Transits of Neptune Thru the House! Feeling Foggy?

Transits of Neptune Feeling Foggy? 

Neptune is a slow-moving planet and it can spend anything up to 14 years in a house. The planet is linked to spirituality and vulnerability. It is also linked to compassion and mental fog, so it shows us when to make a move and when we need to lay low. When Neptune begins its transit, it often makes us feel confused and ‘foggy’, before illuminating what we need to see as it moves through each house.

Neptune transiting the First House

When Neptune is transiting the First House we tend to be more attuned to the energy around us. This can be positive or negative depending on the mood in the room, as we are likely to mirror the behavior of others around us. You will likely feel less grounded at this time and more sensitive. Life and its practicalities can seem annoying and you may want to do something outside of your comfort zone to shake things up. This is fine as long as you are cautious and don’t give in to risky behavior just for a cheap thrill.

Neptune transiting the Second House

Neptune transiting the Second House is focused on finances and can go in one of two directions. Either you will have a tendency to overspend or lose large amounts of money, or you will be insecure about your finances and guard them closely. Anything to do with gambling or investments around this time comes with a risk, so you need to guard yourself against fraud. This also applies to any other assets you may have like property, so don’t make any sudden moves.

Neptune transiting the Third House

When Neptune is transiting the Third House our intuition is strong. This is lucky because in other areas we tend to struggle during this transit. We lack focus and problems can arise when we miss small but important details, such as failing to read the fine print on a contract. As a result we can rely on our intuition to some extent to guide us through this time, and we need to work on techniques to improve the way we come across to others. If you work in a creative field then you might suddenly find that you change your style or your means of expression.

Neptune transiting the Fourth House

Relationships will come to the fore when Neptune is transiting the Fourth House and you may find that there are some bumps in the road. Close family could be in the spotlight and some relationships could struggle around this period. We have a tendency to be introspective and self-centered when Neptune is transiting the Fourth House and as a result this can irritate those close to us who feel that we are not giving our all to the relationship.

Neptune transiting the Fifth House

Romance is in the air when Neptune is transiting the Fifth House and you will look at the world through rose-tinted spectacles. This romanticism however can lead to difficulties if we don’t keep it in check, and we need to make sure we still keep a firm grip on reality. Relationships can also get tricky as we have the habit of not seeing the genuine person but rather falling in love with the romantic version of who they are. As a result you could enter into a series of short term relationships which break up and cause you emotional distress along the way. Keep your eyes open when meeting new people to make sure their intentions are genuine.

Neptune transiting the Sixth House

Neptune transiting the Sixth House can be a stressful time. As such, we sometimes want to self medicate and this can be bad news if this turns into a full blown addiction. You need to find healthy ways to manage the stress around you during this period, and your health can take a hit if you don’t. Keeping to a healthy routine will be challenging, but you need to power through and try to stay on the right path as this will make this transit far easier to manage. And always, always, get a second oppion when Nepturn transits this house…Always!!

Neptune transiting the Seventh House

Relationships can be tested when Neptune is transiting the Seventh House and we might find the road is rocky with our partner for some time. People close to us can come across as difficult and hard to pin down. This can be a frustrating time as we don’t know how to fix the problem, or indeed the person we are dealing with. We also tend to attract those who need our help, without knowing how best to do this. As a result some of our relationships could drain our time and resources for little reward.

Neptune transiting the Eighth House

Finances are in the spotlight when Neptune is transiting the Eighth House and we could find we get an unexpected windfall. If we do come into money at this time, it is usually not money we have earned through hard work, but rather from some other source. On the flipside, we could also lose money by investing in an unwise scheme or by being tricked into giving our money to others in some way, so it pays to be mindful of anyone asking for a loan. Those close to us could also have issues with their finances which prompts them to ask for help.

Neptune transiting the Ninth House

When Neptune is transiting the Ninth House we naturally want to broaden our outlook. We will be outward facing after a period of introspection and things like travel or meeting new people will be high on the agenda. You might also become more spiritual at this time or look for new ways to embrace your spirituality such as meditation. Learning a new hobby or taking a class is also highly likely now, as your mind craves new challenges. There could however be some confusion around this, and you might find you choose the wrong subject at first, only to correct your course later on.

Neptune transiting the Tenth House

Neptune transiting the Tenth House causes confusion about our life path. If we think we have things mapped out, then this is a time when we may start to doubt ourselves and feel that we are lost. Making plans will be fraught with difficulties and it will seem impossible to stick to anything, even if we set out with the best of intentions. Your reputation could also take a hit, as people tend to project their insecurities onto you, and you may suffer as a result. Keep your head high at the time and correct any misconceptions about yourself quickly and calmly.

Neptune transiting the Eleventh House

With Neptune transiting the Eleventh House the focus will be on group dynamics. It is about where you fit in and where your place in the world lies. You may find that your usual social circle is sapping your energy and you may look for new friends and acquaintances that build you up rather than tear you down. This can be tricky however, and you may start several false friendships at the start of this transit before finally finding your tribe.

Neptune transiting the Twelfth House

Neptune transiting the Twelfth House is one of the most auspicious transits of Neptune’s cycle. You will feel spiritually attuned to your surroundings and there will be a sense of harmony and balance in your life. This may not be the most sociable of times for you, and you may crave your own company more than the company of others. That said, you will be perfectly content with this set up, and it can be a time to dream big and think about how you want your life path to evolve. Visualizing how you want things to work out in the future will be easier now, and you can strategize about projects, dreams, and goals that you have been sitting on for some time.

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