The 8th House in Astrology Will Show You Where Your Secret Power Is ~ Discover it!

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Do you want to unlock your secret power and find out about your transformational potential? If so then you need to look at your 8th House in astrology!

What is the 8th House in Astrology? What’s it mean?

In astrology, the 8th House is associated with sex and death. It is also the house of transformation and of trust and intimacy. This house also rules taxation and joint resources, so it is also a house linked to sharing of resources, be it financial, sexual or emotional. It’s the house of other people’s/Government, Taxes, Business, Other people’s money.

Other things that we associate with this house include anything linked to financial obligations to other people, such as taxes, inheritance, wills or debts. As this house is linked to death, it also focuses on endings, passages, initiations, near-death experience and anything that is transformative in our lives.

The house also looks at emotional bonds including love unions as well as betrayal, jealousy, fear, rage, and grief. This house brings with it a depth of understanding of complex issues, but it also highlights loss, death, decay, anxiety, legacies, withdrawal, consolidation and our ability to accept and absorb loss.

In many ways, the 8th House is like the 12th House in astrology in that it is linked to the Underworld and hides things from view, below the surface. This house is linked to Scorpio and is like the lair of a Scorpion, and it has the planet Pluto as its ruler. Mars is its co-ruler.

Scorpio is a sign which is known for being highly secretive and magnetic and Pluto rules power and control as a form of acceptance.

This is very different however from Neptune, the ruler of the 12th House, who is all about how you learn to dissolve your ego. The 8th House does not have the same watery secrets of Neptune which is about self-undoing. There is a sense with the 12th House that you can defame yourself, whereas the 8th House is linked to your own personal power. The 12th House is also related to the state that lies between life and death and there is no sense of control associated with this. Neptune is a planet that urges us to let go whereas Pluto is obsessed with control.

Pluto is also the most distant planet in our solar system which is why it has an elusive and mysterious quality to it. As such, we often feel that Scorpio is a misunderstood sign that is just out of reach. Pluto is also about protection as it is a planet that fights its own battles as it is so far away from other dominant planets like the Sun. This planet sits alone in the darkness of space which means that it is a loner who keeps its secrets to itself. This is why in astrology the 8th House is said to have a secret power which is often misunderstood as people only associate the house with death and sex.

If we look at famous or remarkable people, we can see that they are often born with a strong 8th House or a Stellium which is the key to their hidden potential. If you have a copy of your Natal chart then take a look at your 8th House and see what it reveals about your secret power and how it will manifest in this world.

The 8th house with Mars or Aries in the 8th house:

If you have Mars in the 8th House / 8th House in Aries then you have a huge amount of heroism, leadership and sex appeal.

Your secret power is all about fighting and winning battles and you have an enormous amount of strength that will allow you to do this. You know how to be strategic with an enemy and you are capable of huge breakthroughs. You can also uncover lies and you are a natural leader who thrives in the face of danger. This also means that you are great at problem-solving and you can master difficult topics such as the occult.

You also empower others to stand up for themselves and you come across as a natural hero. This means that you may become famous for these empowering actions and will be remembered even in death. You also have a huge amount of sex appeal and you can hold the opposite sex in the palm of your hand- which people will also remember you for!

The 8th house with Venus or Taurus in the 8th House  :

If you have Venus in the 8th House / 8th House in Taurus then you are sensual, beautiful and good with investments.

Your secret power is linked to your persistent nature and your ability to make great investments and deals. This is a great placement to have as you could become extremely wealthy, even if you come from a less affluent family. Despite a humble background, you will often have a gift for attracting money luck and amassing a huge amount of wealth. You could develop great marketing skills in your life and you could be a business coach as a career.

You may also become famous for your beauty and people are drawn to you. This also comes across in your sensuality as you know how to attract and keep a lover. You may also have a beautiful singing voice which could make you famous and also make people flock to you.

The 8th house with Mercury or Gemini in the 8th House 

If you have Mercury in the 8th House / 8th House in Gemini then you are highly knowledgeable, gifted in verbal expression and innovative.

