Uranus In Taurus – The Great Awakener

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Uranus is a planet that is sometimes misunderstood in astrology but ignore it at your peril! Uranus is known as the Planet of Revolution and usually brings with it innovation and change. This means that when it moves through the signs of the zodiac, big changes will come for us in these areas and also on the world stage. The energy that Uranus throws out can be very unpredictable as this is also the planet that rules electricity and lightning bolts – so you never know what you are going to get!

In 2018, we have Uranus moving into the sign of Taurus and this is a big change to the energy of the world. It means that different parts of your life will now be affected and, as Taurus is a grounded Earth sign, it is all about the real world and sensual energy that is linked to all our five senses. Uranus moves out of Aries in 2019 (For good, no more back & forth) and stays in Taurus until 2026 bringing with it grounding energy and this will also affect the material world and material possessions, including the world of finance, as well as the natural world and food.

But what will the change of Uranus into Taurus mean for you and how will the next eight years play out for you? Keep reading if you want to find out and learn about some of the most important changes that Uranus is going to bring for you.

Uranus in Taurus – What does it mean?

Astrology is an ancient art (and science) that has been used for centuries, or as soon as people started to study the stars and planets and notice their movements and how they affect us here on earth. The way the celestial bodies move is known as a transit in astrology and we usually look at how planets transit to make predictions about your personal horoscope and mundane astrology which applies to things happening around the world. Transiting planets are also different from natal planets which are the planets in your birth chart that were in place at the time you were born and never change position.

What is a Planetary Return?

In astrology one of the most important transits is the planetary return. This happens when a planet that is in transit comes back to the same place that it was in when you were born. An example of this would be your Solar Return which happens on your birthday every year when the Sun in transit lines up exactly with the Sun in your natal chart at the time you were born. Another example is a Saturn Return which happens at the end of your 20s, the end of your 50s and the end of your 80s.

When we talk about a Uranus Return however it is very rare as Uranus is a slow-moving planet and it takes 84 years for it to orbit one full time. As such, we are probably going to experience a Uranus Return once in our lives and the last time we saw Uranus in Taurus was from 1934 to 1942, so anyone who was born then will have their Uranus Return now. For many people now, however, this will be the first and only time that this will happen and we will feel the power of both Taurus and Uranus.

It is fair to say upfront that Uranus does not sit too well in the sign of Taurus in some ways. Taurus is the sign of stability and tradition, while Uranus is unpredictable, electric and the Planet of Innovation. To get a flavor of what is ahead for us, it is easier if we separate this planet and sign and look at them on their own first.

All about Uranus:

Uranus is a planet in the outer solar system and was named after a Greek god. This planet also has an angle of 98 degrees which means that it tilts and its orbit is actually sideways in motion.

The energy of Uranus is usually described as spontaneous, electric, extreme and eccentric. If we look for Uranus in our Natal Chart, then the sign that this planet is placed in will be where we will go to extremes or where we will rebel against tradition. The house that Uranus is located it will also show us which part of our lives will get a dose of Uranian power.

Uranus is also often called the Great Awakener in astrology as its transits have a way of waking everyone up on a global scale and will push us to make changes in our lives, even if we feel we are not ready for them. We will often see major changes around the world with Uranus transits and these could come in the form of shocks. Uranus also rules technology and medical breakthroughs, so it is common to see huge changes in these areas as well as sudden changes in government (like coups) and new ideological concepts emerging.

In many ways, Uranus is the Planet of Revolution and change is the order of the day at this time. When we have Uranus transits it means that we can expect big things to happen. But in astrology planets never work alone, so we have to look at the sign that they are transiting in so that we can get the full picture. In this case, Uranus will be moving through Taurus, so we need to look at the meaning of this sign in astrology.

All about Taurus:

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and it is also an Earth sign so it is deeply linked to the earth and the real world. Taurus is also the Sign of the Bull and it is known for being linked to possessions, the natural world, the world of finance, food, and the senses.

Taurus is also a fixed sign which means that it hates change. Taurus follows rules and likes order and routine. This is also the sign of tradition as well as convention. As you can probably tell already, this means that Uranus and Taurus are not the easiest combinations as they are polar opposites of each other. For that reason, in astrology, we say that Uranus is in the ‘fall’ position in Taurus which means that it is weakened because it is in some ways overpowered by the earthy energy of the Bull. Still, ignore the power of Uranus at your peril as you will definitely feel its energy here on Earth and the changes that it brings with it!

