The Algol Star

One of the most famous myths in Greek mythology is that of Medusa, a gorgon who had a head that was made entirely of snakes. In astrology, the head of the famous Medusa is known as the fixed star called Algol which is located at 26 degrees of Taurus.

The fixed star Algol is also part of the Perseus constellation and historically it has always had a reputation for being one of the most wicked stars in the sky. Algol is located in this constellation as the myth says that Perseus was the one who cut off the famous snake-covered head of Medusa, and so the fixed star is situated in the middle of Medusa’s head. In ancient times people were wary of this star which is called a binary star and is actually eclipsed every 3 days for 8 hours at a time which means that it can look as if it has mysteriously vanished. In addition to the fact that this star seems to disappear and suddenly appear again, it is also feared as Algol is often associated with serial killers, infamous dictators, and other people who are thought to be pure evil. Algol is also known for being linked to death and suffering and in scientific language2 algology is the study of pain.

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The Myth of Medusa:

If we study astrology then we also have to study Greek mythology. In this case, we need to look at the myth of Medusa who was a virgin of the temple. She was known for being amazingly beautiful and her hair was her crowning glory – literally. Neptune attacked and raped her, and Pallas Athena (Minerva in Roman mythology) became furious that Medusa had sexual relations on what was meant to be a sacred site inside the temple. As a result, and because she was overcome with jealousy, she turned her into a gorgon who had a head covered in snakes and who would petrify anyone who looked at her. Perseus then decapitated Medusa and took her head back to Athena who made it into her battle shield. As such, even though Medusa was dead, she continued to be used as a symbol of strength and this is why Medusa is also seen as a symbol of the power of transformation. From Medusa being a feared gorgon, she then became a key component of winning a battle. As such, Algol is also known as a transformative star which at times shines brightly and at times is dark in the heavens.

Algol and Alcohol:

In modern terminology, alcohol also comes from the word Algol and this tells us more about the nature of this fixed star. In some countries and dialects, alcohol is also a word that means ‘demon’. As we all know, alcohol is something that can cause negative behavior and can also make us turn to crime, become addicted, lose our sense of rationality or make us unwell. Alcohol is also used to dry the skin and petrify things, just as Medusa would petrify her victims when they looked into her eyes. Alcohol also makes us lose our inhibitions and we may turn to evil deeds as a result if we forget our usual morals. This means that in astrology Algol has always been associated with the balance between a sane mind and enlightenment. While alcohol may make us feel happy, it can also make us turn to bad behavior. It also loosens our tongues, but we may lie as a result of being intoxicated. Alcohol can also attack our nervous system and bring about problems with our minds, just as, in Greek mythology, Neptune attacked Medusa. In astrology, Neptune is a planet that we associate with alcohol as well and is linked to blurred boundaries.

The meaning of Algol:

As you would expect from the myth of Medusa, the fixed star Algol is often linked to beheadings and also associated with heads of state that may experience a fall from grace. As a result, it can also be linked to the act of treason and ideological takeovers. As it is linked to the head, this star also relates to knowledge and higher learning. The dark side of Algol, however, can also mean an overload of information which we can’t comprehend or which threatens to take over our mind. Some other things that this star is known to be associated with include genetic mutations, plastic surgery, perverse behavior, deformations, destruction, regeneration, impotence, exorcising demons, mind-blowing ideas and thoughts, monsters inside our head, brainwashing and the shadow side of our nature.

If you have Algol in your chart – what does it mean?

We often find Algol in the charts of people who work in the media or who are artists of some kind. In Greek mythology, if we go back to the story of Medusa, she was known for her shrieking and piercing voice and her long tongue. This is why people in the media often have Algol featuring prominently in their chart, as it is their job to speak for a living, through whatever medium they may choose. Some people who have Algol in their chart include Eric Burden from the band The Animals who sang “The House of the Rising Sun” and was known for having a haunting and beautiful voice. As this is also a star that is all about transformation, it is found in the horoscopes of artists who constantly like to transform and reinvent their image. Of course, as this star is also linked to alcohol and addiction, it can mean that artists or members of the media have addiction issues, as is sadly often the case.

People who have this star in their chart are also known for speaking bluntly and they may also seem transformative in nature, as if they have a number of different sides to their personality. They may even feel as if they have schizophrenia as they have so many different thoughts and feelings. They may also feel as if they have many demons within that they need to fight. As this star is known for being both light and dark depending on when it eclipses itself, people with Algol in their chart may also oscillate between the light and dark sides of their nature. Many people who have Algol in their chart, particularly in aspect to their Ascendant (which rules image) are often extremely good looking, but perhaps in a slightly unexpected way which bewitches people around them.

Algol and the Planets:

Depending on the planets that you have in aspect to Algol, there can be a number of different ways this star can affect you. As a result, you need to consult your Natal Chart to see the placement of Algol, but some of the main aspects are noted below with an explanation of how they will impact the person who has these in their chart.

Algol – Sun:

If you have this placement then you are very creative but you may also destroy things around you at the same time. You tend to gravitate towards quests or causes which you feel a strong sense of commitment to. There is a lust for life if you have this placement, but it can also cause you to act without thinking, while at the same time also making you feel creative and inspired. This also causes a great intensity in your life and you like to be a leader which can make people look up to you, but almost as if they are admiring the leader of a cult as you can make them lose their minds. In turn, you may also start to crave attention and act in negative ways in order to get it. There is no surprise therefore that many famous leaders who brainwashed their subjects have this aspect in their Natal Chart.

Some famous people with this placement in their charts include Debra Winger, Margot Fonteyn, Liberace, Marshall Applewhite, Brian Eno, Eric Satie, Ayatollah Khomeini, David Byrne, George Lucas, and Pierre Currie.

