Time to Get Serious! March 2019 Horoscope Predictions!! For the USA!!!

Bree @ Spiritual Design Astrology

 March USA Predictions Watch on YouTube! Click to watch, also, this is a must read 🙂 


Mark your calendar for the following dates
5th ~ 28th ~ Mercury Retrograde (Mercury is in Pisces)
6th ~ Uranus moves into the sign of Taurus for the next 7 years 😊
6th ~ New Moon in Pisces
10th ~ Day Light Savings Time Begins
14th ~ Saturn Trine Mars
15th ~ Mercury Square Jupiter (Mercury Retro)
16th ~ Mercury Sextile Pluto (Mercury Retro)
17th ~ Mercury Sextile Mars (Mercury Retro)
20th ~ Super Full Moon in the sign of Libra ~ Sun enters the sign of Aries ~ Spring begins!!
20th ~ Mars & Pluto Trine ~
21st ~ Venus square Mars
24th ~ Retro Mercury Conjunct Neptune
26th ~ Venus goes into the sign of Pisces
27th/28th ~ Mercury Direct
31st ~ Mars enters the sign of Gemini

March ~ 4th ~ 10th ~ 
5th ~ 28Th ~ Mercury retrograde! Communication & transportation will be affected! Time to back up those hard drives! If traveling expect delays! Remember…. it’s not a good idea to start anything new or sign contracts while Mercury is retrograde, it is good to go back over things, re-tweak things, also who knows you may even bump into old friends or find something you lost!
Uranus moves into the sign of Taurus!! March 6th 😊 
We also have a New Moon on the 6th in the sign of Pisces in the US 3rd house, conjunct Neptune, prices with oil & gas will climb higher! Also, look for anything “Fake News” to come to light!
I also see our winter weather subsiding, instead of frigid temps & snow we will see warmer spring-like weather coming in, but with that do look for more tornadoes along with lots of rain, lightning, very bad hail, earthquakes, flooding in the likes many of us have not experienced in our lifetimes! Uranus in Taurus will make a grand entrance! To understand more about Uranus in Taurus follow this link! Uranus in Taurus
March 10th ~ Daylight Savings Time ~ Spring ahead!
March 11th ~ 17th ~
14th ~ Saturn Trine Mars ~ This will give power to the government as well as police, navy, army, ect…
Also, this is an excellent time to work on anything financial, career, or perhaps your physical health!
March 18th ~ 24th ~
20th ~ Sun enters Aries ~ Abundance of energy! Great for exercising! Getting the garden beds ready!!
20th ~ Super Full Moon in Libra!
This Super Full Moon will be conjunct the USA 10th house cusp! (As always events will happen one week to week ½, before conjunct) Uranus in Taurus is in the  USA 5thhouse at 0  ͦ.  Do anticipate terrible stormy weather, strong winds, tornadoes, & the likes, weather will be more violent then we’ve ever witnessed before in our lifetimes.  Also, this is not ideal for legislation, government. Expect more of the same as we have been experiencing. Also, confusion, delay, in Government.
Uranus is also often called the Great Awakener in astrology as its transits have a way of waking everyone up on a global scale and will push us to make changes in our lives, even if we feel we are not ready for them.
Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and it is also an Earth sign, so it is deeply linked to the earth and the real world. Taurus is also the Sign of the Bull and it is known for being linked to possessions, the natural world, the world of finance, food, and the senses.
Click to read more: Uranus In Taurus – The Great Awakener
20th ~ Mars ~ Pluto Trine! Powerful trine that will make you feel as if you can do anything, including moving mountains! Plus at the same time, we have ~~~~~
20th ~ Mars Square Venus! Questions surrounding finances come into play, unfortunate for taxes!
24th ~ Neptune conjunct Mercury (retro) be careful of self-deceit! Do avoid making any important decisions at this time!
March 25th ~ 31st
27th ~ Mercury Direct! ~ Communications get back on track!
31st ~ Mars moves into the sign of Gemini! Mars is in the USA 6th house!
On a personal peek into Mars in Gemini, look for issues, opportunities to come quickly! Do try & pick the best for you &  move forward as this combination rules things coming at you daily & again quite quickly that it may seem scattered! Again, try to choose an opportunity & go with it!
Mars is in the USA 6th house, the house of health (March 20th ~ April 18th) inflammatory & feverish, disease, first in the sign of Taurus, which rules the throat, ears, then in the sign of Gemini, an air sign, rules lungs & the nervous system. It’d be a great idea to ensure your body is ready for this as it is progressing from the middle of February & increasing into March! Vitamins, washing hands frequently, & whatever it is you use to stay free from illnesses! Also, look for something related to Navy demonstrations.

ADDED 3/15/2019The virus broke out in December and the most recent case was reported on March 9.

US warship has been quarantined at sea for TWO MONTHS due to virus outbreak

Keep mindful of weather, Uranus in Taurus is coming in with a bang! And we started to feel this in December 2018! Money how we use it will change, please see Uranus in Taurus what’s it Mean!
Many blessings everyone, Bree
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 Happy Spring 🙂  Blessings, Bree

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