Uranus Making Radical Changes in our Country as Well as in all of Us!!

In astrology, Uranus is a planet that can and does change everything. Uranus never leaves one where it finds you.  We often think that some things in our life will stay the same forever. But that is not the case when we have Uranus in the heavens circling an aspect in our natal chart. This is known as being the planet of radical thinking and it is linked to extremes and a strong sense of rebellion.

When Uranus blows into town, or into your chart, it brings with it a sense of disruption as the changes that come with it are usually so extreme. In astrology, we always associate Uranus with eccentric behavior. People born under the sign of Aquarius, for example, which is ruled by Uranus, (& co-ruled by Saturn) are often said to be quirky oddballs. This is because Uranus is that kind of planet – one that changes things, and is a maverick of sorts, just like the people born with strong Uranus factors in their charts. This planet is also linked to revolutions as well as humanitarian issues and sweeping reforms, but these often come about as a result of some kind of rebellion when Uranus is flying high in the heavens.

Uranus doesn’t want things to stay the same because it knows that changes need to come in order for things to be better in the long run. So it sweeps through our lives and makes alterations to diverse parts of our existence such as the way we live, work and spend our leisure time with loved ones. This planet is also linked to others things like politics, religion and changing the status quo – and it highlights the ways that we may change our thinking or attitudes to these. It allows people to express their differences about these issues in their own way so that we are free from judgment.

This is the planet of innovation and has always been linked to inventions and scientific breakthroughs. This planet also often brings about changes to our thinking on traditional issues and forces through changes like same-sex marriage laws, or a new kind of sustainable energy source. If there are secrets lurking in the darkness then Uranus may also uncover them as this planet also acts like a whistleblower and so corrupt practices, fraud or any kind of spurious behavior can come to light.

Uranus is also a clever planet and an original thinker. There are no rules with Uranus it seems, as this planet is inventive and delights in tearing up the traditional rulebook on a range of issues. This is why we often see big changes under Uranus, ones that we did not see coming and could never have expected. After Uranus is done, some things will never look the same ever again.

This planet is associated in astrology with democracy and this is also about how we must all embrace our differences and individuality rather than all being the same. This is why we also see Uranus linked to inventors and inventions and unusual ways of doing things. It is all about how our individual quirks make us unique and should be celebrated as such. In mundane astrology, Uranus is linked to the public sector and the government control of public resources so that these are not monopolized by private companies. Uranus is also the planet of lightning bolts and rules technology and social media – so everything from Facebook to Twitter falls under the remit of this planet. It is very important to Uranus that everyone should be allowed to express themselves and have their voice heard by others.

Uranus has also always been linked to revolution and when we are in the Age of Aquarius (under Uranus) then we often see huge changes on the world stage. This can play out through politics or social changes, or even through sexual revolutions or the battle between religions versus scientific thinking. We may also see overhauls of financial systems with Uranus in the mix as well as revolutions in the way we use technology or even a spiritual revolution. All of these changes, however, begin on an individual level and then spread to become a national or global movement.

Traditionally Uranus is linked to technology and innovation. This is why we see a lot of new technological and scientific strategies when Uranus is around. Electronics are ruled by Uranus and so this planet uses technological revolutions to bring in changes that will help all of humankind. Some developments that we can attribute to Uranus include smartphones, email, the internet, robotics and all kinds of gadgets. Uranus is particularly closely linked to gadgets that help us communicate in different ways or which help to change the way we interact with people.

Many radical thinkers have strong Aquarius factors in their charts Uranus is all about eccentric thought. This can also make people seem quite extreme in their views and this may happen in the field of politics or come out in extremism or very conservative behavior. This can apply to people who are terrorists, insurgents or supremacists who all go to extremes for their beliefs and who are known for their radical thoughts.

Radicalization is also the realm of Uranus as is social unrest and rebellion which can lead to rioting in the streets. This also applies to other forms of civil disobedience such as protests, marches, and uprisings of all kinds. Human rights issues are the domain of Uranus and this is also linked to issues such as workers rights and unions. Uranus encourages workers to ask for their basic rights and we may see protests and strikes if this doesn’t happen. Sometimes, however, this can come across as disorganized or opportunistic which is why some of these actions fail under Uranus.

This radical planet also encourages all of us to live on our terms according to the things that make us happy and tries to get us to break free of any restrictions. If we feel confined then Uranus will help us to escape from whatever binds us. This, however, can sometimes make us seem wild and unmoored, or it may make us reject social or legal restrictions that are there for our own protection. We may also lose sight of the sense of morality with Uranus in the mix however and forget about social responsibility. Sometimes Uranus can seem to be encouraging us to become more traditional and conservative at the same time, and if this is the case then it is usually because we have gone too far in the other direction.

Other things that Uranus is linked to include research and anything to do with data and science. This is also the planet of inventions and experiments, particularly if they involve electricity, robotics or electronics. It is also associated in astrology with racism and tensions between different races as well as violence, the occult, astrology, and sudden change.

If something happens suddenly and without warning, then you can bet that Uranus is in the mix and this is all about bringing forward a stronger sense of freedom in the future. Uranus changes the future but tries to make it better by making us free. This is about inner change however and not associated with trivial things such as money or gadgets just for the sake of it, but through change, that affects us on a much deeper level. This is about how we can use technology to make great changes but these are tools to help us make a better life for ourselves –  some changes will come from within, or, through external factors. We may not always be ready for the changes that Uranus wants to bring to us, but if we open our minds and let the revolution in, then we will be amazed when we learn about things that we never even dreamed were possible.

Blessings, Bree

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