Algol – Moon:

When we have Algol in aspect to the Moon in our charts it can make us more emotional than usual and prompt us to have a number of experiences in our lives that may be difficult to deal with. If you have this placement then you may feel depressed at times and sad without understanding why. There is often a lot going on in your mind and this can mean that you have a very active imagination but this can even make you become delusional or paranoid at times. To dull this, you may decide to do something like drink or take drugs to drown out your overactive mind or your extreme sadness. On the flipside, however, you may also be a strong advocate for others and enjoy causes where there is a sense of social justice. This can lead to more sorrow however as you take on the struggles of others as your own and feel a sense of helplessness that you can’t do more.

Some famous people with this placement in their charts include Linda Lovelace, Christine Keeler, Kate McCann, Peter Sellers, Patricia Highsmith, Mick Jagger, Sid Vicious, and Carrie Fisher.

Algol – Ascendant:

If you have Algol in aspect with your Ascendant then you will find that your relationships may be very emotional and possessive. You may also find that you crave sex to the point of obsession, but people are also drawn to you as you have a kind of animal magnetism. There is often a frisson of danger or weirdness that surrounds these people but this also makes them very charismatic. You are also not afraid to say what you really think and may have some strong opinions about risky subjects that may alienate people around you.

Some famous people with this placement in their charts include Mae West, Toni Morrison, Brian Wilson, Wilt Chamberlain, Albert Ayler, and Edgar P. Jacobs.

Algol – Midheaven:

If you have an aspect of Algol with Midheaven then you will come across as rather mysterious to others. Algol also blesses you with a very unique appearance that may not be conventionally considered pretty or handsome, but which will draw people to you and be very engaging. You may also have a tendency to attract people who are on the fringes of society or who feel like they do not fit in anywhere, as they recognize this feeling in you. Unfortunately however, even though people are attracted to you, there is a sense that you may never consider yourself worthy of their attention. At the same time you may fuss over your appearance as you care so much what other people think of you – which can then make you seem shallow and obsessed with your own image.

Some famous people with this placement in their charts include Marlene Dietrich, Frida Kahlo, Prince Albert, Elena Ford, Donald Trump, Woody Allen, Uma Thurman, Agatha Christie, and Henry Ford.

Algol – Mercury:

If you have this placement then you are known for having a rather pessimistic manner to you, but actually it is probably because you are just thinking through all of life’s little complexities. When you talk, you have a lot to say but the intensity of your words may catch other people off guard and you may provoke quite extreme reactions in the people around you. At the end of the day however, you will always speak your truth whether people like it or not. As a result, many people with this placement make excellent writers as they take in all the minutiae of life and use it in their stories. There is also almost a sense of madness in your work however and you may tend to be a workaholic as you are so intense. People may also notice your voice, so people with this placement are known for being great singers, as you often have a deep and husky tone or a very distinctive way of speaking.

Some famous people with this placement in their charts include David Beckham, Joan Collins, Julian Clary, Jay Leno, Salvador Dali, Dean Martin, Brooke Shields, Clint Eastwood, Johnny Depp, and Saddam Hussein.

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7 Responses

  1. Kathryn von Glahn says:

    I have my ASC conjunct at 27° Taurus and my moon opposed Algol at 26° Scorpio. You didn’t mention that when Medusa was raped she also became pregnant and had a child. Medusa is also said to represent unwed mothers as well as loosing ones head mentally and physically. Thanks for all the good information.❤

  2. Sequoia says:

    No Algol and Saturn? Disappointing.

  3. Silva says:

    I don’t see here Algol in conjunction with jupiter, as I have

  4. AlgolisNOTaDemon says:

    Neptune at 26 Scorpio opposite Algol, NN at 26 Pisces sextile Algol, Jupiter conjunct South Node at 26 Virgo, MC at 27 Cancer, IC at 27 Capricorn all trine Algol. I feel blessed and protected even though I have no placement in the second and third decan of Taurus. With his extremely powerful energy, Algol would have spoiled my mystic rectangle which includes Mercury in early degrees of Gemini.
    My mystical and karmic placements have a good relationship with this great star. They call it a demon star, I beg to differ. Algol has both powers to be a demon and to protect from demons. He is part of the team that protects me from a demonic Taurus ex sister with sun at 26 Taurus conjuct Algol. Shes ex sister because I cut ties with her 10years ago. She is an obsessed demon, she has stopped living her life to live her obsession with me. She is going to lose. She is a classic example of the dark Algol native you’ve described. But then again she has a moon at 29 degrees of Pisces which is a vulnerable position for the moon. Piscean energy is beautiful when channeled positively, but extremely dark and unfeeling when the native doesn’t know how to use it and experiment with occult and other dark energies. Pisces is associated with addictions, negative Piscean placements get addicted to dark energies and sink so deep they don’t know how to get themselves out, like someone drowning in the ocean that Neptune rules.

  5. Pallas 27 says:

    I have Algol/Medusa conjunct my Venus and Midheaven exactly. There was nothing about Medusa in Aspect to Venus. Does Medusa mar or dilute Venus’s gifts ? Johnny Depp also has this placement.

  6. MTN Girl says:

    Thank you, very interesting, I have Venus and Mercury @ 27 Taurus, I definitely have a distinctive voice & was called Medusa as a child due to my crazy hair, I guess I need to remember to keep calm & not lose my head.

  7. Венета Матева says:

    my ex-husband has his natal sun conjunct Algol. His typical behaviour is that of somebody without a head on his shoulders. Alcohol has very strong negative influence on him.

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