Uranus Retrograde August 2017

Uranus Retrograde 2017 will run from August 3, 2017, in 28° Aries and will go direct again on January 2, 2018, in 24° Aries.

The Uranus retrograde is going to bring many issues to the surface and fears that we didn’t know we had will bubble up. These will not be the kind that we are used to and will be linked to deep neurosis and even psychotic behavior. The reason that these fears will be awakened is down to the fixed star Vertex which will be activated by the Uranus retrograde period. This star is found in the Andromeda Galaxy and is actually heading for the Milky Way where it will one day collide with our galaxy.

The fact that this star has a collision course with Earth is very significant as the Uranus retrograde in 2017 is deeply linked to the fear

of being attacked and a massive catastrophe. We may not realize it, but we carry with us a fear that has been fed by ancient disasters and the Uranus retrograde will reawaken these, even if we didn’t realize they existed.For the purposes of this article, we will now look at Uranus retrograde in a natal chart as well as the general issues associated with a Uranus retrograde when it is in transit.

Uranus retrograde in a natal chart:

Having Uranus retrograde in your natal chart is actually pretty common and around 40% of people will have this placement. Uranus is a planet usually placed in the same category as other planets like Pluto or Neptune. As it is an outer planet, a retrograde in your natal chart is not as significant as the retrograde of an inner planet such as Venus. To put it in perspective, a Venus retrograde is far less common and is only found in the natal chart of around 7% of people on Earth. Despite the fact that we consider a Uranus retrograde to be less significant in many ways, it still does have a strong influence on our lives as the unpredictable and rebellious nature of this planet is unleashed.

A big part of Uranus retrograde in a natal chart is the idea of karma. It links back to the concept of past lives and it implies that you may have been rebellious and caused harm or distress either to yourself or others around you. Uranus is a maverick planet and one linked to experimentation so it also points to individuals who used radical ideas that ended in great failure in a past life such as a lost war or a decimated crop that caused famine. Often disasters may have been caused by ego and selfish behavior that has brought shame to others.

When Uranus is retrograde it takes all the rebellious nature of Uranus and makes us feel this internally. This means that we may be more stressed more than usual and have a tendency to be impulsive without being able to understand why. This internal tug-of-war can lead us to feel erratic, anxious, or neurotic and we may feel like our personality is changing against our will.

When Uranus is retrograde it is shining a light on the areas of our life where we need to grow and improve. This is the true meaning of Uranus which is original, deeply intuitive, and experimental. The positive side of Uranus is that it is a maverick and eccentric planet but it is also open and expressive. This means that with Uranus in the mix you can feel comfortable being who you really are, without alienating those around you.

If you have Uranus retrograde in your chart then you may be prone to fits of ego and a certain abrupt attitude which many people may not understand. You could also come across as unreliable to many people or your erratic tendencies can make people cautious around you. There is a strong sense that this is a repeating pattern which has already happened over a number of past lives and we will see this issue coming up in many areas of your life again and again until you make the changes that are needed.

Uranus retrograde in transit:

Uranus retrograde in transit lasts for 155 days every year when the planet moves in reverse through 4 degrees of the zodiac. When this happens it is asking you to make internal changes to external issues which may be plaguing your life. Depending on the aspects of Uranus retrograde in your chart, different parts of your life and different kinds of changes will be required.

These changes are almost always a response to something that has happened to you. An example may be that you have tried to implement changes but maybe you didn’t try hard enough or any efforts you put in were unsuccessful. If these changes are still needed, then transiting Uranus retrograde will bring about internal issues which will then facilitate the outer change that you have been striving for. A big part of the changes that come about as a result of Uranus retrograde is linked to having more freedom in your life and you are given the chance to deal with changes internally before they become a reality in your life when Uranus turns direct.

Another example of the changes brought about by Uranus retrograde relates to anyone who has been trying to push for change in their life but in a negative way which has had a harmful impact on others around them. If this is the case then you may not have realized the effects of your actions or you may have known but pressed ahead anyway out of arrogance. Either way, the Uranus retrograde will make you far more self-aware and will show you where your plans went awry. This will then lead to internal breakthroughs and change in the way you handle situations.

Uranus retrograde 2017

Uranus will be retrograde on August 3, 2017, at 28° Aries. When we look at the Uranus retrograde chart we will see players that make aspects like Uranus is trine the North Node. Also in the chart, we have Jupiter square Pluto which will also cast some influence over the Uranus retrograde period which we will look at in more detail.

The way we interpret the Uranus trine to the North Node is not particularly clear but generally, astrologers take this to mean that any changes put forward by the Uranus retrograde will be easier to deal with. Changes will also be, on the whole, overwhelmingly positive and you will get opportunities as a result of these adjustments to your life path.

Jupiter square Pluto:

When Jupiter is square Pluto it is all about success on a large scale. This could be related to many things such as a project you have been working on for a while or a career shift that you have been itching to make. There is a great sense of wanting to obtain success at any cost and an almost psychotic need to succeed. You may be obsessive about achieving your dreams and will be prepared to do anything to get them. If you are not careful then this can lead to arguments, fights, and you may find yourself with many enemies.

Extremist behavior is also very common at this time and it usually comes as a result of dogmatic thinking mixed with ego which will not let you admit that you are wrong. You have a tendency to have tunnel vision now and this means that you can’t see the bigger picture which might help you be less ignorant about the world. A good way to combat this is to travel widely or spend time with people from other countries or cultures in order to learn more about tolerance, acceptance, and compassion.

When Uranus is retrograde all of this is exacerbated and you could suddenly feel afraid of death or worried about a disaster that may befall the Earth. This is linked to the star Vertex which is conjunct Uranus retrograde in 2017. This behavior already has an obsessive and psychotic quality to it but this is only amplified by the presence of Jupiter square Pluto.

Fixed Star Vertex:

Another celestial body to add to the mix is the fixed star Vertex which is at 28° Aries and sits in the Andromeda Galaxy. This is the closest major galaxy to the Milky Way and is moving at a speed of 100 kilometers per second. At this rate, it will collide with the Milky Way in 4 billion years time. We don’t know what will happen if and when the two collide.

The star Vertex rules our eyes as well as our pineal and pituitary glands. It is linked to neurotic tendencies as well as obsessive behavior and psychosis. It brings to the fore problems that we have tried to bury inside that relate to both ourselves and the collective consciousness. When it is a positive aspect it operates as a healer.

The Andromeda Constellation is known for being linked to pure thoughts, honor, dignity, and virtue but it can also make us feel discouraged with our lives and choices. It is known to be linked to marital love and can act as a healing influence for those who have committed adultery. When it is in a negative aspect it is linked to earthquakes. As well as Uranus.

So, as you can see, there is a lot going on when Uranus is retrograde from 2017-2018, but the most important part of any retrograde cycle is its healing quality, even if the road to get there is a little rocky.

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