Using Astrology to Predict Death- Can it be Done?

Using Astrology to Predict Death- Can it be done?

Many of us use astrology to make predictions in our lives – often to great effect. For many followers of astrology, this is reason that they got interested in the practice in the first place! Astrology has proven itself time and time again as being an excellent way of making predictions to improve our lives. So with that in mind, can we use astrology to make the greatest prediction of all and predict when we or others are going to die?

It is clear in astrology that a number of planets are keenly linked to death, but there is no one planet in particular that we can look to for a sign of when our demise might come. Instead, we need to look at a range of planets as a whole in order to see what they can tell us about our future. This also needs to be done in conjunction with our natal chart so that we can see which planets and aspects were in place when we were born. The positions of these planets can then help us to use astrology to predict death.


Serious Saturn is often referred to as ‘Father Time’, as this is the planet that governs when things are likely to happen in our lives. In that instance, Saturn is often responsible for things beginning and ending for us, although that doesn’t mean that this planet can tell us when we are going to die all by itself. Instead, it usually signals ‘deaths’ of things such as relationships, employment, or it may even point to a spiritual ‘death’ where we let go of one belief system and start to become interested in another. Saturn is one of the slowest moving planets, so it also signifies slow changes in our lives. When looking at your natal chart, you need to check out if the Sun has a conjunct, sextile, or trine with Saturn, and if so this can be a positive indication that you will lead a long life.


The planet Uranus is in many ways the opposite of Saturn and it heralds sudden events, or in this case, it can indicate sudden death that comes out of the blue. Uranus also rules surgery and accidents, and it is a planet that is associated with strange and unexpected events. With that in mind it may be that when Uranus is prominent in your natal chart or prominent in the heavens, it may indicate the heightened risk of a weird accident related to something like an extreme sport. Uranus also rules lightning and electricity, so this could also warn of death from an electric shock or a bolt of lightning. It also rules flight and airplanes, so death as a result of a plane crash may also be a possibility. Whatever the case, it will happen suddenly.


Neptune, as you would expect, rules water related issues, so when it relates to our demise it can point to drowning. As well as actually having an accident in water, it can also be related more tenuously, such as someone who has an illness in which fluid is retained in the lungs for example or an illness like pneumonia. Neptune is also linked to drug overdoses, and these can take the form of accidental overdoses of prescription drugs, accidental overdoses of recreational drugs, or a deliberate overdose. People who have Neptune in their chart that has been activated somehow at the time of their death, such as by a trine or conjunct, may die in a way which is unexplained, so in the case of an overdose it may not be clear if it was intentional or not. If the person has a trine with Neptune when they die, they may also die in their sleep and the cause of death may never be uncovered.


The planet Pluto is linked to violent death, and often one which features some kind of serious trauma. Examples of this could be a sudden aneurysm which kills the person instantly, or an accident which results in huge injury and massive blood loss, also meaning that the person dies immediately or very quickly. On the other hand if your natal chart features Pluto and the Sun conjunct, or in a sextile or trine formation, then this can be a good indicator of a long life.


Mars, as you would expect, is linked to violence and violent death. It also rules aspects like fire, guns, and knives, so it can mean that death will come as a result of a shooting, stabbing, or fire. Whatever form it takes, it is usually traumatic and sudden, and as Mars rules metal objects, it could also be linked to something like a car crash or an accident involving metal machinery at a factory or farm. Death as a result of a Mars aspect is usually swift, and as Mars rules male energy and testosterone, as well as anger, it may come at the hands of a male figure, such as in a shooting.


If people suffer a slow death in which the process of dying takes place over some time, Venus is often also in the picture. Often if people die in their sleep or slip away peacefully at the end of a long illness, Venus is prominent in their charts or going through a significant aspect such as a trine or conjunction at the time. If Venus is indeed around at the time of the death, it can ease the suffering not just of the victim but also of those around them. In this way, the death can sometimes even be looked at it a positive manner, such as a person passing away as a result of a painful illness and no longer suffering.


Jupiter rules tumors and so in this sense it is linked to cancer and death as a result of an incurable tumor. This can be seen clearly if Jupiter has been activated as a result of a transit in a natal chart. It is also closely related to the liver and illnesses like liver disease. Despite this, Jupiter is also linked to slow and painless death, as this is not a violent planet like Mars. Death will usually not happen quickly with Jupiter in the picture, but it will also not be violent or cause undue suffering.


The Sun, and its position in our natal chart, is closely linked to death and the way in which we may ultimately die. The way the Sun is linked to other planets in our natal chart therefore is very telling when we look at how we may pass in the end. The actual position of the Sun itself is not usually significant as a way of predicting how we will die, but rather how it is behaving with the other planets mentioned above. Examples of this could be is the Sun conjunct with a planet like Uranus? Or is it in transit with Mars? The position of the Sun and its aspects with other planets need to be looked at in detail if we are using astrology to predict death.


In astrology, there is no one planet that is a bad omen and which suddenly heralds the prospect of death if it appears in your chart. Instead, if we are using astrology to predict death then we need to look at the natal chart as a whole, progressions, transits, as well as the natal chart, and then cross-reference this with how the heavens are behaving at the time. Only then can we get a look at the bigger picture and then make predictions of how someone may die as a result of their astrological chart. Did you know Astrology can also predict an illness, timing, ect…Astrology is a powerful tool do not let anyone tell you otherwise, if they do, ask them to prove it! (Astrology Used to Predict the Feature)    Note: I am not an Astrologer that will practice this, (telling of a death) although I do use for my own personal information, I will not elaborate nor tell any of this if you were to inquire my services, (I will not talk about death to any of my clients, I do not practice in that area) please look for other Astrologers that do practice this with their clients.  With that said, I will tell of illness If any. And strongly tell the client to please visit their doctor.

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