Using Astrology to Predict Death – The Myths Busted!

Using Astrology to Predict Death – The Myths Busted!

 When using astrology to predict death, there are many aspects of our natal charts that we can look at as indicators of how we may pass. We can also look at the heavens to see what the planets are doing and use this to make predictions of how death may come to us, but we also need to be careful of a whole host of myths that can cloud any predictions that we can make. Astrology can indeed be used as a tool to predict death, but if we allow myths to get in the way then all our predictions will be useless.

            Here are some of the most common myths linked to astrology and death- busted!

Saturn heralds death:

Saturn is a planet that is unfairly associated with death. This is because it is known as ‘Father Time’ and is linked to how long things in our lives will last and also to endings. Saturn is known to herald when something will end or ‘die’, but this can be related to a whole host of things such as a relationship breaking up or a job ending. Just seeing a Saturn aspect in our chart does not mean that we are going to die imminently, and even if Saturn is going through a challenging aspect such as an opposition with the Sun, this does not mean that we need to start worrying that it heralds the advent of death. One has to account for the whole Astrology Chart~Progressions~Transits~making an aspect, there are many others factors one must consider!

People die more often during eclipses:

Eclipses are associated with endings and so with that people think that this means death. This is not true. There is nothing to indicate that you are more likely to die during an eclipse period as eclipses do not kill people! People may die during an eclipse period of course, but this is because of several aspects in their chart coming together to make a whole, it is not because of the eclipse in and of itself. So with that in mind you should not fear an eclipse period at all- it is not a sign of approaching death, and it can actually be a healthy time when you can let go of negative aspects in your life.

You are more likely to die during a transit:

Some people think that transits also herald the coming of death. This is also not true. As with all aspects of using astrology to predict death, a full natal chart and the position of the planets needs to be considered. The fact that a planet is going through a transit period is not reason alone for death to be more likely.

Transits in the 8th House bring more deaths.

This is also untrue, although it is understandable that people think that the 8th House and any transits associated with it cause deaths. The 8th House is traditionally associated with sex and death, so in this sense it is seen as being the house that is most closely linked to dying. Still, this does not mean that more people die during periods of 8th House transits, or if they have hard aspects in the 8th House. In reality, all of your natal chart can contribute to predicting your death, and this can include any of the twelve houses.

So called ‘hard aspects’ are linked to death:

When we talk of hard aspects in astrology we are usually thinking about squares, conjuncts, and particularly oppositions. In astrology these are also looked at as the more challenging aspects of our astrological lives, and as such are ones we look out for and fear more than ‘soft aspects’ like trines and sextiles which are usually not as difficult to navigate. That said, just because a planet such as Saturn or Neptune is going through a hard aspect such as an opposition with the Sun, this does not mean that there is a higher chance that you will die or that more people die around this time. Depending on what the aspect is and how this links to your specific birth chart, it could be that a trine or sextile is the aspect that is actually most closely linked to your death.

Chiron is linked to death:

Chiron is a comet that is often used in astrology and is referred to as the ‘wounded healer’. It is also often linked to death and it is sometimes thought that if Chiron is in the picture then this is a bad omen and heralds the advent of dying. This is incorrect thought, as Chiron, like Saturn, can indicate death in many ways. It is also a symbol of endings and new beginnings, and this doesn’t always mean death of a person, but rather a death of an aspect of their life like a relationship or a phase of their life that is now over. On its own, Chiron is meaningless as an indicator of death, or in predicting when a person will die.

Anything linked to the sign of Scorpio is a bad omen:

The zodiac sign of Scorpio, like the comet Chiron and the planet Saturn, is closely associated with death (and also sex). This does not mean however that if you are a Scorpio that you are likely to die younger or in a more violent manner, or that if you have Scorpio aspects or it is Scorpio season that you are more likely to die. Put simply, Scorpio rules sex and death but this can manifest in many ways (like endings and new beginnings) and this doesn’t mean that Scorpio is a negative sign or a bad omen at all.

The Nodes of the Moon indicate death:

The Moon’s Nodes (the North and South Node) are intimately linked to how we connect with people and things and also with the dissolution of these connections. In this sense, the North Node can be seen as a sign of beginnings, the South Node is endings, This does not however mean death (not all the time anyway) and it can be more closely associated with aspects such as connections to groups or places ending. As a result of this, people often inaccurately think that the South and North Nodes can predict death and are associated with dying. This is not the case, and they can indicate a wide range of different things, not just death in the literal sense.


As you can see from this summary, there is no single aspect, sign, or transit that indicates when you will die or that is even representative of death as a whole. In order to use astrology to predict death, we need to look at a full natal chart, and while some of the aspects listed above may be involved in this chart, we still need to look at the positions of all the planets as well as the current cosmic situation in the heavens in order to make any clear predictions. With that in mind, you can rest easy knowing that just because Saturn is in opposition with the Sun, or you are going through an eclipse period, this does not mean that you or those around you are in imminent danger of dying.

Using astrology to predict death is more complex than just one particular planet behaving in one particular way, so in that sense there is nothing to fear when we see any of these so called ‘ominous’ signs coming up on the horizon.

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