The Lunar (Moon) Phases- What Phase of the Moon Were You Born In? It Does Matter!

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In astrology, two of the most important planets in your natal chart are the Sun and the Moon – which both have different but very significant energy flows to them. The Sun is similar to yang energy and is associated with masculine energy. This focuses on your image, self, and your purpose in the world. This energy is outward facing. The Moon on the other hand is yin and is inward looking and is associated with female energy. It is important to understand these two kinds of energy flows as this shows us how to go about achieving our life purpose if we can learn to tap into the energy from these two different planets.

The Sun is, obviously, our source of light and gives life to everything on Earth. The Moon is the closest planet to the Earth and it is responsible for many things such as the rhythm of the oceans as well as the behavior of animals, and even how blood flows through our veins. The Moon reflects the light of the Sun down on us every evening and in that way the Sun and the Moon are inextricably linked as astral bodies. As such, they also form two sides of our natures.

Every night, the light of the Sun that is reflected off the Moon changes according to its movements in the heavens. The Moon goes through a cycle of movements which lasts for around twenty eight days and in this time it experiences eight different stages which take place over around three and a half days per stage. Each phase has its own energy and a different influence on us here on Earth.

The different phases of the Moon are as follows:

New Moon:

This is the first phase of the lunar cycle and it means that there is no light reflected from the surface of the Moon at this time. This phase starts at zero degrees and moves through three hundred and sixty degrees to make one complete lunar cycle. This is the beginning of the lunar cycle so it is also the time of sowing seeds, new beginnings, or fresh starts. Historically, farmers would sow their crops at this time as they were more in touch with the importance of the phases of the Moon in ancient times.

Crescent Phase:

When the Moon is in the Crescent phase we see a sliver of light. This is the time when things start to sprout and come to life, thanks in part to the light of the Moon. As the Crescent phase progresses, we see the seedlings we planted beginning to form and grow.

First Quarter:

The First Quarter phase is about making plans a reality and this is also like putting down some roots to anchor us in place. This is about building on what we have already put in place and by the end of this phase we may see our plans (or plants if use the farming analogy) beginning to prosper.

Gibbous Phase:

The Gibbous phase is when we start to look at why we are doing something so that we can fine tune our plans or projects. This is the time when we let go of things that have no meaning and we can start to get a sense of the fruits of our labors.

Full Moon:

The Full Moon phase is when the Moon is finally complete and shines the full light of the Sun down on the Earth. As you would expect, this is also a time of completions or endings. This is when you can finally see some of your hard work paying off.

Disseminating Phase:

The Disseminating phase is like harvest time. This is when you can look at the reason why you did something and then put it into practice. This is the time when plans or ideas can finally disseminate out into the world, as the name of the phase suggests.

Third Quarter Phase:

The Third Quarter phase is the end of the fruitful time and this is when you have seen plans and projects spring into life. Now the end of the cycle begins and you will have reaped the rewards of the seeds you planted at the start.

Balsamic Phase:

The Balsamic phase of the Moon is the time when the light of the Moon is barely noticeable and it goes completely dark by the end of the phase as it transitions to another New Moon. This phase is when you can put to rest all the things that have come to pass over the course of the previous cycle.

The Astrological Meaning of the Lunar Phases:

When you are born, the Moon will be in one of the phases mentioned above. If you look at the degree of the Moon in your natal chart then you can see how intense the light of the Moon and its influence was at the time of your birth.

New Moon:

People born when there is a New Moon were born at a time of reincarnation. This is the start of a new period and people born at this time are beginning their journey, so they may feel as if the world is one big adventure just waiting to happen. This also makes them spontaneous and they tend to live in the here and now. They also tend to always look forwards rather than back as this is the beginning of a new phase of the Moon and a new phase of life. This phase however is also a time when there is no light shining down from the Moon and this means that people sometimes have to use their instinct and intuition to guide them in the dark. They can also come across as only interested in their own needs and one of their life lessons will be thinking about their image and how they want others to perceive them. Some of the keys in the life of a person born at this time will include mastering their instinct, sense of projection and internal urges.

Crescent Phase:

People born during the Crescent Phase of the Moon are born at a time of breaking ground. This is when anything planted during the New Moon phase starts to take shape but this can also bring some conflict with it. People born at this time may have one eye on the past as this is a period of moving on from the planting phase. These people are also good at adopting a new way of doing things but also affected by what has come before. There is also a sense that they need to struggle to throw off outdated ways of doing things. People born now are often anchored to the past in some way and may find it hard to move away from the traditional way of doing things. Growing and changing can be tough for people during the Crescent phase and they may be plagued by nostalgia which stops them from experimenting with new ways of doing things. They may also choose to live with family members for as long as possible as they do not want to leave the comfort and protection of their home.

