Use the Sun Transits to help you in Business Related Matters! Transits of the Sun thru the Houses!

Use the Sun Transits to help you in Business Related Matters! Transits of the Sun thru the Houses!

The Sun in transit moves relatively quickly compared to other planets, as it spends a month in each house. This can vary slightly as not all the houses are equally spaced in many astrology charts, which is why 30 days is only an approximate measure. When the Sun does transit however, it works exactly as you would expect, and its primary role is to shine its light onto the aspect of each house. As such, things are set to be illuminated, as the Sun reveals, it never conceals.

Sun transiting the First House

When the Sun transits the First House, it is illuminating the self. Your sense of personal identity is deepened and you will be more in tune with your personal desires and matters of your appearance and how you present yourself to the world. The flipside to this is that you become more inward looking and self centered, and you can also crave attention in unhealthy ways. The good news is that this is a great time to focus on yourself and your own personal goals and image. If you have been struggling to express yourself then you will find that the words come more easily around this time.

Sun transiting the Second House

            The Sun transiting the Second House is all about money. It can make you feel as if you are not making or saving enough and will sometimes force you to sit down and write down a financial plan on paper. You will often feel insecure about personal wealth, and even if you are doing well financially you may still feel uncertain about the future. On the other hand, we also have a tendency to spend at this time, despite the fact that we can be preoccupied with our lack of funds, and you might splurge on something, although often it will turn out to be a wise investment.

Sun transiting the Third House

Communication is the key when it comes to the Sun transiting the Third House, and you will find that you perk up mentally after the period of the Sun transiting the Second House. You will be outward-facing and you will have more to say for yourself and will be buzzing with new projects and exciting ventures. This also makes you prone to being restless, but if you set yourself small goals with easy deliverables then you will be unstoppable. A large and complex project that requires a lot of thought and strategy is not recommended, as you lack the focus to really give it all your attention.

Sun transiting the Fourth House

The Sun transiting the Fourth House is illuminating family and your home. You will probably find the urge to socialize leaves you and your naturally want to stay in your own corner, or spend time with close relatives. This could also lead to friction with a family member, but if it does this is also a time when it is possible to heal rifts caused by family-related tensions. On a lighter note, you may be gripped by the desire to feather your nest, and plan a decorating project or look at moving to a new neighborhood. Whatever you decide to do, you will feel far more content the closer you are to your home.

Sun transiting the Fifth House

The Sun transiting the Fourth House is not exactly a serious time, but it is one of contemplation, and the Sun transiting the Fifth house is pretty much the opposite. If you have been happy to nest away at home, you will now fling open the doors and be ready to socialize. You can expect to be busy and your calendar will rapidly fill up as you are the life and soul of the party. We tend to feel more energized when the Sun is transiting the Fifth House but it also shines a spotlight on the more outgoing side of our personality and we need to make sure that we don’t come on too strong with our ideas and behavior.

Sun transiting the Sixth House

When the Sun was transiting the Fifth House, you went out to play, but with the Sun transiting the Sixth House it is now time to get your head back in the game and focus on work. Luckily you will be a powerhouse when it comes to project work and just simply getting things done, and whatever field you work in, you will make great leaps forward. You will be focused on the task at hand, and while this is not the time to start looking at your life path as a whole, it is the perfect moment to knock out all the little projects you have been meaning to work on for months. Just take it slow and steady and you will move mountains.

Sun transiting the Seventh House

The Sun transiting the Seventh House is focused on cooperation. This could be romantic or it could be related to work. Whatever domain it fits into, the magic number here is two. Working with someone will bring great rewards, as will committing to another person, again either romantically or professionally. If you have been struggling in silence, this is also the time to reach out and seek the advice of others. You will come across as a true diplomat, and if you work closely with clients then you may be called in to mediate a dispute between two parties or work closely with a colleague on a new project.

Sun transiting the Eighth House

The theme for the Sun transiting the Eighth House is transformation. As such, you won’t want to socialize as much as usual, although you will still seek the counsel of those close to you. If you have fallen into addictive habits or have had issues with things like drink and drugs, then this is a time when you will reach out and ask for help. This applies to any aspect of your life where you feel there could be improvements, from your daily routine, to your work-life balance. There is much to gain when the Sun is transiting the Eighth House and you can contemplate the areas of your life that are in need of a change.

Sun transiting the Ninth House

The Sun transiting the Ninth House has a way of opening up our eyes and shining a light on something new. If you have been meaning to start a new hobby or sign up for further study, then this is the time to do it. Foreigners or new countries could also play an important role around this time, and your horizons may seem limitless. You will be more curious about the world and you will also want to share yours with other people, although you need to make sure that they want to hear about it first, as you can have a tendency to talk when you should also listen.

Sun transiting the Tenth House

The Sun transiting the Tenth House is focused on the role you play in life. It is closely linked to how others see you, but also how you see yourself. It can make you take a good, hard look at your life and make you question if you are heading along the right path. If not, you can make adjustments. This could also be linked to how others look at you, and you could find your reputation being boosted or tarnished, depending on how you treat others. If you are in need of a wakeup call, then this is the time when you are likely to get it.

Sun transiting the Eleventh House

The Sun transiting the Eleventh House is a great “big picture” moment. It is linked to looking forwards rather than a time of contemplation, and you will see things more clearly than you have for some time. You will be gregarious but partnerships will not be the center of your universe, and instead, you will enjoy the company of others while also looking out for your own future. We tend to see things from a global perspective when the Sun is transiting the Eleventh House, and we are more acutely aware of the repercussions our actions have on others. We may also feel that we have been called upon to help, and may get involved in charity work or community activities.

Sun transiting the Twelfth House

When the Sun transits the Twelfth House, we can finally feel as if a weight is about to be lifted off us. If we have toxic aspects in our life then this is truly the time to cast them aside and move forward to a brighter future. As a result, we may feel tired and want to withdraw from others, which is fine, as this is what is needed in order to grow and put the past behind us. The more we contemplate and meditate during this period, the better the outcome will be.

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