Use Mercury to Further Your Agenda! Transits of Mercury Thru the Houses!

Use Mercury to Further Your Agenda! Transits of Mercury Thru the Houses!

Mercury is a planet that travels for approximately a month in each sign, except when it is retrograde (this is the dreaded Mercury Retrograde period that so many people fear). When Mercury transits in each house, it has an impact on mental clarity and focus. Mercury also rules communication, so its transits naturally affect the way in which you communicate with others.

Mercury transiting the First House

Mercury transiting the First House tends to make us more mentally astute. Our sense of awareness perks up and we find we have an abundance of mental clarity. When Mercury transits the First House you will often feel that you have the capacity to really weigh up the consequences of any decisions, although this can also make you doubt yourself, and you could end up endlessly thinking something through, resulting in analysis paralysis! The key here is to focus on the task you have at hand before moving on to anything else. One step at a time is the name of the game during this time.

Mercury transiting the Second House

Mercury transiting the Second House is a great time to tend to your finances, especially if they have gotten a little out of hand lately. You will be focused and driven and this is an ideal opportunity to go through your bills, itemize your spending, and draw up a financial plan for the year ahead. You may also find you want to spend money even though you are focused on how to manage it at the same time, and you could feel the urge to buy a big ticket item. Money may also come your way as a result of your improved communication skills, such as pay rise that you might negotiate with your boss.

Mercury transiting the Third House

You might feel overwhelmed when Mercury is transiting the Third House, as you will lack the sense of focus you need to see the bigger picture about things. If you try to do too much at once you may feel as if you are losing your grip on everything, so slow down and take it one day at a time during this period. You will find that you have the gift of the gab and that you want to socialize with others and this is the perfect time to meet friends and get out of the house. Just keep it light and breezy until this time is over.

Mercury transiting the Fourth House

With Mercury transiting the Fourth House we tend to feel more emotional than usual. As this planet is so linked to communication, this also means that we are likely to vocalize our emotions, and so you could come across as needlessly dramatic or overemotional around this time. The flipside of this is that you will become adept at reading the emotions of the people that surround you, and you could also hit on a fantastic new work or business idea by chatting with others and using them as a sounding board.

Mercury transiting the Fifth House

Mercury transiting the Fifth house makes us focus on our creative sides, and we tend to be drawn towards artistic projects or those that give us the chance to express ourselves. That said, when Mercury transits the Fifth House, we don’t usually have the focus to concentrate on anything for too long, and you may find yourself flitting from one new hobby to the next. This also makes you gregarious and chatty, so you might find that you strike up conversations with others easily.

Mercury transiting the Sixth House

When Mercury transits the Fifth House, we lose focus, but once Mercury is transiting the Sixth House, our heads are back in the game and we find it much easier to settle down and conquer a task. Mercury rules the Sixth House, so this is an auspicious time when you will find that you can accomplish a lot. Make plans and look at how you are going to see them through. If you have been putting off a trip such as a health check up or a visit to a financial advisor, now is the time to take the plunge. Your analytical skills are boosted, so make good use of them around this period.

Mercury transiting the Seventh House

Mercury transiting the Seventh House is a great time to communicate with others, especially if you want to mend bridges with relatives or impart some sensitive news. You will be a natural mediator or counselor, and you will also find yourself more flexible and willing to compromise with others. It’s also a good period to discuss joint projects, so if you are looking for a business partner then know that this is a natural time of partnerships. You will be good at talking your way into things, so if you want to discuss something at work like a pay rise, then you will usually see signs of success.

Mercury transiting the Eighth House

Investigation is a key theme when Mercury is transiting the Eighth House. Your powers of deduction are heightened, and you will have an innate sense of whether people are being straight with you or not. If you want to investigate an issue, then you will do so thoroughly and you won’t miss a trick, so it’s a good time to go through things like contracts with a fine tooth comb. If something doesn’t feel right then keep on digging and see where it takes you. Your intuition is strong and your focus unparalleled, so use this to your advantage.

Mercury transiting the Ninth House

You will certainly have the gift of the gab with Mercury transiting the Ninth House. Wherever you go you will get talking to people, and things like travelling or people from another country could feature heavily during this time. You will also be naturally inquisitive about the world, so if you have been meaning to start a new project, get involved in something in the community, or sign up for a study course, then this is the ideal moment to make this a reality.

Mercury transiting the Tenth House

When Mercury is transiting the Tenth House things tend to get a little serious. Not in a bad way, but you won’t be in the mood to shoot the breeze and make small talk with friends. Instead, you may prefer to stay at home and think about your life goals. You will be practical and realistic instead of frivolous with your time and energy, and if you work in a field where you need to knuckle down and focus on communication, then this will be the time when you can really move some mountains.

Mercury transiting the Eleventh House

When Mercury was transiting the Tenth House you were naturally drawn to introspection, but once it moves into transiting the Eleventh House you will find that you become far more sociable. If anything, you will actually feel as if you need people around, and you will do best with a sidekick you can work with to come up with your most creative plans and ideas. Use others as a sounding board and have fast-paced and productive conversations with those close to you. It could mean that you hit on one of your best ideas yet.

Mercury transiting the Twelfth House

Mercury transiting the Twelfth House ushers in a period of privacy. You will want to lie low now and keep your own counsel. You lose the ability to wear your heart on your sleeve and you will have a hard time opening up to others. As such use this time to get away from it all and nest at home or in your own private hideaway. Reflect on things that have happened in the past and try and put issues to rest if you are still holding on to toxic thoughts or resentment. Look to the future and envisage how you would like things to work out and draw up plans of how you are going to make this a reality. You will do your best work when you are alone and have the time and space to work through things at your own pace.

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