First Quarter Phase:

This time is known for one that can be filled with conflict or challenge. It is also a time when the adverse energy needs to be transformed into positive action. As a result, those who are born at this time are good in a time of crisis and they are quick decision makers. They are also trailblazers and have a way of looking at life from a new perspective. They do have a tendency to gravitate towards drama and this means that they can sometimes become addicted to the adrenalin that this causes. They may also deliberately seek conflict as they need the excitement it provides. As a result these kinds of people often work in high pressure jobs so they may become paramedics or work in an emergency room.

Gibbous Phase:

People who are born at the time of the Gibbous phase are said to be perfectionists. They are highly analytical and they are known for being observant and sharp-witted. They want to understand the world around them so will analyze something to understand it in depth. They are also keen to get to the truth of their existence and they want to drill down to the details of this. If a child is born at this time they will constantly question the world around them and they love to learn throughout their lives. Their quest and thirst for learning never ends and they may gravitate to active study even if they are no longer in school or college.

Full Moon Phase:

Full Moon phases are always about completions and the harvesting of everything that has come before. People born at this time like to search for meaning and the purpose of their life path and the things they have set in place on their journey. This is also a time of action when the wheels are set in motion. Everything that has been going on behind the scenes now has its moment in the spotlight. People who are born at this time look at the world around them in an idealistic way and they have strong beliefs, but these can change as they look for more purpose in life. They are also relationship people and they measure the things they say and do carefully. This means that they also have a tendency to look for relationships that have an added layer of meaning to them, sometimes with a spiritual, religious or humanitarian component.

Disseminating Phase:

The Disseminating stage follows the Full Moon and this is the time when everything that has been achieved is disseminated out into the universe. Anyone who is born at this time loves to communicate with those around them and they like to get their message out to the masses. If they learn something new then they want to tell others about it as well, or they may share their experiences constantly. This is why they often are looked on as being natural teachers. If people don’t listen to them then this can make them feel somewhat dejected and they need to learn not to take this to heart. As long as they relate their message to others then they have done their part. Often they work as journalists or in public relations where the message is the key.

Last Quarter Phase:

The Last Quarter phase of the Moon is a time of realignment and it is also one of the most difficult phases to accurately describe. As there is hardly any light from the Moon, there is an element of hidden meaning. There is a feeling now that the old way of doing things is no longer satisfying and people who are born at this time can come across as distant or dreamlike. The reason for this is that they are busy letting go of old patterns and looking for new ones. They are in the development stage which gives them a kind of otherworldly quality at times and once they find the answers to their questions they are reborn in a sense. This is a positive development but it can also be tricky for those around them who are used to them being a certain way, which is no longer true. This is why these people are often loners and they need a lot of time alone to figure out their path in life. They also sleep a lot or spend time daydreaming about a different and better way of doing things.

Balsamic Phase:

The Balsamic phase is the final part of the lunar cycle and this is a time when there is a shift from one cycle to the next. This is the time of moving from the past into a new future and those who are born now have a strong sense of karma. They may have a lot of relationships with those that they feel they have known in a previous lifetime. This also brings with it a sense of unfinished business. People born at this time may also have a deep sense of intuition and they also often have some kind of psychic ability. Children who are born at this time may seem older than their years and they may choose to spend their time alone. There is a sense that those who are born in a Balsamic phase are the ones who can truly see into the future but also understand the past at the same time as they are infinitely wise.

The Lunar Phase When You Were Born:

If you can find out the lunar phase when you were born, then this will tell you more about some of the issues you could face in your life and how you can best deal with this. To find this out, you need to also work out the degrees of the lunar cycle at the time of your birth, to see which phase you fit into, and if it was close to the beginning or end of another phase which may also influence your life and characteristics.

The New Moon Natal Phase:

The New Moon Natal Phase runs from 0 degrees to 45 degrees and if you were born at this time then you have a strong sense of instinct. You like to think on your feet and you also make decisions based on your feelings and what is happening in your world at the present time. As you are so intuitive, you are good at relying on your instinct to get you where you need to go. You are also naturally spontaneous and you rarely make plans in advance, so this can sometimes cause you issues. You tend to rush ahead when it comes to making decisions and you learn through doing. This can also cause you issues however if you are faced with some of life’s complexities as you could become bogged down by the details and lack the focus to deal with these.

