Thinking About Purchasing a Property in 2018? You Need to Read This!

For many of us, buying a new home is one of the most exciting, but scary, things we will ever do. With that in mind, it never hurts to have a little extra help, and now you can have it if you pay attention to your Astrology Chart. Yes, I said it, Astrology Chart! Each of us was born with our own set of blueprints for this lifetime, you need to know the facts about Astrology if you’re wanting to win at this game we all call life! Work with the energies stop fighting them!  If you want to buy property, move or perhaps spruce up your current home this year, then you need to consider not everything that was once considered a laughing joke is, Astrology is a science & it is real! I will take you through your best chances of finding your dream home based on your sign and explain any other issues in your life like health and wealth that may influence your property purchases! But do know, the post below…will fit just about anyone, why? Because you have to have your own personal chart analyzed with the correct birth time, & place you were born, in order to know your blueprint you yourself wrote in this lifetime! But, however, if you’re wanting to get a sense of what the sun-signs state about purchasing a home now, then please read on & enjoy!


If you are looking to buy or move then you need to slow down until September 2018 Aries. Why? Well, you are not in a good frame of mind to make decisions now and you will be distracted by other more important issues such as your work life and your business prospects. It could be that you switch jobs now or you could do something like launch your own business which will be exciting but could mean that you don’t have a clear idea about your financial situation either. While this is a great year for you in many areas of your life Aries, it is not the best time for you to buy a new home.


In the world of business this year you would do well to find a mentor or someone you can rely on to give you some sound advice Taurus. You should also be careful about your career and focus inwards rather than looking for another position at a new company. There is some good news however as you will find that money flows in and this could come from your partner or spouse which is ideal if you work together. If you want to move to another country overseas then you will get the chance now and you could also be going places in your career. This also means that you can pay off debts with your newfound wealth and this may prompt you to make a property related purchase.


If you’re a Gemini then you need to take care of your money in 2018 and be particularly careful about borrowing or lending money to others. This is particularly true from the period up until July as you will not be in the right frame of mind to make good decisions, including buying a home. You could also find that people around you are in a competitive mood until November and an enemy could be lurking in the background, looking to take your dream home. With that said, you should also do well in your career as long as you are prepared to put in the hours required. Money may flow out this year as you are likely to spend more but you will also be able to make some moves with things like investments or property.


It is all about family for you in 2018 Cancer and this could mean that you inherit a property. You could also find that you have the chance to buy a home or a business that will work out well for you in the future. There could also be an emphasis on signing new contracts for you this year as well which could relate to a new home. Work will go well and you will do great things in your career that will showcase your skills and expertise. One thing to watch out for is the period until July as this is not the time to make a move and you will find many obstacles in your way if you want to buy your dream house. You will also find that you get a huge amount of help from the people around you and partnerships of all kind, both platonic and romantic are favored. Watch out for money flowing out faster than usual until September.


This is going to be a great year for you Leo when it comes to your work life and you will get the chance to work on some great deals that will bring in more money. This could be a life-changing time for you and the things you start now will work out well for you in the long term. You could also get support from your spouse as their work life may take off which means they will be adding to the family finances and help you save for a home. Up until November is the best time for you to buy a home and you will find something that is perfect for you. There is also a chance of traveling overseas but you need to watch your health. When it comes to your money situation, slow and steady wins the race and you will find that you do well but it will happen in its own time.


Be careful with your money until July Virgo as you will find that people are unreliable and you then won’t be able to save for your dream home! You also need to take care until July and not make promises you can’t keep such as making a commitment to a property without having the funds to back it up. Until September you may struggle to find your dream home or you could try to make a deal on a sale that just doesn’t work out for you. As a result, make sure you check things like contracts very carefully at this time. You could also find that you are more ambitious now but that work is sluggish and you struggle to make progress. You could, however, make a move to a great new job and this will free up some money for you to put towards a new property.


Until July you could find that you have issues in your life which seem to pop up all over the place. You could also feel restless and want to move to a new job although you need to be careful about doing this. If you want to purchase property then you will get help from a relative to do so or you could easily secure a loan from the bank. Up until September, you may find that you are not thinking clearly so try not to make decisions about moving or buying a new home at this time. Until November, however, your financial situation will be solid and if you have issues with contracts for a property then you will be able to deal with these easily. This is also a great year to find your dream home – particularly after November, so make sure you keep your eyes open at this time.


You will have a lot of good luck this year Scorpion as you are blessed by Jupiter to be the celestial favorite. Family members will help you with finding your dream home and you will find somewhere that is cozy and comfortable. Take care however in October however as this is when Jupiter moves out of your sign and this transit could be tricky. Up until October, you will have a good financial outlook to put towards a home and your work life will go well which could see more money coming your way. You need to be patient however as things may not always come quickly this year.


If you already own a property then this is a great year for you Sagittarius and you will see money flowing in as a result. If you are looking for a forever home then you are likely to find it this year and you may also be working on flipping a property or you could be updating your current home. Until July however you need to keep an eye on all your business affairs. Make sure you watch money flowing in and out so that you know what the bottom line is! You could find that a chunk of cash goes missing from your account if you do not have a good handle on your finances and this could cause problems if you want to buy a home at this time. Your finances, however, support you buying a new property as long as you take care and do your due diligence.


This is a great time for you Capricorn and you may find that you have the chance to become famous or that you do very well in your career. This will then bring in money which you can put towards your new home if you are looking to make a purchase. There is success in the air for you and also a sign of growth, such as updating to a bigger home or a better job with more money. This is a great time to go for it and be as ambitious as you can. Make sure you put in the time, and you should see the rewards. Just take care until July as you may not be thinking clearly so put off making any big decisions about a new property until after this period.


You will do well in the world of finance this year Aquarius but you will also need to learn to stick to a budget! There are some areas of your life where you could cut back a little bit and this will help you to put aside extra money for your dream home. Make sure that, when you are looking for a property, you look at it clearly and not just emotionally. Work will go well for you and business matters will also flow smoothly. This, in turn, will allow you to network and meet new people who could be very useful to you in future business or property matters. This is also a great time to get a good deal on a new home. Just make sure you don’t waste money on other things and stay focused.


Money looks good for you this year Pisces. You could find that you inherit a home this year and you will also be firing on all cylinders when it comes to your money and your career. You could move to a new job but also make sure that you take care up until July as this is not a good time for you to buy a new home or put down a large down payment. You will, however, have luck on your side after that and you could find your dream home easily. But make sure you don’t rush into anything. There is a tendency for you to throw caution to the wind now but make sure you take your time to make good decisions about buying or selling a home and get expert advice if you need it.

Blessings, Bree

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