All about Uranus in Taurus:

Uranus moved into Taurus on May 15, 2018, and will stay there until April 25, 2026. (Uranus will move back into Aries & then back into Taurus for the next 8 years March 2019) In the eight years that Uranus is in Taurus, we will see huge changes on the world stage and these will relate to all the areas under Taurus’ rule. As a result, we could see sweeping changes to the financial and banking sectors. Many astrologers are predicting a rise in new kinds of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or similar, and the way we pay for things and save money could be revolutionized forever.

Changes could also come to the way we produce and eat our food. This could also link to the relationship between food and the earth, so we may change how we use things to cultivate crops such as pesticides and focus on sustainability. How we treat planet Earth will come into focus now and we will also see new movements and radical approaches to activism that protects our environment.

How will you be affected?

The reality is that everyone will be affected by Uranus in Taurus, regardless of your Sun sign. As mentioned above, if you were born any time from 1934 to 1942 then you will be experiencing your Uranus Return and this will bring you huge changes when you need to just roll with whatever comes your way.

Those with prominent Scorpio factors will also feel significant changes, especially if you were born when Uranus was in Scorpio which is the opposite sign of Taurus. This will be a time for you when you will feel changes in the structure of your life and in particular, your work and your love life could be transformed now.

If you have planets in Taurus or Scorpio then these will be triggered when Uranus is in Taurus – so expect changes in those areas of your life. If you have planets in Leo or Aquarius which are Fixed signs like Taurus then also expect changes in those parts of your Natal Chart. Always remember however that at some point Uranus in Taurus will trigger something in your Natal Chart, so we will all feel changes no matter what our sign. The key is to look at the degrees in your Natal Chart and see how these will be triggered. For example, if Uranus is traveling through 5 degrees of Taurus, then you need to look at your natal planets that are also at 4 degree orb & 5 (sometimes the effects can be felt out as far as 6 degrees orb)  degrees as these will be affected, no matter where they are in the chart.

The big picture:

Although we will all be affected in different ways by Uranus moving through Taurus, there are some overall themes that we can expect to see. Many of us will change the way we see money and our possessions. If you have a tendency to hoard your money, then you may suddenly start splashing the cash and upgrading your lifestyle. On the flipside, if you have been quite extravagant lately then you may start to count your pennies and save them for a rainy day. On the world stage, we will also see a lot of wild and crazy financial weather which means the markets will be very up and down and so you need to be careful if you are going to invest your money – especially if you want to explore new cryptocurrencies. Still, big risks can also bring big financial rewards on this cycle. Also, we will see more violent weather, along with earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes…you name it…our weather will be more dramatic & dangerous watch & see!

Other areas to watch include the physical world and how you can improve yours through things like sustainability. You may decide to only shop in local, organic stores from now on, or you may try to reduce your food waste. Basically, the way you consume things like food will change and be put under the spotlight now.

In the end, however, one of the biggest lessons that you can learn when Uranus is in Taurus is that things change – whether you want them to or not. Uranus is the Planet of Lightning after all so expect sudden shocks to come your way. This is the way we grow, however, by learning to accept the things we can’t change and learning how to roll with unexpected changes. There is no need to fear this cycle, however, as it is bound to be an exciting time after which things will never look quite the same ever again!

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3 Responses

  1. Veneta says:

    Those, hoarding their money will begin to spend lavishly? This is never going to happen or I know nothing of human nature.

    • Bree says:

      @ Veneta, I understand what you are saying! But it’s true, a couple of examples: my friends who never, ever, eat out as that is a luxury to them, & they can very well afford to do what they want, are eating out now & buying new closes…this is very much unlike them, they can afford to drive a new car also, but so far have decided not to at the time of this reply! Also, my own mother who is a Taurus, is living a bit on the edge! Never would she even think about spending $16 bucks on shampoo…oh no! She has the means, but is tight! She actually bought $16 dollar shampoo! That is a “Huge” deal!! Taurus rules money, & there will be quite a bit of it being spent as well as made now. BUT need to watch for Uranus going back into Aries…that’s for another newsletter!

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