Transits of Mars! Make Better Business Decisions Where is Mars in Your House? What’s it Mean?

Transits of Mars Make Better Business Decisions Where is Mars in Your House? What’s it Mean?

   Compared to other planets, the red planet Mars is slower moving, and as a result it spends about two months in each sign. The transits of Mars influence how energetic we are likely to feel and also have an impact on our motivation levels. It can be a good idea to plan big projects around the transits of Mars, as sometimes we will feel energized and ready to tackle anything, and at other times we will feel sluggish and will struggle to even get simple tasks completed.

Mars transiting the First House

Mars transiting the First House will give you a burst of energy and you will feel as if the wheels are finally turning after a period of stagnation. If you have put a project on hold or have been waiting for a good time to make your move with something important, then this is the time to go for it. You may find you have a lot of restless energy inside you and a good way to get this out is through physical exercise as you will naturally feel more pumped up anyway.

Mars transiting the Second House

When Mars is transiting the Second House you will feel the urge to get your house in order, especially financially. Around this time we want to make sure that we feel secure when it comes to money and we focus on our spending, draw up financial plans, or even take on extra work like overtime and double shifts. That said, there is also the strange tendency to overspend with Mars transiting the Second House and you may splurge on a big ticket item or find yourself with nothing to show for all your hard work at the end of the month. As such, monitor your finances closely at this time.

Mars transiting the Third House

With Mars transiting the Third House we can’t stop talking. There will be a lot of talking points now and we are not afraid to speak up and voice our opinions. You will also find that you have much more mental clarity than usual and this is a good time to challenge yourself intellectually. If not, you might feel restless or as if you lack direction. An idle mind can lead to bad decisions, so throw yourself into a project and watch the amazing results that your extra dose of focus will bring.

Mars transiting the Fourth House

Mars transiting the Fourth House is not a time when we want to push ourselves out of our comfort zones. We crave the familiar at this time and we have a desire to nest. You won’t be particularly sociable so you would do best to stay at home and work on personal projects or surround yourself with close friends and relatives only. A lot of things will feel inward facing and it’s a time to work on yourself and your goals.

Mars transiting the Fifth House

You can expect to feel a big burst of creativity when Mars is transiting the Fifth House and this is an excellent time to work on a project that calls for you to use artistic skills. You may start a new hobby or feel as if you want to have fun a little more than usual. You will be sociable and gregarious and because of this you may make new friends or even meet a new lover if you are single. Work will take a back seat at this time as your focus on having fun, so don’t take on a big work project over this period.

Mars transiting the Sixth House

When Mars was transiting the Fifth House you wanted to play, but with Mars transiting the Sixth House, you will settle down and focus on your work. You will be super focused and will be able to achieve a lot in a short space of time. Because of this you might feel busier than usual, but you will also have a lot to show for it at the end of the day. You could feel torn in different directions as you try to take on a huge range of projects, but it is better to keep busy than to stagnate, as this will make you feel restless otherwise.

Mars transiting the Seventh House

Mars transiting the Seventh House can be a great time for relationships, especially if you feel the urge to merge with a loved one. We are generally more open to committing to others, signing paperwork, and taking steps forward in our relationships like moving in with our partner or getting engaged. This can also apply to our work relationships and we may take the leap and move to a new company with a more lucrative position.

Mars transiting the Eighth House

With Mars transiting the Eighth House, your hands are firmly on the wheel and it is up to you to decide where you want to go. If there are areas of your life that you want to work on, then now is the time to do so. For anyone who has been struggling with issues like addiction, this can provide a moment of clarity and a desire to get help. Your judgments will be sharp and you will have a sense of instinct about how to clear up any disputes or unsavory areas in your life. Work on getting things in order at this time and you will see great results.

Mars transiting the Ninth House

The world expands when Mars is transiting the Ninth House and we can find ourselves dreaming of far flung places. You may want to book a holiday to get away from it all, or someone from another country may prove to be a significant figure in your life. Keeping to our usual routine is not recommended as our horizons are simply so much wider, so it is best to embrace this and try new things. Travel is highly recommended when Mars is transiting the Ninth House, so try to get out and about, even if it is just in your local community.

Mars transiting the Tenth House

You will be fired up when Mars is transiting the Tenth House and you will do anything to get ahead in life, particularly work wise. This can cause you to clash with others like co-workers who may find your driven attitude to be overbearing and aggressive. You can make huge strides in your career and can put a significant dent in complex projects if you set your mind to it, but just be careful that this ambitious attitude doesn’t rile others, otherwise all your hard work could be for nothing.

Mars transiting the Eleventh House

Mars transiting the Eleventh House ushers in a dreamier time for us, when we look at life in a different way and tend to be more hopeful and idealistic. This is a good period to undertake work with the local community and give back through projects that help others. We are focused on giving rather than receiving and we crave social situations. You will also be optimistic about the future, especially if you have been struggling in recent times. If you have dreams of starting a new project then this is the time that you can see it become a reality.

Mars transiting the Twelfth House

Mars transiting the Twelfth House makes us want to withdraw and go into our shells. We lack the social buzz that we had when Mars was transiting the Eleventh House, and we are far better off keeping ourselves to ourselves. We can get a lot done at this time, but it will often not get us any recognition. You may find that you feel more tired around this period but you may also struggle to sleep, or you could find yourself plagued by nighttime worries or even nightmares. Try and get as much rest as possible at this time. A good way to do this might be to pamper yourself so that you can get the relaxation you deserve, and it will all be worth it when things become busier again.

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