

A number of famous people who have Venus Retrograde in their natal charts are celebrities such as Courtney Love, Mila Kunis, Kate Moss, Robert DeNiro, Charlize Theron, Jodie Foster, Jack Nicholson, Ellen DeGeneres, Ted Bundy, Adolph Hitler and Amy Winehouse.

What does it feel like if you have Venus Retrograde in your Natal Chart?

When people who have Venus Retrograde in their chart are young, they are often shy and they may struggle in social situations. This means that this can cause them to have issues with finding a happy romantic relationship. In turn, this makes them even more emotionally closed off to other which causes the cycle to continue. One of the problems is that those born when Venus is retrograde find it hard to attain a relationship that is emotionally fulfilling. This means they bounce from one partner to another which leads them to feel emotionally unsatisfied.

When they search for a relationship in their life, it can seem as if there is no one available who can truly fulfill their needs. But they crave someone who can. This can lead to abusive situations and they could feel as if they are being used by their partner. Still, they just want to be satisfied in their relationships – but they just can’t quite get there.

This, in turn, leads them to feel very disappointed when it comes to their love life and they then turn inwards and will not allow themselves to be vulnerable with a new partner as this could lead to more disappointment. This closes them off however from other potential partners and it makes finding the right relationship for them even more difficult. This causes them to self-sabotage their relationships as they tend to get scared when they see an intimate relationship blossoming. It can be even worse if their partner tries to make a commitment to them as this makes them nervous and they want to flee the situation.

On the flipside, people who have Venus Retrograde in their natal chart are also usually very attractive and they have a certain kind of charisma to them. This means that potential lovers can flock to them but they are usually rather insecure inside and they tend to have low self-esteem. It is also difficult for them to connect to others on a superficial level so they struggle with things like small talk. The reason for this is that they have deep wells of emotion that need to be filled.

When people with Venus Retrograde fall in love they often do so very deeply and they dote on their partner. They are in love with the idea of deep love, but they are also so lacking in self-confidence that they sabotage some of their most nurturing relationships. They often feel as if they are not good enough and they are plagued by these feelings of anxiety. Unfortunately, they may not even realize they feel like this but their neuroses can plague all their relationships. This is like an invisible demon that then hangs over their relationships and sabotages everything that happens, which is a great shame if they are with a partner who truly loves them and wants the best for them.

A big problem they face is that they have very low self-esteem which means that they can’t love anyone until they learn that they have to love themselves first. Because they are so insecure, they block their own path to love in the first place. This then makes them unsure of how to find a relationship so they may spend a lot of their time dating to try and find a mate, or they may become isolated and refuse to interact with anyone. Insecurity and disappointment lead them to crave love and look for it in all the wrong places, or shun the idea of a relationship to the point where they refuse to look for love at all. They need to learn how to balance the scales, but they find this almost impossible.

People who are born with Venus Retrograde in their natal chart also have different views when it comes to their behavior in relationships versus other people. They do not like superficial relationships but they also make sure that they take great care when it comes to superficial aspects of their own lives, such as their appearance. Depending on the sign of the zodiac that their Venus is located in their natal chart, they may tend to go overboard when it comes to the characteristics of that sign. An example of this would be if they have their Venus Retrograde in the sign of Scorpio, as they may then focus on sex rather than the emotional side of a relationship. If their Venus was in the sign of Pisces then they may overcompensate by buying and placing value on the material aspects of a relationship rather than the spiritual side.

Those with Venus Retrograde in their horoscope also have strange attitudes when it comes to their feelings about love, intimacy, and romance. They often tend to worry about non-existent issues in a relationship which could cause them to find problems where there are none. They can also fixate on strange aspects of their relationship and come up with a series of increasingly strange theories of what is ‘wrong’ when actually this is just in their head.

When they are in a relationship they may decide that they do not want to stick to traditional patterns of behavior or rituals and they may have eccentric ideas about how love and marriage should be. They do not trust easily, so this means that they often do not want to tell their partner how they feel. They take a long time to trust in a relationship and this means that they can sabotage the connection that they have with a partner as they will not allow the union to grow naturally.

