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Transiting Mars Retrograde and Direct through Your Houses, What’s it Mean?

Mar 7, 2018 | Astrology

In astrology, retrograde periods are becoming more and more well known, in particularly “Mercury Retrograde” which many people who only dabble in astrology have now heard of. One of the lesser known planetary retrogrades, however, is the Mars Retrograde cycle which happens a lot less often compared to Mercury Retrograde. Despite happening less often however it is still a very important period.

Mars Retrograde Meaning:

Mars Retrograde is the name for the time when Mars looks as if it is moving backwards when you look at it in the heavens. The reality is however that it only looks like it is moving and actual no planet ever really goes backwards when it orbits around the Sun. Planets also never move more slowly and a retrograde cycle is just a trick of the eye. When there is a retrograde period, it looks like a planet is moving backwards because the Earth is moving around the Sun at a different speed to all the other planets. We experience a Mars Retrograde period for between 58 and 81 days about every two years, give or take.

Mars Retrograde in your Natal Chart:

If you have a Mars retrograde at the time of your birth then this has an effect on your life. You may struggle to assert yourself in many situations and you may find it hard to be direct with people. If you look at the karma that this can bring as a result of past lives, then we can see that you may have suffered when people were aggressive with you, or you were too aggressive with others. This means that you lack initiative and willpower as this was something that you were taught was wrong and that you needed to remain passive.

This means that you may have been taught that being forceful and direct was not the right thing for you to do and you tend to shy away from asserting yourself in your life now. You could also find that you often back down when other people are aggressive towards you and you worry that they will retaliate violently if you assert yourself with them.

Mars Retrograde and Direct Transits to the Houses- What does it mean?

As well as checking to see if you have a Mars retrograde at the time of your birth, you also need to look at where Mars is transiting in your natal chart to see how this will affect your life. When you look at your natal chart, you need to check which house or houses Mars is transiting in when it is also stationing. You need to find out the degree when Mars turns retrograde and see where this degree is in your chart and then look at the house. This will then tell you more information about what this means for you in your life. Then you need to look at the degree when Mars turns direct and look at which house this is located in on your chart, and this will usually be the same house or the one next to it. Then you need to cross check the meaning of this as follow:

Mars Retrograde – First House:

When you have Mars Retrograde in the First House then this means you are in a time when you will be frustrated. This could be because you struggle to get anything done even though you are expending a huge amount of energy, time and resources to do so. You need a large dose of patience at this time as you will find that people are more difficult than usual. The other issue is that many other people will also be feeling the same at this time so conflict and confrontation is to be expected. You need to stop pushing so hard and instead find a slow and practical approach to your issues.

Mars Direct – First House:

This will come after a challenging time for you when you had to expect things like delays which threw your plans off course. Now, however, this resolves somewhat and you can now start to make some progress. There is also a feeling that you are more in control of things now and you can take back some of the control that you felt you lost previously. If people have been difficult then you will find that you can move forward without them in the mix and you will be able to get things done on your own. Finances will also improve as you will have a game plan in mind.

Mars Retrograde – Second House:

You need to be careful about your finances at this time. If you make a big move such as an investment it can be difficult now and you will face a huge amount of opposition. That said, you can’t ignore your financial situation completely either, so there needs to be some kind of balance which can be hard to find. You need to try anyway. You won’t find any great, long-term financial opportunities at this time so don’t spend too much time searching for these. If you already have long-term plans in place then you can still work on these but don’t make any new moves. There is also a tendency to make impulsive purchases now which could be tied to your need to satisfy your own desires, so be very careful about this at this time.

Mars Direct – Second House:

This is a time when there is a scattered energy. You could feel as if you have been fighting against everyone and have been very frustrated, but now this changes slightly. Finances look a little better now and this is because you are more in control and have more focus. You also have a better eye for opportunities and won’t waste your energy on the things that just drain your time. This means that you will be able to see opportunities where others do not, and you will be able to follow through to make them a reality. Communication is also improved now and you could be able to network more effectively.

