Use Venus to find Peace & Comfort! Venus thru the Houses!

Use Venus to find Peace & Comfort! Venus thru the Houses!

The transits of Venus happen quickly, with the planet spending about a month in each sign. Venus is the planet of love, pleasure, and aesthetics, and it tends to illuminate our feelings and especially our romantic inclinations. How much we are willing to put ourselves out there is influenced by the transits of Venus, as well as how much enjoyment we seek, and how likely we are to be receptive to others in our lives.

Venus transiting the First House

Venus rules pleasure, and when Venus is transiting the First House you will want to be involved in pleasurable pursuits more than at other times. You will also find yourself feel more gregarious and you will naturally want to socialize and be in the company of others. New relationships may start up easily or you may re-connect with an important figure in your life. Venus also rules aesthetics, and so you may find yourself wanting to alter your appearance or give yourself a makeover. You are naturally attractive at this time, both in terms of how you look and the way in which your charm attracts others to you.

Venus transiting the Second House

The key when Venus is transiting the Second House is comfort, and this is what you crave over the next few weeks. This can manifest in a number of ways, and you may find that you are drawn to spending time with people who make your feel calm and happy. It may be that you do things around the house to make it feel more homey and cozy, such as a decorating project or buying a new piece of furniture. Money can be a tricky business generally with Venus transiting the Second House, and you have a tendency to overspend as you follow your desires more than usual.

Venus transiting the Third House

Venus transiting the Third House is all about other people and the way that you now connect and interact. You will be attracted to others and you will be curious about meeting new people. The relationships you form now will most likely be a meeting of minds, where you feel you have met someone on your same intellectual wavelength. You could strike up an interesting partnership at this time which leads to some kind of business deal or collaborative project in the future.

Venus transiting the Fourth House

Venus transiting the Fourth House tends to make us feel more sensitive. We crave things like nostalgia and romantic sentiments, and if you are single you might find yourself longing to find a mate. You will want someone who ticks all the boxes though rather than settling for just anyone and you will hark back to old-fashioned concepts like chivalry and honor. You might also find you become more focused on your home, or meet someone who could help you to improve it. You might start decorating, or strike up a friendship (or more!) with an interior designer or something with a strong sense of aesthetics.

Venus transiting the Fifth House

The Fifth House rules Love, so with Venus transiting the Fifth House love and romance will certainly be in the air! Someone special could come into your life at this time and you will find yourself open to romance in a way you haven’t been in a while. That said, you might also have a tendency to over-romanticize things or focus on dramatic emotions, so it’s always a good idea to be mindful of this and keep yourself in check. We can also find ourselves feeling nostalgic about our childhoods around this time, and you may either want to plan a visit home, or indulge in some childhood pursuits like your favorite meals or activities.

Venus transiting the Sixth House

When Venus transits the Sixth House you lose the rose-tinted spectacles and become more practical and sensible. You like routine at this time and will want to get your house in order. For that reason work issues often come to the fore and you may want to take on a new project that requires a very structured approach. You may also meet someone at work who becomes influential in your life or you may collaborate on a project with a co-worker which ends up being very successful.

Venus transiting the Seventh House

You crave stability and commitment with Venus transiting the Sseventh House and this can manifest in different ways depending on whether you are single or attached. For those looking for love, you will probably have quite high standards now, but you will also be feeling sociable and ready to find ‘The One’. If you are attached, the focus will still be on partnerships, but these could be work related, or simply someone who can bring a lasting friendship into your life.

Venus transiting the Eighth House

Exploration is the name of the game when Venus is transiting the Eighth House, and you are naturally attracted to puzzles and mysteries. This can manifest through your choice of companions, and you might find yourself drawn to people that you usually wouldn’t meet and who you can’t quite ‘figure out’. We often feel as if we are surrounded by deep waters at this time, and we could start on a journey of self exploration and recovery if we have been facing personal challenges and obstacles. Whatever aspect of your life you focus on, you will dig deep.

Venus transiting the Ninth House

            With Venus transiting the Ninth House, we crave freedom and the people who can give this to us. We have a tendency to drift towards those who open up our horizons and challenge us, and we have the courage to explore new roads that we may have otherwise missed. This can happen in a literal sense, as you may take a trip somewhere that you have never been before or you might meet someone from a faraway place. The emphasis now will be on the new. New experiences, new places, and new people who could come into your life as if out of nowhere.

Venus transiting the Tenth House

You could find yourself looking for a mentor with Venus transiting the Tenth House, as we often look to those who are older and wiser than we are. This is particularly likely to be the case in a work situation, and you may meet someone who can help you to further your career by providing guidance, advice, and support. You will do well on the work front at this time, and it may be that you impress someone or catch the eye of an influential player who will help you to get a pay rise or promotion.

Venus transiting the Eleventh House

Venus transiting the Eleventh House can be a strange time in that it focuses both on meeting others and on our own individuality. On the one hand, if you are single then you may meet someone and start dating, or one of your close friends may be revealed as a potential suitor. On the flipside, you will be acutely aware of your own individual needs and desires, and you won’t necessarily rush to be coupled up. If you are already part of a couple then you will focus on your own pursuits and goals, and you may feel drawn to new hobbies.

Venus transiting the Twelfth House

There is a tendency to withdraw when Venus is transiting the Twelfth House, and you will find that you are happy in your own company. You may want to look more closely at your life goals and path, and you may become more spiritual or intuitive at this time. If you have been battling with issues like addiction then this is a time when you may recognize that you need to seek help. In your romantic life you may meet someone who you feel is right for you, but you won’t act on it right away, preferring to keep yourself to yourself until the timing feels right.

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