As you were born at the time of the New Moon, this means that you were born when there was no light. As such you need to find out who you are and how you are going to put yourself in the spotlight, so to speak. This could cause you to want to put your stamp on the world and you are often blessed with a lot of charisma which means that you may work in the entertainment industry. You also crave attention however and this may mean that your ego takes over from time to time. This can cause you to hog the limelight and not give others a fair turn which leads to conflict. You need to learn to take a more nuanced attitude to life and look at the details. This will let you work on your goals in a slow and steady way which is less about your ego and more about your inner self.

The Crescent Natal Phase:

The Crescent Natal Phase runs from 45 degrees to 90 degrees and if you were born at this time then there was a small amount of light emanating from the Moon. This is a time of beginnings and you will be challenged in your life with finding out who you are as a person and embracing your individual personality. You may also find that you crave stability which means that you tend to stick to tried and true patterns of behavior, but this can also make you unable to break out of your shell. You need to learn to leave the past behind you and embrace the future as this is where real opportunity lies. This can be tough for you as you don’t like breaking the mold but you need to do this and become comfortable with change in order to grow. If you can master how to manifest your own sense of individuality on the world then you will be a visionary in your life.

The First Quarter Natal Phase:

The First Quarter Natal Phase is at 90 degrees to 135 degrees and if you were born at this time then you are in the stage of action. This is about bringing things to life and making them truly happen. As a result, if you were born at this time then there is a sense that you are also slightly unpredictable and no one knows what you will do next. You always step up to the plate when needed and you manage to think on your feet while also taking practical action at the same time. You can however also be impulsive but you are creative at the same time.

It could feel to you as if your life is a series of flashpoints and how you handle these is the key. If you do not handle them well then they can escalate to the point of no return. You also have a lot of restless energy so it is good for you to keep yourself busy through exercise as this allows you to work some of this out. You are also a trailblazer or a pioneer and you have the energy to make things happen in this world. You like to focus on the future and you have no problem letting go of the old way of doing things if you think it is not working. This means that you are not nostalgic or shackled to the past, but you sometimes don’t look before you leap as a result. You are good in a crisis as you are so quick thinking and this is why people trust you to help when there is conflict. This can cause you to become addicted to the adrenalin of this however and you need to make sure that you conserve your energy so that you don’t burn out completely. You also need to make sure that you don’t restructure things in your life just for the sake of it.

The Gibbous Natal Phase:

The Gibbous Natal Phase is at 135 degrees to 180 degrees and if you were born during this time then you were also born in a time of transition. This is because the Gibbous phase comes after three phases of growth. If you were born at this time then you are usually experimental when it comes to life and you have a strong sense of instinct. This is also a time of movement and it means that you are one who takes action, but you always think it through first. You believe in analysis and that this leads to valuable growth. As you continue to grow in your life you constantly check back to see how you are doing and evaluate your decisions and your progress. Making sure that you have meaning in your life is very important to you and this means you have a strong sense of purpose. Constantly improving yourself and your skill set is also a key feature of your personality and you set up systems that allow you to achieve this. As you continue to ask tough questions of yourself in your life, you will also find that you have some major breakthroughs when it comes to understanding who you are and your mission on Earth. Your personality is also something of a work in progress and your analysis helps you to make adjustments throughout your life.

As a child, you questioned everything around you and you are always the person to slow down and ask questions first before taking action. In a group setting, you take on the analyst role. You also pride yourself on your efficiency and this helps you to run your life like a well-oiled machine. You like to look at the overall structure of your life and then drill down to the details so that you can figure out how to run your life in the best way. You can see all the working parts and set about fine tuning them to get the best out of your life and find a greater sense of purpose. This is the best way for you to keep growing and you love to have a plan of action in place that allows you to do this. At times however you can be overly critical of people who don’t share your great sense of organization.

The Full Moon Natal Phase:

The Full Moon Natal Phase runs from 180 degrees to 225 degrees and if you were born at this time then you are somewhat unsure of who you are. As a child there may have been a number of competing influences in your life and this leads into adulthood when you struggle to find your true sense of self. At some point you may have a breakthrough moment when you finally see how you come across to others and how you actually want to be seen. You communicate well with people but you also come across as very forthright which is why others can sometimes see you as abrupt or too direct. You also crave an understanding of the meaning of life which is why you are drawn to areas of study such as astrology. There is a sense that anyone born at this time is made up of a series of different and often conflicting parts and this is something that you could struggle with throughout your life. Your life journey will consist of learning to reconcile these parts and also become more self-aware. The key for you here is learning the art of integration when it comes to the different sides of your complex personality. This is not to say that you are unstable as an individual, but more that you are the sum of your parts which means that you will have to learn to balance the scales more than most other people. If you can do this then you are capable of greatness, just like everyone else.