Mars Retrograde – Third House:

There is s big problem with organization now and people will not be in the right place at the right time, or the right frame of mind to help you. There is a push-pull energy going on and delays will be common. If you are trying to find answers to questions then they will be very elusive now. If you need to negotiate with others then it will be very tricky as communications go haywire and people lack commitment. This can, however, at least show you where some of the problems are, but everyone will also be on a short fuse. If you can, you need to try and practice patience now. Focus on small, measurable goals if you want to see progress. Pushing for things to happen is not favored now but you need to stick with things if you want to see them work out in the end.

Mars Direct – Third House:

You will now turn a corner when it seemed as if whatever you did, nothing seemed to work out properly. Now that changes and you will find that you need to use less effort to get things done. You will also finally realize where you need to spend your time and your resources and this will help you streamline your approach to projects. There is more focus at this time and you can concentrate your attention on your plans and projects, which will in turn help to speed them up.

Mars Retrograde – Fourth House:

This is not a time for getting things done, especially not quickly. This means that you would do well to focus on the smaller details rather than trying to work out the bigger picture as it will be very hard to do now. Perseverance is also the key and you will need to work harder than usual to get anything done. Planning is also a virtue at this time as if you don’t work to get the details right from the start, then you could have problems further down the road. This requires a lot of patience and you may have to fix several recurring problems along the way. You could also be obsessed with success now but the problem will be that it is just not forthcoming at all. You could also get thrown off course by other people so you need to try to manage those around you – which will also be tricky.

Mars Direct – Fourth House:

Following a testing time when you have had issues with pinning anything down, you will now find that everything starts to swing into motion a little more easily. One thing to watch out for is that you find your center and sense of focus otherwise you will not get anything done. You need to filter out all the noise at this time and focus on the things that are truly important. This will require you to use your inner resolve and strength but you can do it is you really try. You have a lot of capabilities but you need to harness them if you want to see results.

Mars Retrograde – Fifth House:

This is a good period for you if you are able to lower your expectations. You need to be creative now and you could have to approach a situation in a number of different ways before you find the right solution. This will be tiring, but you could come up with something amazing if you stick with it and work through this. The key now is that you need to have a number of different strategies in place and one of them may well work out for you. There is a sense at this time that you also need to keep focused and try to remain upbeat; if you can do that then you will succeed where others are failing. You need to be strong now but the possibility for success is there if you reach for it.

Mars Direct – Fifth House:

If you have been struggling creatively then now you will start to see some changes. If you have been lacking energy in your life then you could also start to feel stronger and more focused. This means that you will also need to learn to let go of the things that are not working and focus on areas of opportunity. This is also a cycle where you need to focus on projects that give you joy, so this is about finding passion projects rather than things you feel obligated to work on. It is important to work on the things you love as this will help you to feel more positive in your life. The key now is positivity as this will, in turn, attract good things your way.

Mars Retrograde – Sixth House:

The key for this period is that you need to make sure you have a plan in place and that you take small but practical steps towards it. If you do not and you try to do everything at once, then you will end up being extremely stressed. Delays could be common now and you need to be patient and keep putting one foot in front of the other at this time. This will allow you to stay positive even when plans change – perhaps several times. Work and career can also be difficult as colleagues also have a short fuse now. If things don’t fall into place then you would do well to leave them be, and only focus on the areas of your life that you can control. If you push too hard however you could end up feeling exhausted so you need to learn to pick your battles now.

Mars Direct – Sixth House:

There is a feeling that you have been plagued by miscommunications lately and this could have made you feel exhausted. Now, however, things get back on track a little bit and this will mean that you can take control of your life and things like your daily routine. You have more energy than you did before and you are willing to experiment with different areas of your life to find the right path to success. Don’t allow yourself to get distracted now and forge ahead as many things are possible.

