Uranus in Taurus- What does it mean for 2018-2026?

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In about a year’s time, on the 15th of May 2018 the planet Uranus will move into the sign of Taurus where it will stay (on and off) until the 26th of April 2026. Uranus is the planet of surprises and revolutionary acts and Taurus rules finance, banking, and material possessions.

            But why are we talking about it now? Well, in April and May of 2017 a number of planets are moving through the sign of Taurus and this is a great preview of what is going to come in 2018. Something that gets its start in April and May of this year will be very significant later on when we look back at it in retrospect.

            At a glimpse, Uranus in Taurus is going to be about a change, usually very unexpected, in the way that we use finance. This could mean something like a new currency such as Bitcoin or a new form of taxation. Whatever it is, at the time it will seem revolutionary, but soon it will become our regular way of doing things on a financial front and we will wonder how we ever did business without it.

What does Uranus in Taurus mean?

    In astrology, Uranus in Taurus basically means ‘follow the money’. The planet Uranus represents freedom and when it is in Taurus it is asking us how we are being chained down by money issues and how we can escape this. We will see this on a global scale starting in 2018 and it may be that people start to get fed up of rising prices and the inability to afford housing, as an example, and will start to fight against this through demonstrations or other kinds of civil rebellion.

Uranus in Taurus in history:

One of the most fascinating things about astrology is how history repeats itself. Actually, this is the foundation upon which astrology is built, as astrologers recognize that time is not linear but circular which is why world events repeat themselves in different contexts.

            Uranus in Taurus last happened 80 years ago as this is one of the slowest moving of all the planets. What was happening around that time? Well, it was 1934, 1935, 1941 and 1942. This was the time of the Second World War when rationing replaced normal currency and also came directly after the Wall Street Crash of 1929 and the subsequent Great Depression which lasted from 1929-1939.

            Another interesting aspect to look at is Uranus in Taurus coupled with Jupiter in Scorpio which will happen in 2018. Uranus was in Taurus at the same time that Jupiter was in Scorpio in 1934 and 1935, so again this is a repeated pattern. What was important about those years? Well, the Banking Act in the United States came into effect in 1935 as did the Social Security Act, both under  Franklin Roosevelt.

            Another really interesting event was that the board game Monopoly was born in 1935 at the same time as Uranus in Taurus and Jupiter in Scorpio. As you will know, it is a game about property, finance, and trading, and recently players were asked to vote on a new set of Monopoly pieces to replace some of the old ones. These new pieces will launch sometime towards the end of the year so by 2018 with Uranus in Taurus we will be playing with an updated version of the Monopoly game that was started in 1935 under the same planetary transits. Coincidence? Not really if you know astrology.

From 2018 onwards when Uranus is in Taurus we will see similar patterns, of currency being replaced with something else and banking going haywire. People will lose money and financial systems will be changed forever. This is down to the fact that Uranus brings with it future events and dumps them in our laps right now.

 What is the significance of Taurus in banking?  

            The sign of the Bull, Taurus, is always associated in astrology with banking and finance. This is because in the days of old, before currency, cows and bulls were used in transactions. It’s also no surprise that gold bars are known as gold bullion, again an echo of the sign of Taurus. It’s also interesting that outside Wall Street in New York there is the statue of the charging Bull which tells you everything you need to know about bulls and finance. Recently there has been an outcry over the statue of the Fearless Girl being placed in front of the Bull, but if you know astrology then this is a clear sign of things to come. Uranus is the sign of feminism and is about breaking free from outdated ways of thinking and working. As such, there will be a financial revolution around the world starting from 2018 and women will play a large part in this, possibly by overthrowing powerful men in the banking industry. With Uranus, you never know for sure what will happen, it’s a lightning bolt when it strikes! Taurus, this is a sign that has to be sure before making a launch, crazy times ahead indeed! 

How will you be affected by Uranus in Taurus?

