The Great American Total Solar Eclipse August 21st, 2017!

An onlooker witnesses an annular solar eclipse. MY1211 1500684 CC: YS4 COLLEEN PINSKI 05/20/2012 Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The Great American Total Solar Eclipse will take place on August 21, 2017 and will be in 28 degrees Leo. The eclipse will fall primarily across the United States which is why it is being called ‘The Great American Solar Eclipse’. This eclipse will fall on Houston in Texas and stretch down to Mexico as well as up into Canada as it will lie on the Midheaven and it is one in a series of eclipses that happen every 18 years or so.

Eclipses fall in patterns or series, and this one of part of a group called the Saros Series. This kind of solar eclipse usually affects our personal relationships and makes them feel fraught and difficult. It also tends to make us act without thinking things through and we may make decisions based on incorrect information, where things are being hidden from us. An eclipse in the Saros Series also usually causes issues with health and can make those affected feel exhausted.

If we look at the chart for Washington, DC we can see that the Leo New Moon will be in the Ninth House and is conjunct with the North Node, &  Mars which is also in Leo and trine Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries. As we can see, this is a very fiery aspect and it is actually called a Fire Grand Trine in astrology. The trine is also in a kite formation as Uranus is opposite Jupiter and Jupiter is square Venus and in opposition with Uranus. This, in turn, forms a Cardinal Grand Cross.

This Leo New Moon which is conjunct with the natal chart of President Donald Trump’s Mars and his Ascendant.

An eclipse that is conjunct Mars causes a fiery situation. It makes people angry and prone to arguments or at its worst, it can even cause violent behavior. This aspect also provokes hasty behavior and accidents and piles on the stress for those it affects.

President Trump also has Pluto square with his Jupiter which points to over-confidence which is reckless in nature as well as Saturn conjunct his Moon which will make him overreact to situations around him. But can you blame him? With all the miss information, the Main Stream Media is pushing about him, he’s bound to get a bit upset! I wish everyone would let him do his job! Stop believing everything the Main Stream Media is pushing, they do have an issue with telling half-truths or blatant out lies to put the American people at war with each other.  United WE Stand!

A Fire Grand Trine is a confident but arrogant formation. It is a risk taker and it also comes with overly heated emotions and a feeling of being selfish. People feel their ego heightened at this time and they act of impulse based on their whims rather than making rational decisions. Exhaustion comes quickly at this time leaving individuals feeling burned out.

So what does this mean for the United States? If we look at the Solar Eclipse in the most positive way possible then it could point to a big push towards President Trump’s plans to Make America Great again. It could signal an upturn in entrepreneurial endeavors such as job creation but Mars, Saturn, and Uranus are also linked with this eclipse and are causing reckless behavior and heightened tension. This is only made worse by Uranus, the planet of surprises, being in opposition to Jupiter.

If we look at other eclipses that have happened in the Saros Series then we can make some predictions of what might be coming. Bear in mind that eclipses have a shadow period in both directions.

1998- President Bill Clinton was impeached. This lasted from December 1998 to February 1999.

1981- President Ronald Reagan survived an assassination attempt that happened in March.

1963- President Kennedy was assassinated in November.

1945- Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed in August and President Roosevelt died, albeit on natural causes, in April.

1927- We saw the Pineapple Primary in April 1928 in the state of Illinois and for six months before the primary (in 1927) there were over 60 bombings in Chicago which killed 2 politicians.

1927- This year also brought with it a spate of disasters such as floods in Vermont and a tornado in St. Louis. There was also a large gas explosion in Pittsburgh.

1928- A dam burst in California which killed 400 and a hurricane in Florida claimed the lives of 2,500 people.

1909- President William Howard Taft was almost assassinated when he went on a stet visit to Mexico.

And so it goes on throughout history…

As we can see, these kinds of eclipse bring with them violence, whether it is manmade, a natural disaster, or a deliberate attempt to harm others.

So what can we learn from history as we look into the future in the United States? In 2017 we are going to see turbulent times. If we look at the chart of the United States for 1776 then we can see that in 2017 Uranus will square with Mercury opposite Pluto in the USA 1776 chart and in August 2017 we will see Uranus squaring off with Pluto in the USA chart. Saturn will be opposite Mars in the USA chart and this will cause accidents and violence. It could also point to military action of some kind.

If we look at the chart of President Trump’s inauguration then we can’t see too much in the way of tricky aspects. When we look at the charts for foreign relationships however, they look tense and unstable starting in May 2017. This is important as eclipses have a shadow period in both directions, both before and after they occur.

If we look at the USA 1776 chart we can see that Mercury in Cancer is opposite Pluto in Capricorn. In the middle of 2016 Uranus began to square Mercury and this will last until the beginning of 2018. Mercury-Pluto is an emotional and tense aspect and Uranus brings with it surprises and shocks.

To truly understand this we need to look back again at the past, for this is how astrology works. Time is circular rather than linear and we can see patterns repeating themselves. We saw another Uranus hard aspect,  Mercury-Pluto from October 1973-October 1974. What was happening at that time?

Well, Vice President Spiro Agnew resigned as he was charged with tax evasion. It was also the height of Watergate which escalated quickly and culminated in President Nixon resigning in order to avoid being impeached.

When Uranus in Cancer was conjunct Mercury in the US chart and opposite the US Pluto in 1953 and 1954 it was the time of the McCarthy hearings.

From April 1933 to April 1934 we saw President Roosevelt calling a national emergency for the Gold Standard and the Business Plot was discovered which took the form of a plan for a coup against the government.

As we can see therefore from looking through history, these kinds of aspects are deeply linked to issues with the government and with democracy across the United States generally. What we could see soon is some kind of scandal that breaks open and we might find out information that was previously hidden. We may also see a rise of activists who want to bring fascism to the United States.

One important thing to note about this eclipse however is that the timing of its influence is not always set in stone. In 1999 there was a solar eclipse that fell across the United Kingdom and astrologers were predicting a range of catastrophic events. These did not come to pass at the exact time of the eclipse which caused many astrologers to scratch their heads, but in the 18 months that followed, when the same aspects repeated themselves, there were a number of disasters in the United Kingdom. As such, we need to look at the Great American Total Solar Eclipse in context and watch the shadow period both before and after it occurs to get the full picture of its influence. Watch this space!

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