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Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

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          To decorate a home with a style that reflects you, look to your 4th house in astrology, that is where your power lies hidden. Planets found in the 4th house are genuinely the soul & the root of our being; they nurture and support us.

Our 4th house in astrology reflects our midnight power of the soul. (That which lays hidden) In it lays our magic relating to how we make our own home in our own vision.  Although one may not discover the power that lay in one’s 4th house until the latter part of life which really is a shame but happens more times than not, one only needs to meditate, self-reflection, anything that will bring one into themselves will discover the magic that the 4th  house in astrology holds for them!

When deciding how to decorate your dream home using one’s Sun sign, really is a waste, after all, we all are more than a simple Sun sign. Again, the 4th house is the house of home & more times than not even without realizing we are doing it we end up decorating our homes related to the planets the 4th house of home holds inside it or on the cusp!

If you’ve no planets in the 4th house, look to the sign on the 4th house cusp.

What’s in your 4th house of home decor?

Mars ~ The element of fire, energy. Decorating your home with Candles or red accents adds the flare of magic & energy Mars craves! You’ll find artwork detailing masculine energy.  Swords & the like showing off on display.  Splashes of red throughout the home! And an exercise room to relieve some of the energy!

Venus ~ Venus loves beauty! Adding décor such as flowers & spring-like colors speaks to the heart of a 4th house Venus, light & airy! Finding paintings with pastel colors as well as home decor will be found in homes that hold Venus in the 4th house! Smells also will appeal highly to a Venus 4th house, placing your favorite oils around your home will enhance a Venus 4th house appetite! Did you know if have your natal Venus in the 4th house of home it’s a guarantee in your life that you will own your own home!

Mercury ~ Intellectual ~ needs room to expand! Books & lovely bookshelf with plenty of room to grow adding in more books for their hunger of knowledge! Placing silver coins around on the bookshelf or home will also state Mercury in the 4th house. Lots of conversations going on in the home with Mercury in the 4th house, you’ll find great conversation starters laying on coffee tables!

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

Moon ~ This 4th house moon feels right at home! The 4th house is Cancer & the moon rules Cancer! Soothing sounds of water will nurture & calm this soul! Perhaps placing a fountain in your home or décor that is blue! Think beach theme! Bright vibrant colors in hues of blues, greens, yellows. Did you know if you hold a 4th house natal moon it means you’re close to your mother, however, you mustn’t cling to her!

Sun ~ Go Gold! 4th house placements that have the Sun! Gold (Yellow) represents the Sun! Golden or yellow, home decor displayed around the home will bring out your 4th house magic! Adding accents such as animal painting also reflects the Sun in the 4th house décor! Southern exposure will be a must for this house or bright lighting! 

Pluto ~ adding in a spiritual alter where the magic happens is truly the 4th house with a Pluto’s element! Why? because the 4th house is also known as the house of the hidden. It is the midnight part of the soul. I see those with Pluto in the 4th having a sacred altar in which to meditate! Make sure to add in Silk though as it is a protective barrier between you & unseen forces!

Jupiter ~ Space to roam is what you’ll need with a spiritual flare! Decorating your home with whatever you find spiritual will bring to you the magic of your 4th house of home! Plants will also add that magical touch! Also, extending that feeling to the outside is important for a roomier feeling, a spiritual foundation is where you’ll find your magic! You may also enjoy ~ Jupiter in the sign of Pisces a Sea of Possibilities 

Saturn ~ Your home will be cautiously decorated with familiar family heritage. Antiques hold a soft spot for anyone that has Saturn in their 4th house. Your love of land will also be incorporated into your décor. Adding in some new with the old will help the home not look so museum-like!!

Uranus ~ Gadgets, & lots of electronic devices one will find with Uranus in the 4th house! They have a thirst for the unusual! By placing unique items around their homes will show off just how unique they are!  

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

Neptune ~ Just as with the Moon in the 4th house, Neptune in one’s 4th house there would be a display of water, either a water fountain or a pool as this will add calm to Neptune’s dreamy side.  Decorating their homes with beach themes/colors, in mind will also bring in the cool, mystifying waves of the sea! You may also enjoy ~ Jupiter in the sign of Pisces a Sea of Possibilities 

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My contribution to the article is about “The IC 4th house of Home Décor ~ Power” on down the page in this article! 

As a new season is in full bloom, you might be looking for a way to feel more connected in your home. Maybe your current décor isn’t quite sparking the right inspiration and you’re not quite feeling like your house is a home anymore. Well, look no further than Astrology to help you decorate your home so that you feel comfortable and at ease. And no matter whether you’re living in Vancouver, CA or New York, NY  you can incorporate astrology into your home’s décor.

To help you get started, I, along with other Astrologers shared our best advice on to design your home with Astrology in mind. Check out what we had to say so you can start designing today! Astrology Home Décor Ideas That Speak to Your Zodiac Sign



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  1. Shivshakti Ahalia says:

    What if one has Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Ketu in the 4th house?

    • Bree says:

      @Shivshakti Ahalia ~ are all the planets conjunct? Sounds like you have Stellium in your 4th house. I’d say you have a variety of options to work with when decorating your home! Look around your home, which planet is playing out more in your home enviorment? Which one or one’s are speaking to you? That is your power!
      Warm wishes, Bree

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