Mars Retrograde – Seventh House:

There could be issues with relationships of all kinds now which could lead to conflict. This is because everyone is feeling frustrated by a lack of progress and you could find that communication is also challenging. There is a sense however that everyone is doing their best so you also need to go easy on everyone around you and give them praise when they deserve it. If people are trying as hard as they possibly can then you need to honor this and it is less about what is achieved at this time and more about the fact that people are willing. If you see an opportunity to help others then make sure you take it as this is also about people power and you can achieve more together than you can when you are divided.

Mars Direct – Seventh House:

People around you may have seemed flaky lately but now this starts to correct itself. If you have struggled to be patient with those around you then now this will start to lighten a little and you will be rewarded for this patient. If you have been working on something together with others then you will also start to see results now. This could mean that you need to keep making decisions about how to move forward but these will be a lot easier than before. There is also a sense that you need to keep reinventing new ways of doing things and that you need to have a backup plan in place.

Mars Retrograde – Eighth House:

You need to take care at this time when it comes to money and it is not a good time to borrow from others. You also may find that it is difficult to make progress now and that you don’t see any great gains in your life. You need to keep coming up with new ways of doing things and trying different strategies to see what works. In time, the bigger picture will emerge and you will have a better idea of how you need to proceed. You need to rely on yourself at this time and not look outwards. This is also link to relationships as some of these may also help you in your life while others may be too much hard work.

Mars Direct – Eighth House:

You could have felt a lack of support in our life lately and it may have been hard to get people on the same page. Now, however, this starts to change and you will grow if you have a strict plan in place that focuses on a single idea or project. You need to be more focused now and this will help you to get things done but you need to put some effort in to block out all the unnecessary noise. If you only dabble in projects and plans then you will find that you do not make progress so you need to commit. This is also a good time to look at different ways of doing things that you may not have considered before.

Mars Retrograde – Ninth House:

You may have a lot you want to get done at this time but it may also be hard to actually accomplish anything. You need to get organized if you are going to achieve anything and you may have to experiment with different ways of doing things. You need to look at the bigger picture and also focus on the details without being hit by analysis paralysis when it seems that there is just too much to think about. You can always work out all the minutiae of a problem at a later date. For now, you need to focus on where you want to go and this could mean that you need to learn from past lessons.

Mars Direct – Ninth House:

There could have been many different strategies on the table lately and you may have struggled to choose the right one. Now, however, you get the chance to do just that and you also get to invest in things using all your energy. This period will still require a lot of focus and drive, but the good news is that you have this in spades now, if you can narrow down your projects and approach so that everything is streamlined. You will feel an uptick in the energy and the atmosphere around you now and you should enjoy this time as you can make some real progress. You could also find that your lust for life returns if it has been lacking, and you are more enthusiastic and creative.

Mars Retrograde – Tenth House:

There is a very competitive feeling at this time and it seems as if everyone wants a piece of the pie. This obviously brings with it conflict and territorial behavior and you need to be careful that no one goes too far, to the point where relationships are ruined forever. Although you may be competitive in nature, remember that you need to pick your battles. There is no point now fighting for things that are just not worth it and you have a tendency to cling to things too stubbornly now.

Mars Direct – Tenth House:

You may have been working hard lately and expending a lot of your energy but getting nowhere. Now things click into place a little more easily and you can move on. You will, however, need to use your energy to do this and have laser-sharp focus. If you can drill down to what is important then you will find success and people will notice your focus and your commitment to projects. You also need to have a healthy dose of self-belief now if you are going to succeed and if you don’t believe in yourself, then no one else will. If you manage to show others how much confidence you have in yourself then they will take notice and you will have lots of opportunities to network now.

Mars Retrograde – Eleventh House:

There is a sense now that everyone is jostling for power, even people who usually would have your back. The issue, however, is that everyone is working hard to make their own progress and they just don’t have time for anything else. This, in turn, holds you back however as no one wants to help each other and you could turn on each other and accuse people of subterfuge or unhelpful behavior. If you have issues with group work now then be careful about accusing others of causing problems when this is probably the result of several members of the team. You may also need these people on your side in the future so don’t burn any bridges now. Don’t believe all your own hype now as you need to stay humble.

