#USA #Horoscope Predictions for October Surprise 2019 ~ #Stockmarketdecline ~ #Badweather

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree So sorry I’m running late ☹ its been quite the adventurist month for me 😊           

I’ve also completed the USA horoscope for October 2019, as well as each sun sign. Also, please be sure to read your rising sign it may fit you better than your sun sign! Mine does! I’m a Capricorn with a rising Virgo 🙂


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#USA #Horoscope Predictions for October 2019 ~ #Stockmarketdecline ~ #Badweather

October 2nd ~ 6th ~

2nd ~ Pluto direct ~

Pluto is in the USA second house, how the USA makes its money. With Pluto waking up after a 5-month sleep, you can bet issues related to the 2nd house will be rumbling!

6th ~ Mercury 11th H. opposes Uranus 5th H.

I’m seeing complicated situations related to political activity, meetings, debates. Much excitement but along with that there will be a hindrance, unexpected problems that will complicate situations, the government will not be fortunate. Also look for accidents that will be connected with railroads, or aviation. Strikes taking place, possibly threatened. Educational disputes. Also, I am seeing mysterious crimes.

October 7th ~ 13th ~

8th ~ Venus makes a sign change into Scorpio. Venus is in determent in the sign of Scorpio. Venus is not able to function in a sign that is ruled by Mars, Mars is forceful, aggressive and outgoing while Venus is the sign that draws the power of love. Mars represents the animal soul, Venus is the love of principle, she rules the human soul.

12th ~ Venus 11th H. oppose Uranus 5th H.

unfortunate for money matters. The stock market, education, laws that focus on women are hard or not fair.


13th ~ Full Moon in Aries USA 4th H. October Surprise!

the fourth house is in an angular house, very important! This full moon in the sign of Aries is very strong. Mars rules Aries. The fourth house rules over the land, and all that has connection with it, agriculture, crops, mines, minerals. Also, note the fourth house governs the opposition party to the government. The full moon is square Pluto in the USA’s second house. This is not ideal! Stock market decline sharply, bad weather, shortage of crops, also do look for much trouble in agricultural matters. This Full Moon will also trine Jupiter in the USA 1st H. (H = House) the USA will need to be mindful of overdoing things in order to save things that seem to be falling apart. Look for this to begin October 6th/7th.


October 14th ~ 20th ~

14th ~ Sun 10th H. square Pluto 2nd H.

a warlike feeling is aroused, disputes quarrels, disagreements with other countries. I’m seeing an indication of a crime occurring towards a prominent person, I see trouble affecting the Army or Navy, I see deaths, especially of officers. Look for stock market decline.

15th ~ Mercury 11th H trine Neptune 3rd H

this is very fortunate for lectures, writing, and publications connected with mysticism and psychism. You will see that they will gain favorable attention.


20th ~ Venus 11th H. sextile Saturn 1st H.

this will be a day that will be fortunate for businesses, revenue, also we will see the stock market rise, this is good for money matters generally.

October 21st ~ 27th ~

21st ~ Venus 11th H. trine Neptune 3rd H.

this will be very beneficial for charities, and hospitals. You will find that this will benefit people in need and also promotes contentment and goodwill.

23rd ~ Sun enters Scorpio 11th H.

The Sun in the sign of Scorpio is connected with crisis and transformation. Also, with the sun slipping into the sign of Scorpio it does mark a time of year in which you will notice shorter days and cooler weather. Personally, this sun sign change stimulates the time to go deep within yourself to even rid yourself of any physical, emotional, and psychological dead leaves so you will feel freer, lighter, and be ready to move forward towards embracing your personal springtime. It is said that there is nothing like a crisis to get rid of waste, and thus bringing in healing treatments/therapy as options to healing whatever’s ailing you.

27th ~ New Moon is the sign of Scorpio USA 11th H.

I feel that it is going to carry the flavor of the same transformational theme of the sun entering Scorpio on the 23rd. Also, on the 23rd, we have a square between Mars in the USA 10th house and Saturn in the 1st house, 1 orb away from perfecting the 2nd house cusp! The USA will need to work harder, harder than it ever had to get what is needed related to money matters. This will be followed by a Sun Uranus opposite that will begin that night, Uranus is in the USA 5th house, Sun in 11th, with Uranus involved and opposite the 11th house. Look for unexpected and sudden troubles related to risk, speculation, children, education. I’m seeing false steps made. Some ill considerate legislation, hasty. Party splits, Bill may fail, or possibly the government defeated. Also, look for danger of strikes or rioting.

To use this dark, quiet, new moon in Scorpio it is the best time of the year you will want to use a crisis to transform yourself and by this I mean clearing out any people, person, groups, attitude, bad habit, possession, and even career/job that is no longer working for you, as this will clear a path to make an intention for a new beginning. The choice is there!

October 28th ~ 31st ~

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

31st ~ Mercury Retrograde

this gives you a window to review and evaluate your successes and any possible failures and make adjustments in these areas. Do not be surprised if you find something you have lost, or old friends suddenly reappear again. With Mercury retrograde it does have a downside, anything to do with communication and transportation can become a source of aggravation. This is not a time to buy anything new related to autos, computers, electronic devices. If you find you have to as life must go on make sure you get a good warranty. This is also not a favorable time to sign contracts if you find you are having to, make sure you get a second pair of eyes.

Tip: Find Lost Articles

search for lost articles during the first quarter and when your sun sign is marked favorable. Also check to see that the planet ruling the lost item is trine, sextile, or conjunct the moon. The moon rules household utensils; Mercury rules letters and books; and Venus rules clothing, jewelry, and money


Tip: courtesy by LLwellyn’s 2019 Moon Sign Book:

Many blessings, Bree

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