The Disseminating Natal Phase:

The Disseminating Natal Phase runs from 225 degrees to 270 degrees. If you were born at this time then you are someone that makes a great impression on those around you. As this is the Disseminating phase, you are able to spread your thoughts around clearly and provide others with key information. One thing you need to realize however is that you need to think before you speak. You also have a great capacity to understand how things work on a wider level, as well as also focusing on the details. People can easily understand your message as you tend to stick to facts and not let your own emotions cloud a situation. With that said, you are also a great humanitarian and this means that you often gravitate towards charitable causes. When you communicate, you also feel that you have a duty to disseminate information about this to other people. This does, however, mean that you can sometimes come across as preaching your message to others, so you need to be careful and understand that others may not share your views. One of the things you will need to learn throughout your life is that you can only disseminate ideas and it will be for others to figure out how to use these. As such, you are like the mouthpiece for wider ideas and you can only do so much to get them out into the world.

Last Quarter Natal Phase:

The Last Quarter Natal Phase runs from 20 degrees to 315 degrees and if you were born at this time then you were also born at a time of natural endings. This is the time when the light of the Moon is dissipating as it gets ready to move into the Balsamic phase. If you are born at this time then you may be plagued with moral issues or your conscience. This is a very internalized time and it is about looking at your feelings. There may be times in your life when your emotions get the better of you and you will need to spend some time reflecting on this. If you were a child born at this time then you may also have had issues with your attitude and the reactions of those around you which seemed to jar. This can make you feel alienated from others who don’t seem to share your views and you could feel isolated in group situations. At the same time, you also often want to be alone and as a child you may have slept more than others. This was your way of working through your issues in your subconscious mind. You may also have carried this into your adult life or you may enjoy things like meditation or anything that allows you to clear your head and sort through your emotions. There is also a sense that life can overwhelm you at times so things like meditation can help to keep you grounded.

You are also something of a chameleon in life which can make it hard for people to get close to you. There is a feeling that you change your outward appearance and behavior according to the situation but it can cause others to see you as insincere. You may also go through several stages of development in your life when you change quite dramatically and this can make those around you conflicted as they may fail to understand the new person you have become. You will have vivid dreams in your life which are also your way of processing how you feel. You may even write down your dreams as this is a good way of working through your psychological state when you wake up.

The Balsamic Natal Phase:

The Balsamic Natal Phase runs from 315 degrees to 360 degrees and if you were born at this time then you will have a strong feeling of karma. This is the last phase of the Moon and you could feel as if you have to catch up on everything that came to pass in the previous phases, which also mirror seven previous lifetimes. This means that you may meet people who you have a strong affinity with and these meetings could be fleeting but also very intense when they happen. As this is a time of endings you could also feel as if you are looking for a sense of closure in your life, and this may be linked back to the people who you meet. Sometimes there is a sense of confusion about this and you may not know the point of your meeting. The key here is that you need to figure out what to say to the person in order to gain closure. If you struggle to gain this closure with people in your life then you may want to try something else that allows you a sense of release such as meditation. There is a feeling that you may seek forgiveness and you need to be kind to yourself to achieve this. As you are at the end of the cycle of past lifetimes, you are someone who has a huge amount of vision or psychic ability and you straddle the period between the present and the future.

When you were a child you may have felt as if you did not fit in and you may have faked parts of your personality so that you would be accepted. This however made you feel even more different and could have alienated you from others. Adults may have felt that there was something strange about you as a child, which could have caused you to feel like an outcast, even within your own family. That said, there may have been a few individuals who saw you as you really are and helped you to understand that you were unique. You have a natural ability to see the world in its true sense and you have a lot of natural wisdom inside of you. One of your great gifts is that you have the ability to look to the future but you also need to deal with the past in order to be able to fully commit. Once you have faced up to all the things that have come before, you can allow a brighter future to manifest in your life. In many ways you are like a vessel for all past life experiences and people need to see the depth that you have. This is really about the bigger picture which can be seen through you and which will help others. This makes you like a transmitter of ideas and knowledge that will allow you and others to find a higher purpose in life.


The Moon has a great effect on your natal chart and the lunar phases at the time you were born can tell you a lot about your character and personality. Finding out the phase of the Moon when you were born can tell you a lot about your character and personality. Finding out the phase of the Moon when you were born can also give you insights into some of your life lessons and struggles, and you can use this information to overcome these issues and gain a better understanding of yourself.

Do you know what phase of the moon you were born under?

Blessings, Bree

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