Mars Direct – Eleventh House:

You may have been trying to get things moving lately with others but it has just not ever happened. Now the wheels begin to turn again for you. One thing to remember is that things may not always be as they seem and you may need to find imaginative solutions to problems now. People could also come your way now if they need your services and they will also recognize all your strengths. This will make you feel more valued and your energy levels will lift as a result.

Mars Retrograde – Twelfth House:

You feel scattered now and it may be challenging for you to decide where to spend your time and your energy. There is a sense that you will be putting a lot of effort into things but that you are not getting the results that you really want. It could even feel as if there are other forces at work that keep throwing you off course. This also makes you doubt yourself and you just don’t have enough information to work with now that will help you to make good decisions. With that in mind, you need to adopt a range of different approaches and see where the best path is to progress. If you are not sure of the right decisions to make now then you may want to put off making any firm plans now.

Mars Direct – Twelfth House:

You may have started on projects lately only for them not to work out the way you thought they would. Now, however, the path is a little clearer and you will be more able to steer your ship in the right direction. One thing to remember however is that this is about course correction – you may have been going the wrong way and now you need to find your way back so make sure you take the time to do this. If you get new opportunities coming your way then these could ask you to change direction which can be a good thing if you don’t rush and if you think this through. You are right to be a little cautious now.

Mars Retrograde In Transit And Conjunctions with Natal Planets:

When we are in a Mars Retrograde period, we may find that Mars is in transit and be conjunct with a planet in your natal chart. If this is the case then you need to read on to find out what this Mars transit conjunct to your natal planet actually means. It can also be conjunct when it is in transit to a point in your chart rather than an actual planet. This all happens when Mars is retrograde and when it turns direct it will pass back over the conjunction.

Mars Retrograde Conjunct Sun:

At this time you may feel as if you have all your ducks in a row, only to find that things don’t work out as planned. This could make you feel like you have lost your sense of balance but actually, things could work out even better in the end if you need to rearrange some of your plans. This will also ask you to dig deep but could also help you to let go of things that were not serving you well and making you feel run down. Remember this is a time when you need to learn what is right for you and not everyone else.

Mars Direct Conjunct Sun:

When Mars turns direct after its retrograde you will feel more focused and your energy is less scattered. If plans have not worked out as you wanted them to, you will see why now. This is also a time for you to choose a new way of doing things if your original plans went awry. You will also find that you have a renewed feeling of vigor and are excited about what lies ahead. One thing to be careful of is the fact that you may try to do too much too soon as you are so fired up. Also make sure you don’t come across as needlessly arrogant now as this could cloud your judgment.

Mars Retrograde Conjunct Moon:

When Mars is retrograde and conjunct your natal Moon you may find you are quick to lose your temper. You could also feel more annoyed about little things around you than usual but you may not know exactly why this is and how to deal with it. This could mean that there are some things that only serve to upset you and if this is the case you need to let them go – for the sake of your own wellbeing. It could also be that you are angry because of things that you have not yet dealt with and processed properly so this could also be something of a much needed wakeup call. You need to get real about this and work through them.

Mars Direct Conjunct Moon:

When Mars goes direct and is conjunct your natal Moon then this brings opportunities your way although it can still be a testing time. You need to reassess how you deal with your anger issues and this is a good time to find solutions if you have been frustrated lately. With this in mind you need to stay focused and not be influenced by hot headed people around you. If you can do this then you will reap the rewards. If you feel full of restless energy then work this out through a medium such as exercise as this will make you feel calmer and stronger. You need to set a steady pace now.

Mars Retrograde Conjunct Mercury:

When Mars retrograde is conjunct your natal Mercury you could be more creative and inspired but you will need to check yourself to make sure you don’t rush to judgment. Finding ways to put plans into practice will be more difficult now and you will need to persevere. This can be tiring for you in many ways but you need to adopt a flexible approach. If a door doesn’t open for you then you may need to find a way to work around this. This is very much a time to focus on the long game and not on quick fixes.

