Transits of the Moon

Transits of the Moon

The Moon is one of the faster moving planets, as it takes 28 days to complete a cycle around the houses of the zodiac. This may sound like a long time, but other slow moving planets like Jupiter can take years to complete a cycle. Because the Moon moves quickly, its effects are not as long lasting as other planetary transits, but we still need to pay attention, especially if we want to look at dates to avoid or that are going to be lucky for us. In astrology, the transits of the Moon are closely associated with emotion, how it may manifest in our lives, how our emotions may affect us, and where we should be focusing our efforts emotionally.

Moon transiting the First House

If the Moon is transiting the First House, you need to be outward-facing. The emphasis will be on how you emotionally present yourself to the outside world, and in that sense this is not a time for introspection. That said, you are likely to feel more sensitive and emotionally on edge during a Moon transit in your First House. The Moon in the First House can also make us more impulsive than we would be normally, and we need to make sure that we don’t make rash decisions. We can also have a tendency to feel vulnerable at this time, and although it’s a time to manifest our ambitions and plans in the real world, we also need to guard against being too emotional, in case we end up getting hurt.

Moon transiting the Second House

If there is a theme for the Moon transiting the Second House, then it is related to security. This can be financial or emotional and is linked to money or our possessions, which take center stage even if we don’t consider ourselves to be materialistic in nature. We may worry about money troubles and we also have a tendency to overspend at this time. When the Moon is transiting the Second House we can also be self-critical of our relationship with money or financial success, feeling that we are not earning or saving enough.

Moon transiting the Third House

The Moon transiting the Third House usually lasts for a period of around 2 or 3 days, and while this sounds short, this is one of the busiest times of the month. Things tend to speed up and you will get a lot done. If you have things you need to get to work on, like chores or home improvements, you will feel a surge of energy galvanizing you into action. The flipside of this energy however is that you can also feel restless and unfocused if you don’t have a firm project to get to grips with and you can find yourself bored and easily irritated as a result.

Moon transiting the Fourth House

If the Moon transiting the First House is outward facing, then the Fourth House is the complete opposite, and this is all about introspection and turning the spotlight on yourself. You may find that you feel less social at this time and you may want to be alone more than usual, even if you are usually gregarious in nature. Many people find that they turn to thoughts of home and family, and relationships that are important to you will come to the fore. If you have been having problems with a relative or close acquaintance, now may be the time when you can start to understand their point of view and take steps to rebuild your bond.

Moon transiting the Fifth House

When the Moon is transiting the Fifth House, you will turn away from introspection and will be ready to get out there and socialize again. Fun is the name of the game, and your phone may be ringing off the hook. It’s also a time to let go of stress and just enjoy yourself. You can focus on the things that you like doing but may have been ignoring lately because life has gotten in the way. If you have a hobby or want to start one such as a new sport or craft, then this is a great time to focus on the things that make you happy.

Moon transiting the Sixth House

The Moon transiting the Fifth House is the time to play, and when the Moon transits the Sixth House, it will be back to business. After finding yourself more outgoing, you will look inward once again and this is a great time to buckle down at work and pursue a tough project or task with a renewed sense of vigor. You will be sensitive to work problems as well as issues with health or even the nuts and bolts of your daily routine, which you might discover in need a shake up or rethink. This is a great time to clean house and blow away any cobwebs that may have accumulated.

Moon transiting the Seventh House

The theme for the Moon transiting the Seventh House is relationships, and how these are related to your emotions. At this time we have a tendency to be more vocal about our opinions, especially with those we are close to, and our relationships will suddenly come to the fore. If there are issues, these tend to be highlighted, or we can also find that we are more able to see things from the other person’s perspective. This applies equally to work and business relationships and partnerships can also come under the microscope, making this a good time to examine going into business with someone.

Moon transiting the Eighth House

The time of the Moon transiting the Eighth House is one of deep, deep waters. Our emotions are heightened and we can dig deep and examine some serious issues either about ourselves or others. You may even find that you start to wrestle with the bigger picture and wonder if you are truly on the right life path. On a simpler level, you may also worry about things like housing, money, or other issues that will suddenly seem magnified and more troublesome. We can be prone to being over-emotional at this time, and can make too much of something insignificant, so we need to guard against hypersensitivity.

Moon transiting the Ninth House

The Moon transiting the Ninth House is linked to exploration. It’s no longer a time to be tied down and focusing on things like work or obligation, but rather a time of personal freedom. You can let go of things that may have been troubling you and turn your attentions to more exciting pursuits, and you are also free to experiment. This can be a time of great growth if you want it to be, and you may find that you are more open to trying new things and gaining new experiences. You will feel naturally inquisitive but this can also lead to impatience and a feeling of restlessness, so it’s a good idea to plan projects and activities around this time of the Moon transiting the Ninth House to keep yourself stimulated.

Moon transiting the Tenth House

Now, when the Moon is transiting the Tenth House, is the time to take control of your life. You will find yourself craving approval from your peers, and you will be desperate to impress your boss or your significant other. Channel this need for recognition wisely and use it as a springboard. It’s a great time to use your emotions to see how other people view you, and if you feel that there is something that you can do to make yourself stand out from the crowd, then this is also the time to put this plan into action. This can often be a good time to advance your career, providing you work hard and smart and don’t take unnecessary risks.

Moon transiting the Eleventh House

If you knuckled down when the Moon was transiting the Tenth House, then the mood will lift when the Moon transits the Eleventh House, and you will want to get out and socialize. We usually want to be surrounded by others at this time, and our thoughts turn to group dynamics rather than personal interests. This is a good time to meet up with friends and relatives and emotionally you will feel more settled when you are around the company of others rather than alone. The Moon transiting the Eleventh House is also strongly linked to our place in the world, so you might also spend some time thinking about how you fit into the bigger picture.

Moon transiting the Twelfth House

The Moon transiting the Twelfth House is a time of introspection and also one when you will feel more sensitive. It’s a time when you will probably want to be alone with your thoughts, and the focus will be on relaxing and avoiding emotionally complex situations. It’s a good time to get away from it all and spend time in your own company and you may find that you feel more spiritually attuned to yourself and people around you. Some people may find that their dreams become more vivid around this time and that they develop a “sixth sense” about aspects of their life.

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