            We often look at a transit like this on a global scale because the results of Uranus in Taurus will definitely be felt globally. That said, it also affects us individually on a personal level as well.  Click ~ Recession/Depression/Stock Market Crash!! Buckle Down! 2019 ~ 2022! This is not a drill!

            For each of us, this will be a transformative time financially and this may be linked to areas as diverse as credit card payments, taxations, mortgage repayments, owning shares, or pension schemes. It could also apply to property and it will come in the form of surprises and shocks in these areas. The way Uranus works, however, is to set us free from the things that are holding us back. (Uranus = Freedom) Sometimes the way that this planet works is to shock us into making changes, or it makes the changes for us which can seem too confrontational if we are not ready for this. Know however that Uranus is clearing the way for something better for us and although it may not seem this way at the time, we will look back and realize that we are far better off once the dust settles.

            So how can you prepare for a Uranus in Taurus transit? Well, the key to start with is to know that it is coming and learn to expect the unexpected. Flexibility is the buzzword of this period and you may find that you have to think on your feet and adapt to not just one but several changes over the next few years. Understand however that all signs will be affected by this and that it will take place globally so you will not be alone. Somehow we will have to collectively address finance issues and create something better for the future. 

            One thing we can’t do with Uranus in the mix is to turn our backs on changes and hope they go away. That simply won’t be possible. Uranus in Taurus (Taurus a fixed sign) will last for a long time and the changes will come in waves just as did with the Second World War, the Wall Street Crash, and the Great Depression. Like the Banking Act and Social Security acts, however, many of the changes will be positive and will be leading the way for something better when it comes to our finances and how we choose to use these. This is a time of financial revolution for the world, but it will end in a brighter future for all of us. Astrology never offers up more than we can handle, and if we use it wisely & look out for any bumps in the road ahead, you will be so much better off! What is Uranus making an aspect to in your natal chart? How will this affect you & your family?

Also, please see my predictions for the USA  in the years ahead here: Astrology Predicting Chaos in The USA~Changes Coming In~We Will Break From The Chaos To Restore Our Future!

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Blessings, Bree

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24 Responses

  1. Kale Grower says:

    I dont understand the optimism. All change is not good and all of the change that occurred during the last transit was not good. The same irresponsible and criminal people who ran the financial system before, during, and after, the last transit are the same people who have run the financial system for over a thousand years and who are the ones who will “fix” the broken system during this transit and who almost certainly will run the system for another thousand years to come. Nothing really changes. The last transit brought us a world war and the hellish atomic bomb. How are they going to top the last world war and what will they invent this time around that is more fantastic and horrific then the a-bomb? They will invent something worse and this war to come will degrade and devastate humanity far past any other war and further then the human imagination can muster -And all because of the stagnation and global debt brought about by the high flying days of the new millennium and the failed experiment of the “global village” that brought about the crash in 2008.

    • Bree says:

      @Kale, I understand your concern believe me I do! I am hopeful that with Pluto & Saturn & Jupiter meeting up soon along with Uranus in Taurus things will indeed change for the better! We are in for an extremely rocky road indeed, but we have to break a few eggs to make the perfect omelet & I do not look for the same PTB to have the opportunity to have a decision in which way our world changes, I am a strong believer it will be us the people that decide this together!

  2. Deb Hill says:

    This is about the Bible verses, Revelation 13:16-17 and Revelation 20:04.
    The change will bring about complete control of the masses & the war that will nearly destroy the race. The King will return to stop it & He will reign a thousand years.

  3. Very good article on Uranus in Taurus. I wish we could share this on Facebook. People need to learn these things and understand life better. Amen.