Mars Direct Conjunct Mercury:

When Mars goes direct conjunct your natal Mercury this will ring you a rush of mental clarity. You will have more energy to tackle problems in your life and find solutions. This is a good time to move forward but you also need to make sure you check things several times so that you don’t make bad decisions. Your mind is racing now however so you also need to find a way to focus it.

Mars Retrograde Conjunct Venus:

When Mars is retrograde and conjunct Venus you may find that things fail to live up to your expectations. Put simply; you could be looking for happiness but in the wrong areas of your life or with the wrong people. This also means that this is a time to consider a number of different options. If you can’t make progress directly then you may need to explore other ways of doing things which are less aggressive and more covert.

Mars Direct Conjunct Venus:

When Mars goes direct conjunct your natal Venus you could find that the things that you have wanted for some now suddenly work out. Everything you have coveted for so long now seems possible and you need to grab the bull by the horns. You need to make sure you jump on opportunities however and don’t allow any doubt to creep in, or this could lead to the opportunities being lost.

Mars Retrograde Conjunct Mars:

When Mars is retrograde conjunct your natal Mars then this is a time when you could experience a lot of delays in your life which can, of course, be very frustrating. The trick is to look at these as an opportunity to go over things again in case you have made any mistakes. Then you can reset your course in the right direction, safe in the knowledge that you have covered all your bases.

Mars Direct Conjunct Mars:

When you have a Mars return then this is a time when you will feel much more energized in your life and it will be a welcome relief. You will feel revitalized in many ways and you will also find that work projects or similar now start gaining traction again if they were previously stalled. While everything may not work itself out immediately, you will certainly find that you are on the right path once again and this helps you to feel more rejuvenated.

Mars Retrograde Conjunct Jupiter:

When Mars is retrograde and conjunct your natal Jupiter then it can be hard to realize your goals. You will need to spend more time on these so expect delays up ahead. This could cause you to feel angry and helpless but actually, this allows you to go over everything again and make sure that you are making wise decisions. If you are struggling to stay focused and energized then now is a good time to figure out why that is.

Mars Direct Conjunct Jupiter:

When Mars is direct and conjunct your natal Jupiter then you will find that you feel far more energized and less sluggish. You also have far more ambition and you want to aim high at all times. You do however need to slow down just enough to make sure that your plans and projects are realistic. You need to figure out now how much you can realistically deal with in order to get things off the ground; as if you aim too high then things may fall apart. This is also a time to start of slowly rather than hit the ground running and make a mistake.

Mars Retrograde Conjunct Saturn:

When Mars is retrograde and conjunct Saturn you will find that things can be a little heavy going and there could be lots of obstacles in your way. Unfortunately, you could also lack the energy to push these out of the way. This, however, is something of a wakeup call for you as it means you need to look at how you measure progress and success. You should also guard against making big changes in your life when you don’t need such big fixes. At this time little fixes can work just as well too.

Mars Direct Conjunct Saturn:

When Mars is direct and conjunct your natal Saturn then it is a time to break out of your shell. Things swing into motion again for you and you also have the energy to deal with all of this. You do however need to make sure that you don’t try and make too many changes now as they may not all be needed. This is why you need to find the right balance between keeping things in place that still work and finding new solutions to parts of your life that require changes. You need to be slow and steady to win the race but you also have the necessary inspiration to find solutions.

Mars Retrograde Conjunct Uranus:

When Mars is retrograde and conjunct your natal Uranus then you could find that you want to make decisions at breakneck speed. But you need to stop and think everything through now. Actually, the energy now could stop you from making mistakes but you also need to do your part and stay down to earth. This is about getting control of yourself so that you set off down a road that leads to nowhere. This is also about using your energy wisely so that you achieve the things you want to achieve without too much-wasted effort.