Your secret power is linked to your higher knowledge and you have the ability to learn a number of new things at the same time. You are very persuasive and can easily convince people to agree with you. Often you are also gifted at speaking a number of languages and you excel academically. You are also naturally witty which could also mean you are gifted at acting or creative writing. When you get new information you process it very quickly and are also gifted at giving rousing speeches. You will likely become famous for your intellect and for the way in which you communicate. To that end, you may even invent a completely new way to communicate with others.

You are typically a naturally curious person and you will travel far as a result communication skills. With this placement, you are also an insightful person and you could become a famous writer as your words resonate with a wide range of people.

8th House Moon or  Cancer in the 8th House 

If you have the Moon in the 8th House / 8th House in Cancer then you have a huge amount of emotional appeal and you come across as a prophet or caretaker of others.

Your secret power is linked to the way that you connect so strongly with other people. This means that you appeal to them emotionally and you could come across as a nurturing maternal figure. You could also act to defend others around you and guard them from injury or hurt. There is also a sense that you have a deep understanding of complex human emotions and that you also understand these on a cerebral level. With the power of the Moon in the 8th House, you may also have some psychic ability and you can pick up on energy that others miss.

People admire you for your nurturing spirit and you show genuine concern for those around you. This could suggest that you will become a leader as people are naturally inspired by you and they will take up your cause and fight for change. The way you care for others mean that they will also return the favor.

8th House with the Sun or Leo in the 8th House 

If you have the Sun in the 8th House / 8th House in Leo then you have a sense of invincibility coupled with a deep willpower.

Your secret power is related to your huge doses of confidence and charisma. In this way, you are a person who shines a light in the darkness. You have such a strong aura around you that you may become a member of royalty. To many people, it can seem as if you have a light around you which shines in the dark corners that are traditionally associated with the 8th House and you can help to bring out hidden depths in these areas. You may confront mysterious, occult, or taboo subjects and bring them out into the world as you shine the light of the Sun on shadowy Pluto.

This placement is also considered to be a very auspicious one. The reason for this is that your Sun is like a cloak that surrounds you and means that you are shielded from the darkness of Pluto so you are able to guard against psychic attacks.

  8th House with Mercury or Virgo in the 8th House 

If you have Mercury in the 8th House / 8th House in Virgo then you are intelligent, adaptable and a natural healer.

Your secret power is linked to using the power of your mind. You have a realistic approach to life and you are very down to earth- even when things are going wrong around you! It is also very difficult to pull the wool over your eyes and you could end up being a detective. This ties into the fact that you are also very good at covering for yourself so it is hard for people to get suspicious of anything you do. You could do very well in the world of espionage as you are highly adaptable and clever.

You may also posses the ability to communicate with other realms and you could also embrace this and become a medium or other spiritual conduit. This is like Hermes who worked as a messenger between Earth and the Underworld and you may go on to teach the world some amazing lessons regarding healing and sacred knowledge.

 8th House with Venus   or  Libra in the  8th House 

If you have Venus in the 8th House / 8th House in Libra then you posses beauty and charm, as well as a sense of peace and harmony.

Your secret power is that you are a master of relationships, thanks to your charm and beauty. You are seductive as a result of the placement of Venus and you can make people bend to your will easily. The reason this is so easy for you is that you can read people and so you know how to please them. Your charm could also come across in the way you present yourself to the world and in your personality.

You may become famous as someone who fights injustice and who strives for peace and harmony in the world. You are so persuasive that you could do well in diplomacy as people tend to follow your lead. There is also a feeling that you might also gain power as a result of a love connection.

8th House Pluto or Scorpio in the  8th House 

If you have Pluto in the 8th House / 8th House in Scorpio then you have possible psychic abilities as well as the power of transformation and sex.

