Taurus Tarot Card Reading December 2016! Hold Tight Taurus~Good Stuff Coming!

Tarot Card Reading/Psychic Reading

Hold Tight Taurus~Good Stuff Coming!

Ace of Pentacles~Dec~1st~12th

Taurus! What an exciting December, 2016, you are going to have! During the first two weeks of the month will be a focus on new things, replacing old things, investments of time or money, partnership, prosperity! I see many of you Taurus, succeeding either in your love life, or perhaps your business, I’m sensing what  has been cut back, or completely severed, is on its way back in, could be different, but positive!  Taurus have no fear , different is good! I see many of you are in business for yourself, you’re working out of your home, I see that you are going to have such a sudden burst inactivity, I see many of you purchasing a home at this time as your finances have improved. Even though  your business activity may have been slow, it will begin to thrive again. In the romance department, I see many of you not happy with your present partner I see you wanting someone else. Spirit is speaking to me, to tell you your romance that you thought was over… it will spring back… it will again bring you happiness! Hold on tight Taurus! If you have been expecting money and it has not yet arrived you will get good news as it will arrive and it will be more than you thought… this would be something from the past…money coming in from some past venture. I see many of you Taurus going on a shopping spree, also starting a new business venture, this is indeed a prosperous time for you. As I said at the beginning, you’re world at this time will prosper!

Queen of Pentacles~Dec~12th~Dec~24th

Your focus is changing at this time Taurus! I’m sensing many of you are focusing on your wishes, your dreams, aspiration, finance, profit. Many of you are going to be in touch with a professional at this time regarding something new age, healer, psychologist, astrologist,  you’re searching for answers. Those of you who are searching for employment will have the opportunity to gain employment at this time. I see many of you getting ready for a very happy adventure… this is the Holiday season! I see many of you receiving money at this time pertaining to something that involved papers. This in turn will change your perspective you will be looking at things in a much brighter light. For many of you spirit is telling me a spiritual cleansing would be good for you Taurus, I’m being told that you have been in some way, some of you Taurus  not feeling well… you will be on the mend!  Also, I’m sensing many of you are contemplating on going into the health profession, Go for it, it will be very rewarding! Romance, I do see someone coming to stay, I see you being very happy. Everything is working out for you Taurus and even faster than you anticipated! I’m sensing if you clarify your objective and press through any issues that you would of previously bent under you will begin to see results!

Page of Swords~Dec~24th~31st

The page of swords in a reading is reflecting you Taurus in regards to astrology. Practical, preserving, progressive, realistic, security minded, I think the focus at this time is on unexpected developments for you Taurus I’m seeing something surrounding a romantic venture. Taurus, for some of you spirit is telling me at this time you’re wanting to walk away from possibly even forget altogether a painful relationship, but for some reason you’re not able to. This in turn is allowing emotional problems that are beginning to interfere Taurus with your work area. I’m seeing some of you leaving your job or business partners, is this perhaps due to an affair you are having? I see you trying to maintain a cool attitude. Regarding your family Taurus, I’m seeing phone calls… I’m seeing this is related to an overseas trip. I’m getting something from the past is coming back perhaps a friend, I’m seeing a lover coming into your life at this time Taurus, for those of you that are single, I am seeing some friction… with those of you that are already in a relationship, this is related to the Holidays, everybody is so busy trying to beat deadlines it is causing friction. Relax, meditate. If you are feeling trapped Taurus, it’s only temporary. You will be experiencing a new beginning! You will find successful conclusions. You just need to remember to breathe, it will all come together Taurus.

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