Taurus Tarot Reading Predictions! September 2016! Money coming! Change coming!

Taurus Tarot Reading Predictions! September 2016!

The Moon Tarot Predictions! Sept 1st-15th!

I feel many of you Taurus, are very sad right now… you’re not quite feeling very happy at this time. You’ve got feelings of something changeable, something very pre-plaque…. I feel is happening in your world now, something you feel is coming in right now in whatever area is important to you at this time. You want your hopes or dreams your wishes to come true, things to be right, but you have a feeling they are not going to! I’m seeing in the area of romance, something is disappointing to you in a relationship that you thought would work and it’s not working at this time. Many of you are unprepared for things some unforeseen happenings at this time. I see many of you are in for a period where you’re going to sleep a lot and eat more than usual. Many of you are looking for answer I feel …the information that you get at this time is going to be really difficult to follow up on, do not give up Taurus, the answers will come! I feel for some of you in your work area at this time you are being sabotaged by somebody, someone is being naughty Taurus, remember to look over your shoulder! I’m also seeing something upsetting or disappointing at this time something is coming in… some message… this does involve someone you care a great deal for. I do feel a lot of you will have some money coming in at this time  also, but it’s not what you expected, it’s not as much as you thought, you’re going to feel cheated! I just feel a lot of you right now are so disappointed, you have anxiety, your thinking will be muddied, you’re going to be troubled by feelings of dread, deception, something that’s not going right.

Please remember this is a general tarot reading prediction forecast all Taurus, if you would like your own personal tarot reading prediction forecast please see the bottom of this page, I am offering a special at this time. Please see my website, go to my services and rates you will see what other services I have to offer! I do see some of you at this time… you do need to put your chin up, I see fortunate adjustments coming in for you. There is just a lot of unforeseen changes & unexpected occurrences for you right now. Again there are changes coming in. I feel you need to except these changes as they are coming in.. you can’t run from this problem… the only way out is through. You know, there is a balance operating in the universe right, that demands equality, it’s like for every win there is a loss, for every sadness there is happiness, it’s like day and night…. things will change Taurus!

Queen of Pentacles! Tarot Card Readings, Predictions for September 15th-22nd, 2016!

The middle of September 2016, Taurus, your focus is on your dreams your hopes your wishes, you will find your center, your place that you want to be. I feel some of you at this time will meet somebody that is very unusual do not be afraid! Many of you at this time will get a job offer! It’s going to be a quite welcome job offer… but it’s going to be an unusual job offer! I also see something involving papers Taurus ,you will soon be receiving money from something stemming from papers. A lot of you benefit from new information concerning work right now also things are looking a little bit brighter Taurus! Even though you are moody at this time, you need to be coming out of that moodiness because something wonderful is about to transpire in your life at this time! If some of you are considering a health profession at this time go for it it will be rewarding for you Taurus! Yes, I do see a fantastic business offer coming to you at this time for Taurus, but remember this is very unusual, I’m getting something like it will be a  usual type of work. Also I see some of you waiting for something… like a letter,  some type of communication, you’re going to be waiting another day or two, but however, I do see some type of  financial transaction.. something that is done through the mail. Could mean email to.  I see that being indicated for you right now Taurus. I see many of you getting rewarded right now for your efforts !I see financial increases right now. Many of you will have success in financial affairs you’re going to do so well in the healing profession at this time. You’re on Your Way, Taurus, you will see in time rewards for your efforts that you are putting into place.

Eight of Wands! Sept 22nd-Sept-30th!

Your focus towards the end of September, 2016, I’m make a prediction Taurus that you are going to be expanding new opportunities will be coming in right now for you! This is a super positive time for romance! I feel many of you will begin a very significant love affair if you are single right now! If you’re already involved, you will be strengthening it at this time. You will have a lot of messages, a lot of activity, you will get a lot of phone calls. I feel you are wanting to live by water, I see you doing this, moving! A lot of you are going to be getting a sudden boom in your work area right now! You’re going to be in a very happy frame of mind exspect activity, money is coming Taurus! Your financial affairs are going to receive a sudden improvement! Exspect extremely good news around your finances I’m feeling at this time it may have something to do with a phone call! A lot of you are going to be getting some new ideas coming in now, perhaps new opportunities concerning your business… very positive! Conditions,Taurus are going to be changing for the better right now due to some good news! You are approaching your goals, however I’m not saying all of your goals are going to be met by you at this time, but the wheels are most certainly set in motion!  Whatever you’re working on right now Taurus it will eventually be led success at this time!


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