Mars Direct Conjunct Uranus:

When Mars turns direct conjunct your natal Uranus then you will find that revelations come out of nowhere but they could also come in spurts which can throw you off your game a little bit. This stop-start energy could also give you some time to experiment however and you should not try to control this as the more you explore the further you will progress. This is really a time to enjoy being pushed one way and pulled another and you will be pleasantly surprised by everything you find out.

Mars Retrograde Conjunct Neptune:

When Mars is retrograde conjunct your natal Neptune then this will also allow you the time to work on organizing how you share your energy around. We all have both inner and outer parts of ourselves but sometimes these don’t align and now you need to figure out why this is happening in your life. This is also a good time to come back down to earth and really reflect on what is possible in your world and what is merely an illusion. The key here is to take the time to work out through all of this before you take action.

Mars Direct Conjunct Neptune:

When Mars goes direct conjunct your natal Neptune then you will more clearly see the issues between fantasy and reality. If that is the case then this is great news as it means that you can start to work on some of your firm goals and also say goodbye to anything that is no longer serving you well. This is also a time when you have a lot of influence over others around you so you need to use this wisely and make sure you don’t give people the wrong impression about your intentions.

Mars Retrograde Conjunct Pluto:

When Mars is retrograde and conjunct Pluto then you could be in line to settle some disputes in your life which are based on power struggles with those close to you. You will also get to see how these are actually just sapping your energy and making you emotionally drained, so it is best to turn the other cheek if you can. You also need to focus on being more humble and not trying to win every argument. You can do this if you are confident in yourself and your beliefs.

Mars Retrograde Conjunct Pluto:

When Mars goes direct conjunct your natal Pluto then this is also the case for all your peers who were born at the same time as you. This means that the emotional connections you have with each other could also get churned up and this can lead to petty behavior and jealousy. It could be that people push your buttons now but you would do well not to take this too seriously, otherwise, it can lead to some serious drama. You could also develop a rather ruthless streak now and you may find that you will do anything to get your own way, or people around you also behave similarly. If that is the case then you would be best to back down a little bit and not be so pushy, especially if you are playing the game just for the sake of winning.

Mars Retrograde Conjunct Ascendant:

When Mars is retrograde and conjunct your Ascendant then you may find it hard to find your sense of balance. This is about who you are at your core and what you believe in. It could be about your moral compass and things could come along that seem to rock your world and make you dig down deep to find out who you really are. You could also find people push your buttons and you may be quicker to anger now but make sure that you pick your battles. The road ahead is more important than any distractions along the way.

Mars Direct Conjunct Ascendant:

When Mars is direct and conjunct your Ascendant then you could get a boost in your life, or this could also push you off course. How this all plays out is linked to what you already have in place, so if you have solid plans in the mix then you will not experience such upheaval. You could also find that your energy levels receive a boost now, but make sure that you use this newfound energy wisely. It could lead you down the wrong path if you are not careful. The key now is to really make sure that you enter into anything new with a clear-eyed approach, rather than a scattered attitude that lacks focus.

Mars Retrograde Conjunct Midheaven:

When Mars is retrograde and conjunct your natal Midheaven then you need to push hard to get anything done. You could find that you struggle to make much headway now and you could also have to do more than usual to get people to recognize your talents. This could also mean that you have to try to make an impression on others several times before they realize your strengths and skills. This, in turn, causes delays in your plans and you will struggle to keep yourself on track. The key now is patience to get you through this.

Mars Retrograde Conjunct Midheaven:

When Mars goes direct and is conjunct your natal Midheaven then this can bring both good and bad news your way. You will be in the spotlight at this time but it could be for positive or negative reasons. As a result, this is a good time for you to think about how you can polish up your image and see how you can improve it so that people only see you in a positive light. You can definitely make progress in your life at this time, as long as you make some effort along the way. With your star on the rise, it is about taking control of your image and deciding how you want others to look at you. You may also like: "Mars Retrograde," this blog tells so much more about what to do & not to do during a Mars Retrograde.

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