    • Bree says:

      Greetings Brenda,
      Thank you for your comment! I do need to enable my Facebook tab but feel it’s not time yet, I will soon & Thank you for visiting my site 🙂
      Many blessings, Bree

  4. Peggy says:

    Hi, I’m Aries, March 21, Ascendant Taurus and it squares Uranus! Last 7 years included for me 2 heart attacks almost killed me, infections almost killed me, to a cabinet falling on my face, again, somehow I survived! As well as losses of significance, shocking, 2 little brothers, young Cousin and other young relatives. Now that Uranus going into Taurus I pray it will affect me in some better ways~ this has been long hard years~

    • Bree says:

      Sending love & light to you Peggy!

      • Peggy says:

        Thank you so much Bree~ I greatly appreciate it and sending love and light your way too~ I don’t know how many more shocks I can take~ The day Taurus entered Uranus, 5/15, upstate NY where I lived had about 3 Tornado’s! Sadly an 11 year old girl was crushed by tree falling on car and another fatality. Thousands without power, devastation everywhere. As well as Finance doesn’t Uranus effect weather and Taurus Earth sign~ Volcano’s in Hawaii~ Prayers for Mother Earth as well~ xo

        • Bree says:

          So sad, Uranus is unexpected in your lap now changes…you never know! Astrologers can guess by the house & sign Uranus is in, & going back thru history. Tauras rules banks, money, & earth. And with these two together…. I’m afraid we are in for so much more…I look for this to ramp up in March 2019, when Uranus stays in Taurus for the next 7 years. Prayers to everyone.

  5. Bonnie says:

    Hi there

    I like to philosophy along with this topic.
    The so called injustice in the world has been a problem to many of us.
    What if… everybody gets the same income over the world and free to explore their talents?
    What if we all value the same?
    Do we need to evolve as humans? Yes.. i do believe that in knowing more of our body. Self healing, mind healing, emotional body healing and cleansing.
    Take an example of animals..
    Do we need the internet if we can connect telepathically as dolphins?
    Are we really going to war with nuclear bombing??.. people would be stupid to do so, to ruin the house ( planet earth ) we live on. We are still lab rats stuck on earth. It can cause mutation as well.
    What if money didnt exist? Its man made so is the system, and we are creators so we can influence the changes.
    What if.. everybody is just happy?

    I always had questions spinning around my head.. do we have only 1 life or are we all just different me’s? Are we the body of christ or do we incarnate into new lives?
    If we only have 1 life why should one man work his butt of for his family and another get hand outs or “just lucky to be born in a good family”. Or have authority over the other? Why are we so gullible into eating toxic and walk to the pharmacy at the same time.. who’s pocket is it filling?
    Why do i have to pay at least € 5000 for health insurance that i dont use but cant afford a holiday with my family??
    Why do i have to promote or sell myself out there selling stuff to people for instand gratification or stuff they dont really need???
    Why cant we realize heaven on earth?

    My Natal chart: As a taurus sun 13’5 ° in the 7th with mercury in gemini 4° in the 7th.
    8 degrees scorpio on asc with libra moon 6deg in 11th.
    Uranus R in 1st in saggitarius 3°
    Neptune R 26° in saggitarius 2nd house.
    Venus in aries 0° 5th / mars R in libra 0° 11th.
    Jupiter R in scorpio 4° in 12th. Pluto R 25° in libra 12 th. Saturn R 17° in libra 11th. North node R in cancer 15 ° 9th.
    Mc in leo 21’5 ° vesta in aquarius
    15° degree of humanity.

  6. Veneta says:

    I’m delighted you think of me as a friend! My north node is in Leo in the 9th house. Maybe I should live abroad?

    • Bonnie says:

      Hiya, just a curious reader responding here..
      Im also scorpio rising north node Retrograde in 9th house in cancer.
      Conjunct star sirius.
      I have at least 7 planets retrograde.