If you love someone who has Venus Retrograde in their natal chart then this can be extremely satisfying but they also make it quite difficult. They need constant reassurance and they may have had unhappy childhoods which you will need to understand in order to have a relationship with them. They could also have had difficult or abusive relationships when they were younger and you will need to uncover these if you want to truly understand who they are. If you don’t understand these experiences then it can be very hard to have a relationship with someone who has Venus Retrograde in their natal chart, as they will need an extra dose of love and understanding in any relationship.

If you have Venus Retrograde in your horoscope then you will probably find that you have a number of relationships in your life and that you spend a lot of time looking for a relationship until you find the right partner. You need to work through a series of lessons, both about yourself and others, before you settle down and this means that you may not have a long-term serious relationship or get married until you are older than many of your peers. Because you have issues with your self-esteem and are plagued with doubts about yourself, you may struggle to commit in life. This means that you will spend longer than most looking for a partner and will then also take some time to settle down with them and accept the relationship.

If you have Venus Retrograde in your natal chart this can sound daunting at first, but there are a number of things you can do to help yourself on the path to finding a satisfying romantic relationship.

  1. Practice the art of self-love:


The reality is that you can’t love others until you learn to love yourself first. This means that you need to know your own true value and you need to recognize that you are also worthy of love.


  1. Be responsible for your happiness:


If you don’t look after your own happiness then it may be that others don’t either. With that in mind, you need to be happy with yourself and your own life, instead of seeking fulfillment from other people.


  1. Grow as a person:


There may be things about your personality and character that you need to work on. This means you may want to try things like therapy or meditation that allow you to see the parts of yourself that need a little attention and resolution.


  1. Learn to move on:


Everyone goes through breakups but these can be especially hard on you. The trick, however, is to learn to let go of these as it does not serve you well to hold on to relationship pain.


  1. Practice vulnerability:


If you can’t be vulnerable with a partner then it is almost impossible for them to truly love you. With that in mind, you need to be emotionally open as this is the foundation of all healthy relationships.


  1. Put yourself out there:


You need to realize that you could be doing things that may cause you to sabotage the relationships that you are in. Only by opening your heart to love and being open to receiving love from others can you ever truly find relationship happiness.

If you were born with Venus Retrograde in your natal chart then you need to know that this is not a barrier to love by any means. All it does mean is that you need to take the time to work on some areas on your relationship health in order to find a romantic relationship that truly fulfills you. Good luck!

Is your Venus retrograde at your birth? What sign is Venus in? What house is Venus in? Is your natal Venus making a favorable or unfavorable aspect to other natal planets in your chart? So much goes into reading one’s Astrology chart to see if positive reinforcement is helping or perhaps hindering one’s Venus!

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Warm wishes, Bree

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8 Responses

  1. rui says:

    I am a Venus Retrograde with Moon in Pisces and yes I need constant reassurance basically every single day and it drains my partner out lol. Still trying to learn self-love before putting myself out there, this is pretty accurate and thank you Bree!

  2. MnA says:

    My boyfriend is born with Venus retro at (anaretic) 29 degrees of Leo. It took us 2 years to START dating and we moved in as ‘friends’ only to have him wanting to move out so that he can ‘date’ me. Patience on my end? LOL! Yessss…… Is he worth it? YES. I am fully aware of what I’m up against and he is making a huge effort to acknowledge his demons and work on them. We’re moving forward even if it’s an inch at a time. 😀

  3. Ai says:

    Thanks for writing. Scorpio sixth house w/ retrograde

  4. Clare Neumann says:

    I’ve only realized fully that my venus in gemini is retrograde last night. I’ve done my map before so I always noticed I have venus in gemini, but never really noticed it’s retrograde and how it affects me. But now reading about it, it makes total sense, because I’ve never been good at having relationships, romantic or otherwise. I’m really bad at knowing how to act in social interactions and all of my romantic relationships went wrong because of my anxiety, fear and insecurity. Now, knowing what’s causing that, I really want to make it better.

  5. Nikki says:

    Venus Retrograde in Capricorn 7th House here, also Saturn in Capricorn 7th House… just discovered recently Venus was Retrograde at my birth… it explains a lot… just beginning my self-love journey.

  6. Veronica Haney says:

    This is Very Helpful. I have a libra ascendant with my venus in aries in 6th house but conjunct my descendant.

  7. Sm says:

    Thanks for the insights around… I have Venus retrograde in libra which is my 11th house.

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