I have used Bree for many readings and guidance through the years and for many career answers. She has been spot on with her predictions and feedback! In fact I was so worried about a real estate investment I had and she assured me that my house in FL would sell in mid March and it did! I was absolutely astonished when she had that right. She is great at telling you everything you need to know to make an informed decision on all your life's questions. I highly recommend Bree and continue to use her has my spiritual guide and relationship advice expert.

-Ella Stavanaovich

                "My husband and I have been working with Bree for over a year now and she has provided us with everything from a big picture overview of our natal charts and where we're going in the world, to specific business and financial advice.  We look at astrology as a secret weapon in our personal empowerment arsenal and Bree is a master reader.  We've even had her do readings for our two sons to help them clarify their strengths, weaknesses, and drivers in life. A session with her is always clarifying and transformative." 

Liz & Ric Thompson

I contacted Bree for a date for the best time for my Hip replacement surgery. She work on it and came up with two dates. She mentioned that If I did it early then
there might be a problem with infections. My Doctor wanted to do it early, I held
off for the date that Bree mention. I had the surgery and everything went better
than expected. And by the way I got a UTI on the early date so I could of not gone
in anyway. It was cleared up by the right dates. That is the infection I would of
had in recovery If I went with the Doctors dates. So with that I really trust Bree
and have used her many times for readings to get a good Idea of what is coming and
preparing for it. This is a report that I look forward to getting every time.

Cheryl Hancock

Hi Bree Thank you so much for my reading on South and North Nodes. It was so eye opening and really resignated with me. I will definitely be a repeat customer! Also I love your monthly astrological readings on YouTube! Keep up the great work!

R Klein

Accurate & insightful! I was waiting on giving you my testimonial because I wanted to see if what you said would happen! And it did! Thank you so much Bree for your help & accurate reading it was much needed! I’m a forever client of yours that’s for sure!!

Blessings to you Bree,

Maggie K.

You were amazing with my tarot reading Bree! Insightful & how accurate you are on what was happening to me! Scary accurate! I will keep you posted!

Thank you

Cindy Lam


Thank you, Bree, for the knowledge & power you have given me to be able to handle & hold my head up high during what I considered the most depressed, hurtful time in my life. I see what is now possible & you opened my eyes to what is possible! I will continue to stay in contact with you!

Most helpful,

Sandy M. 

Bree has a way of infusing her shinning insight into her readings and ensuring I fully understand in layman terms what is happening in my life & how to better deal with what is happening in my life. She is amazing!

B Ruthman

I found Bree to be very enthusiastic & passionate with her astrology reading! I am grateful knowing the reason I’m not able to move forward in my life at this point, & how to overcome the issues that surrounds it! Pluto is a force to be reckoned with & I have the pleasure of that! Bree recommended some strong meditation using my visualization skills! I am practicing what she recommended in my 10th house area, & do plan on using Bree again in the future!Love & light,

Sue P.

Bree is supper enthusiastic about astrology and her passion shines through. It's fun to hear your life being talked about in exclamation points! She has a quick mind and shares a lot of detail in a short period. I have listened to my audio reading several times to pick up on more detail. You get a bang for your buck! I have had a number of astrology readings in the past. But the most useful astrology reading I ever got was the one I got from Bree. Mostly I have had natal charts done which game me my characteristics but didn't really give me guidance in making movement in my life. She covered transits and told me about the planets moving through my chart. These brought both opportunities and challenges. I felt she gave valuable advice in making the most of these influences. I tend to get discouraged and she helped me see where I would be supported by Universe and not to give up. She also covered North node and South node. I had not heard of these before. These nodes tell you what talents you came in with and also what would be a fulfilling direction to grow into. I found this spot  on and very encouraging about what I could let go of now and what might be a rewarding direction to move in. I would recommend her to my friends. Cybele Kane

Cheryl Hancock 1 month ago

Hello. If your at all interested in finding out how your life is going, definitely have a reading with Bree. You get so much more with her,not just the basic astrology but also how your chart is working and how to move forward. My astrology in my chart is different and now I know what I need to do to move forward. She has the best prices for what you want. And she is the most honest in her approach and is truly only trying to help you to get moving. I Have done Tarot readings and she is really correct on what You need to know.

Thank you Bree! Fantastic reading, so accurate I was shocked! I knew nothing about the North and South Nodes until you explained them in the audio, or how important they are. You have a great gift. I will tell my family and friends that I highly recommend you. I'm looking forward to being a repeat customer of yours.

Love and blessings,

Teresa W

Hey Bree,

Just wanted to thank you again for doing an AMAZING job on my reading. I loved the
fact that it come over in audio. Very unique way of receiving a "dead on" reading. I
was so impressed with the details that you put into the answers to my questions. So
many of the things that you stated hit home and certain dates were accurate to
upcoming events. I look forward to doing another reading with you soon. Thanks for
your wonderful gift.

Have a great day!

Bree is a wonderful Astrologer. Not only does her future predictions resonate
greatly with me, the things she touched on in the past had come true just as she
stated. I will use Bree faithfully from now on, her guidance is amazing, accurate
and something I will rely on now and in the future. If you have any hesitation,
please put it aside. She is remarkable.

Melissa Detz

Thank you Bree,

That was an amazing reading. I was stuck and whatever I
did,meditation,EFT. nothing worked and now I really get what I should be
doing and need to do. Move on from my JOB. You are very gifted and I will
tell my friends that are going through the same thing to have a reading
from you for the best insite.
Blessings Cheryl

I really enjoyed my reading with Bree, I found her information timely & helpful.

Thanks Bree!
- Dianna Moscrip

Surprised never thought this stuff was quite legit, but guess it is! I will be one of your for-ever customers!

Marci O.

"Bree strives to ensure that all of your questions and concerns are answered and responds in a very timely manner"

Thank you, Miriam

Found my reading to be quite accurate! Thank you very much!
Ed R

Exciting & accurate reading! I never knew anything about one’s North Node & how import it is to know where it is at! Bree has a way of explaining herself thoroughly. I have a chance to get it right & I’m on my way!

Love & light,

Erica Benson

Accurate & hit on everything! Very happy with you Bree!

Lisa A

My life was in a freefall, you are spot on!

Mike H

Bree, I wasn't in a good place before you read for me, it meant so much to me the way you put my life into perspective, I've always known my husband wasn't being truly honest with me & now I'm certain with what you have shown me with our charts he is only protecting me. He has always been my protector.  I should of known that & not let my mind play me like it has. Thank you for your much needed insight & for being so kind!

Tress B.

I thoroughly enjoyed my reading from Bree. She hit the mark on many aspects that I

found to be truly enlightening. Her positive and caring personality comes through in
the reading as well. She was very responsive to my follow up questions.

I highly recommend!



Really enjoyed what you had to say, fit my circumstances & I feel was needed in order to move on in my life now! Very powerful!
Much love,
Jen K.

I am less fearless about the material side only since a few months and am more

trusting that will turn out great. I will keep improving.

Most of all "I stumble on you at the right time"... isn't that just how amazing how
we get to hear what we are suppose to know when we need it. It always find a way to
reach us. You are an important milestone to my path. Many thanks for being such a
wonderful messenger. You reach your purpose with me in this reading. Thank you.

Have a great time!

Linda xo