Transits of Uranus thru the Houses! Crazy Periods of Changes!

Transits of Uranus Crazy Periods of Changes!

Uranus is one of the slowest moving of all the planets and it spends years in each house as it moves. Uranus is known for illuminating aspects such as freedom and usually ushers in a period of change in our lives.

Uranus transiting the First House

When Uranus transits the First House we will be handed a lot of change, which can be overwhelming at first. Sudden incidents may occur that force us to change things that we may otherwise not have looked at. We also tend to be rather reckless around this time, and we also want to usher in changes, usually ones that are radical, such as drastically altering the way we look or suddenly moving to a completely different place. We tend to be rebellious and we don’t care how we come across to others. We just need to make sure that we don’t take it too far to the point where we start to alienate people.

Uranus transiting the Second House

Uranus transiting the Second House can be a difficult time when it comes to our finances. We may find that we accumulate a lot of money through a risky strategy, only to lose it again the same way. Money will come and go and we won’t have a strong grip on our finances at this time. You could find that you earn a lot of money quickly, and then don’t earn any at all, and so you need to have a plan in place where you save during the good times in order to cover periods when you are less affluent financially. Many work or will go into work related to commission base.

Uranus transiting the Third House

Uranus transiting the Third House sees us in a strange mood. We tend to be restless and have itchy feet around this time, and it is a great moment to take up a new hobby or start a learning program, as we are naturally more inquisitive. That said, there is also a tendency to lack focus and be unable to stick to anything. You may find yourself flitting from one idea or project to the next, trying to find something to satisfy you, but ending up feeling unfulfilled. You need to find ways to amuse yourself, and if you work in a creative field then this can be a good time for you, as you will be full of ideas.

Uranus transiting the Fourth House

Uranus transiting the Fourth House will shine a spotlight on your home and you may kick off the transit with an ambitious plan to move house or decorate your existing one. Things will be difficult however and you may find yourself blocked on whatever path you choose, so try to keep plans loose as you won’t be given the whole story. You may also find yourself challenged by family members, and if you have been experiencing tensions with those close to you, then difficult relationships may come to an end.

Uranus transiting the Fifth House

When Uranus is transiting the Fifth House we will have no problem tending towards to the unconventional. We seek out things that are new and different and we won’t want to be tied down to the things that have defined us in the past. If you work in a creative field, then you may find that your work changes and you decide to express yourself in a new way. Relationships can also be tested at this time and the people around us may seem difficult and draining. We can also be attracted to people that we wouldn’t usually associate with, but this is often short lived and we might have a series of passionate yet brief liaisons.

Uranus transiting the Sixth House

You need to focus on your daily routine when Uranus is transiting the Sixth House, and this can be quite dramatic in the way it comes about. We may feel as if our hand is forced at this time and that we are being pushed outside of our comfort zone against our will. Things will feel as if they are shifting under our feet and we could lose a job or be moved to another department without any notice. We may suddenly have to move house or people that we have always relied upon could become flaky and unreliable. As such we need to be flexible at this time and expect the unexpected. There may be new ways of doing things that we hadn’t anticipated.

Uranus transiting the Seventh House

Uranus transiting the Seventh House focuses on relationships and we can find that people become hard to read around this time. If we depend on others then we may find that they let us down, and relationships will change quickly. We need to learn to be flexible with those around us and not expect too much from them. The theme here is likely to be one of instability, so we need to learn to stand on our own two feet and not expect too much of others at this time.

Uranus transiting the Eighth House

Uranus transiting the Eighth House can often focus on power and control, and how much of this we actually have. We could find that we lack control in our lives and this ushers in negative behaviors or relationships. Things that we would have balked at previously may suddenly seem like a good idea and our judgment is not at its best. Conversely, we may become control freaks and refuse to be flexible or move out of our comfort zone, so we need to take a balanced approach if we can.

Uranus transiting the Ninth House

With Uranus transiting the Ninth House we can expect the unexpected. People or opportunities will come into our lives suddenly and it pays to be open to new experiences. We may encounter people who wouldn’t usually cross our paths, or we might be keen to travel somewhere we have never been, or somewhere with a completely different culture to our own. If we do travel, it will often be because of a sudden opportunity that presents itself.

Uranus transiting the Tenth House

With Uranus transiting the Tenth House, the focus is on career. Whatever field you work in, you may find that you yearn for something new or that you have achieved all you can in a certain area. You may want to change jobs or simply look for more flexibility and a better work-life balance in your current place of employment. You might switch to freelance work, or you might move to a new company with a less rigid working pattern, and whatever you choose to do the emphasis will be on freedom.

Uranus transiting the Eleventh House

When Uranus is transiting the Eleventh House you will feel more sociable and will want to mix widely with people you wouldn’t usually choose. You will crave freedom and variety and because of this, your social circle may expand as you flit between different groups. You won’t want to feel constrained, and you may start dreaming about the future in a different way. Your dreams may be more ambitious or, some would say, less realistic, but this does not mean that they are not worth your attention. By all means, dream big during this transit.

Uranus transiting the Twelfth House

Uranus transiting the Twelfth House illuminates the spiritual and this is also about your belief systems. If you have been carrying a burden for some time, or you have been covering up a secret, then this is the time when you may want to let go and free yourself. Any bad habits that you have accumulated will also need to be faced at this time, and this is the perfect moment to seek help with any issues that you have such as addiction. It’s also the moment to get your life back on track in terms of things like establishing a daily routine if you feel that things have gone off the rails in recent times.

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