Your secret power is that you can learn to master the 8th House and all that goes with it. The reason for this is that you have Pluto in the 8th House which is the planet’s natural placement, so the effect is even more intense. This is like having a dark sorcerer or a stunning psychic in the house and you have amazing powers or human psychology. You know how to transform and also how to embrace transient things in life. You are also highly sexual and people will be drawn to you but also intimidated by you. Your life path will see you mastering the 8th House and this means that you need to relinquish any fears of death and problems with control. You also need to overcome your issues with karma and loss and you will come out the other side as a survivor.

Having Pluto/Scorpio in the 8th House is like traveling down a dark tunnel but at the end of the day, you will emerge into the light. To do this, however, there will be some demons to fight, but once you do so you will be invincible. There is such a strong feeling that you can transform and change the lives of those around you thanks to your fantastic intuition.

 8th House Jupiter or Sagittarius in the  8th House 

If you have Jupiter in the 8th House / 8th House in Sagittarius then you are filled with truth and wisdom, as well as a sense of exploration.

Your secret power is based on your open mind and the way you decipher the meaning of life. You may find that you adopt a guru/teacher role in your life and you are naturally inspiring to others around you. There is a sense you bring clarity to situations and you can expand on some of the mystical issues that are linked to the 8th House. You love to explore foreign lands and this could bring luck or fame your way. This could also link to your becoming a kind of ‘guru’ figure and you may want to share your knowledge or your philosophy with the world.

You could also find that you are susceptible to paranormal experiences in life and you may experience things that are highly unusual such as instant fame or wealth luck. The key for your secret power is that you know that there is more to life than just the things that you can see. This means that you are optimistic about life and you lighten up people’s lives and fill them with good humor. If you become famous it may be for fulfilling a ‘sage’ role.

 8th House Saturn or Capricorn in the 8th House 

If you have Saturn in the 8th House / 8th House in Capricorn then you have great business skills as well as a sense of ambition and order.

Your secret power is linked to how you create order out of chaos. You thrive on structure and you are adept at creating systems and traditions to hold everything together. If others around you falter, you will stand firm and keep going. You have such a strong desire to stand your ground that even repeated failure won’t shake you.

You are also good with money and will master this part of the 8th House. This is because you have a strong work ethic and because you have drive and discipline. As a result of this, you could save a fortune for future generations. You possess a good business brain and you can do anything you put your mind to, although you usually work slowly and steadily. You will also learn to master Saturn in the 8th House which means that you need to rise above desperate situations.

 8th House  Uranus or  Aquarius in the 8th House 

If you have Uranus in the 8th House / 8th House in Aquarius then you are blessed with a sense of freedom, resistance and the ability to make great discoveries.

Your secret power is linked to leading an unconventional life and to changing old patterns to create something new. It is also about how you fight oppression and help humanity to progress in the future using revolutionary new techniques. You are a true visionary and you also care about human rights. This makes it easy for you to stand up for what you believe in and to do this against the mainstream if necessary.

Because of this, you may make big changes to society and you may have a huge impact on the world. This could lead to fame as a result of scientific discoveries or technological breakthroughs. You are such a free thinker that your mind could take you to places that no one has even been before. You could embrace concepts such as proving that aliens exist, or other scientific advances that change the way mankind sees the world.

 8th House Neptune or Pisces in the 8th House 

If you have Neptune in the 8th House / 8th House in Pisces then you are blessed with artistic skills and you have a huge amount of spiritual and emotional intelligence.

Your secret power is linked to your huge compassion, intuition, and sense of self-transcendence. The line between the living and dead realms may be blurred in your case and this could be a spiritual placement which leads to the dissolution of the sense of ‘self’.

As a result of the placement of Neptune, you see the world as a place of unrivaled possibilities and you do not set boundaries or limits on what you can achieve. Because of this many people with this placement go on to work as artists, musicians or actors and you can certainly make your dreams come true if you want to. You are also naturally artistic and you have a huge amount of talent that will take you far. There is also a sense that you can use the wisdom of the universe to help you and also learn how to use it to guide you. For this reason, you may also become a famous psychic or medium.

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