The Marriage of Astrology & the Tarot!

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The Marriage of Astrology & the Tarot!

It’s true! While the dawn of modern Tarot was born in the late 1800s, if you were able to travel back in time 6,000 years ago, to towering, layers ziggurat in Babylonia, you’d be able to stare & wonder at the planets & stars alongside a Chaldean astrologer. Tarot & Astrology have always been connected! Tracing back to the earliest tarot decks has always been connected with The Sun, & Moon, as, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn.  In the year 1785, a French occultist Jean-Baptiste Alliette came up with a system set of correspondences between the Tarot & Astrology. And as time passed, soon other philosophers & mystics, began to notice the vast similarities between the Tarot & Astrology. Today though, the Tarots most knowledgeable association with astrology is on a much more recent study.

In the Tarot deck you have the Major Arcana & the Minor Arcana, total of 78 cards in the tarot deck.

I’m going to open with the correspondence between the Planets & the Major Arcana in the Tarot! What they mean in relation to one-another!

The Fool, who as one can tell, doesn’t care what the hell society is thinking, The planet Uranus is assigned to this Tarot Card, the planet of rebellion and revolution.

The Magician, he’s the master of banter and fast talk, he is assigned to Mercury, Mercury is the planet of speed and communication. One will often see him pointing towards the heaven, conveying messages from the heavens above to the earth below.

The High Priestess, the original sidekick, is assigned to the moon, reflection and intuition. Most depictions of the high princes include lunar imagery.

The Empress, the Empress is assigned to Venus, wife and mother, the Empress is the planet of love and attraction.

The Emperor, is assigned to Aries, master and commander, the sign of leadership, when looking at the Emperor look for images of the Aries ram on your Emperor card.

The Hierophant, is assigned to Taurus, the keeper of tradition, the sign of stability, luxury, and pleasure.

The Lovers, are assigned to Gemini, who thinks and speaks as one, Gemini, is the sign of thought and communication. The lovers themselves are twin souls, as you can see their arms and hearts are intertwined.

The Chariot, this major Arcana is assigned to cancer, the protected home on wheels, the sign of motherhood, family life, and home. Cancers crab carries his/her home on his/her back.

Strength, is assigned to Leo, the master of gentle force and control. The sign of courage and heart.

The Hermit, is assigned to Virgo, the quiet leader, the sign of responsibility and dedicated service to others.

The Wheel of Fortune, is assigned to Jupiter, the expansive planet of luck, expansion, and prospering.

Justice, is assigned to Libra, the model of fairness and balance, the sign of equal à la tea and social grace.

The Hanged Man, is assigned to Neptune, suspended in an alternate reality, Neptune, is the planet of mysticism & illusion. Symbol, of King Neptune’s , which symbolizes a watery world that exist alongside our earthly reality.

Death, is assigned to Scorpio, the ruler of the underworld, the sign of death, transformation, sex, and other people’s money. You will notice, the scorpion associated with the sign has a deadly sting.

Temperance, is assigned to Sagittarius. The sign of long-distance travel, philosophy, and higher education.

The Devil, is assigned to Capricorn, the sign of career success, business, and worldly status.

The Tower, is assigned to Mars. The planet of war, aggression and assertiveness, and energy.

The star, is assigned to Aquarius. As you will notice it has a glimmering light of hope and inspiration. Aquarius, the Aries sign of social groups and futuristic thinking

The Moon, is assigned to Pisces. Which rules the night, Pisces, the sign of mystical and the subconscious.

The Sun, corresponds with the Sun, the sustainer of life, the source of energy and enlightenment.

Judgment, is assigned to Pluto. The planet of death, resurrection, and unavoidable change.

The World, is assigned to Saturn. Our earthly home, the ringed planet of boundaries, restrictions, limitations, and structure.

Regarding the Major Arcana cards, they describe monumental, life-changing events, as well as experiences, such as when you fall in love, or when giving birth, starting a new Job, or finding a new home! For those of you who have had Tarot Card readings, you may have noticed, the Major Arcana cards are power-full that the experiences they depict seem as if they are outside our control. The Minor Arcana resemble our everyday task. But are just as important! They show us how we live out our big events on a day to day basics! On a very symbolic level, it is known that the Major Arcana cards resemble teachers, mentors, & guides, which hold the key to our mysteries of our life, they help guide our passage though every critical point of our journey.

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Warm wishes, Bree

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