Tips On How To Handle The Energies From The “Cold Full Moon On December 22nd, 2018 !”

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Tips on How to Handle the Energies from the “Cold Full Moon on December 22nd!
Greetings everyone! I wanted to give some free tips on how to handle the energy coming in during the Full Cancer Moon on December 22nd!

During a Full Moon, we will notice things happen a week or so earlier so let’s be prepared to handle the energies!

Let’s start with some fun facts!

Did you know that different cultures such as Native Americans tracked the calendar by observing the moons? Yes, that is true! December Full Moon was known by Native Americans as the “Full Cold Moon”  it fits too, think about the winter months how at this time the cold tightens its grip & our nights become so long & so dark! Brrrr!!
Another fun fact is the Native American tribes also called this particular full moon by another name known as  “Long Nights Moon” Why? Well because this Full Moon occurs near the “Winter Solstice,” which is the day of the least amount of sunlight!
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In this blog post, I’m focusing on some free tips on how to work with the energies coming in from this Cold Full Moon zero degrees Cancer!
The  Full Moon in Cancer is all about nurturing! Cancer is a Cardinal sign & belonging to the 4thhouse which wants to turn to family, domestic life & what an opportune time to do so!

Tip to be mindful of during this full Cold Moon in Cancer!

1 ~ Be careful of becoming too needy during this time! It happens! But if we watch ourselves & are mindful of this turn-off, we’ll be much more welcomed with our immediate family & our closest friends!

2 ~ Watch being too oversensitive!! During this time feelings are running high! Our sensitivities will run on overload!

3 ~ Try not to be overly dependent on others during this time either! I’m not saying we can not ask for a favor or two, but with this Cancer Full Moon in December, it makes folks want to be overly dependent on others to where it’s unhealthy!

4 ~ Moody…you will feel this! It’s best to express this in a loving kind way! Never keep emotions bottled up, they always find a way to escape at the most un-opportunist time! Exercise is key!

How to counter these overly sensitive energies ~

This Full Moon makes us want to mother,  our concerns will turn toward our homes, our children, family. We want to cuddle, cook, take care of someone without becoming overly needy, clingy, moody, ourselves.

So, it’s a great time for family fun, inviting loved ones over, friends, & tending to the domestic scenes, cooking, baking, listening, storytelling, movies & popcorn! Just remember to laugh often & exercise! Yes! Get those high energy moody feelings out! It helps so much to release those energies into some good old’ fashion sweat! Try it! See if it doesn’t make you feel so much better & less overly sensitive, needy, & moody!

We have a lot of happenings going on around us in the world at this time, so it’s also a great time to meditate on what makes you happy, motivates you, giving you positive energy to move beyond your comfort zones, using visualization techniques especially with Jupiter in Sagittarius, very powerful!! Making this a time to bring into your existence whatever it is that makes you happy & able to reach your highest potential & thus boosting your confidant!! We all need that now!! So forward & onward!

Please look for more free tips from me in the future!

Talk to you again soon 🙂

Enjoy your holidays!

Many blessings, Bree

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