      The 9th house is more about learning or philosophy.
      So i would suggest to learn to follow your heart and passion, unconditional love.
      Especially with scorpio rising we can hold grudges by wrong doing. Try to step in the other persons shoe.. but.. dont expect the same..
      With taurus on desc late going to gemini is to grant freedom.
      With leo it can be that you have more courage then you believe.
      Downfall can be self centered or ego or to much pride.
      The good thing you can teach people to have the heart and ego in line, you like to be positive as well as in your body. Physical learning to feel good in ones body. In time it will shift into your 8th house so virgo will enter your 9th.

      As time does not stand still nor do we.

      Enjoy your ride in this life!


      • Veneta says:

        North and South nodes are always retrograde. Thanks for replying but still not quite sure what to think or do. I’m very indecisive thanks to this anaretical degree of ascendant. Always trying to get to the bottom of things.

  7. Ager says:

    Great article Bree, Thank you.
    I will be appropriated if you tell me more especially when Uranus now transits my natal MC (28 Aries), So Uranus will hit my 10th house in Taurus soon, I am Scorpion with Uranus in Scorpio as well.

  8. Veneta says:

    Thank you, Bree for a most encouraging email. I want to be a healer and I know I can be one but I still feel something is missing, don’t know what yet. Time will show. I’m patient and determined not so much to succeed as to find a proper way to express my true self. I’m sure you know what I mean.

    • Bree says:

      Veneta, Find your North Node! What house & sign is it in? That is where your destiny is! It will show you the way & what is missing!! 🙂
      Many blessings to you my friend, Bree

  9. Veneta says:

    Thank you very much for answering a difficult question. I’m delighted to have your answer. Although I feel Regulus has no meaning at all for me. My natal Mars and Jupiter are in very close conjunction and they’re both opposing my natal Uranus. I’m not an ambitious person and leadership is the last thing I would strive for. I know I will never reach the top of the social ladder as this has never been my intention. My struggle is against injustice of every kind, although I have very limited means to achieve success. If you’re interested for your studies my ascendant is Scorpio at a crtitical degree-29, my Sun, Moon and Venus in Pisces, all other planets are in Aquarius, except Pluto and Neptune.

    • Bree says:

      Scorpio ascendant! You were born with a strong reserve, it’s not easy to get to know a rising Scorpio, so much lies hidden under the surface. they have a great demand for respect, there is a great strength felt even so with the most quietest rising Scorpios! You will see things through, you do not lack in courage nor persistence. You’re very creative! With a Scorpio rising you are very psychic, & intuitive, although you may be rather silent about your impressions & feelings. You have the power within you to be a great healer. Thank you for sharing! I feel you have a powerful & bright future ahead of you!
      Many blessings to you, Bree

  10. Veneta says:

    Thanks for answering! Uranus is conjunct Regulus in the 10th house, Uranus is retrograde. Can you tell me how this affects the native? Many thanks!

    • Bree says:

      Veneta, As we know, it takes one’s Astrology Chart as a whole to be able to understand one’s story in this lifetime, & how one will go about fulfilling one’s destiney! After all, everyone’s make-up is so much more than a sun-sign! With that said, your Uranus in your 10th, house retrograde, conjunct Regulus, Uranus being a “Surprise” planet which makes it difficult to predict, & since Uranus is retro, the promise will come in later in life, do know that. Success comes in your social status, career, but be careful with your ambitious, speculation, in striving to be a leader, (without reading the rest of your chart which your chart needs to be read as a whole) later in life it seems once you reach the top, be careful as Uranus will act abruptly, and someone will be the cause of your downfall. Always be honorable in your thirst to reach the top. Blessings. Bree

  11. Veneta says:

    Very interesting indeed! I wonder if Uranus is conjunct Regulus in your birthchart is it good or bad?

    • Bree says:

      Great question! Regulus is Leo the heart of the lion, Uranus is like electricity, one never knows how or when he strikes! But one can make an educated guess if the house that holds them were known! But since I do not know the house, I will say it does make one popular!
      Blessings, Bree

  12. Grim Citizen says:

    It was Franklin Roosevelt, not Theodore.

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