Taurus June 2016 Horoscope Predictions

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

Wow! Taurus you have really got it going on this this month!

For the first week of June 2016, in you house of fiances we have the sun & Venus trining ! Whats it mean for you?

The sun is in your 2nd house lighting up the whole house & Venus is showing love & money, also opportunities!

The second house is Taurus & Venus rules you! You second house tells us how you make your own money! Your resources, possessions. On a more basic analyses, the second house is our personal security! With the sun & Venus conjunct on June 1st, perfect time for relationships! You need to be out & socializing with the world today, you may even meet someone new, or someone may come back into your life you thought was gone. If you have the chance to meet someone new, remember Mars in still in retrograde, so it will fizzle out, but, enjoy yourselves sweet Taurus as you deserve this! Be sure & take full advantage of this time! Get out there, people will be drawn to you like a magnet! Your finances will also be gracious at this time! Maybe you will be getting a raise? Or promotion? Maybe money will come in from an unexpected source! Maybe you will get that job you have been hoping for? The sky’s the limit with this one! Enjoy your day Taurus & plan a date night full of romance & candles! Do not let this slip by! Up, out & mingle!

Speaking of Mars, he’s still retrograde until June 29th, 2016. In your 7th house of relationships. As I’ve stated above, someone you have known may reappear in your life! And as stated, you may meet someone new, BUT, it will be guaranteed to fizzle out once Mars goes direct June 29th. With that in mind, have fun, play, enjoy yourself!

On June 4th, you have the New Moon joining the party with the Sun & Venus! New beginnings! Don’t forget to write your 10 wishes, what you would like to see manifest in your lives! Very Powerful! Also, a vision board with what you are wanting to see come into your life is powerful! The new moon is in the sign of Gemini! Gemini is all about communication, & getting out there! Perfect with the sun & venus! You will be enjoying the month of June my dear Taurus!

Jupiter the planet of money will be in your 5th house. The 5th house is all about love matters, creation, children, pleasure, & leisure. I see this as a time of sweet interactions with your children, or someone else’s children, I also see for some of you some kind of a love interest in this area, as this is also the house of affairs! Money is definitely strong for alot of you also! I do have to say that the most important about this transit is it will bring all of you the opportunity for increased wisdom, & personal growth! Take full advantage of all this Taurus you will be quite happy with the results!

Now of course all of us have some mole hills we need to skirt over! And June 23rd, 2016, will be one of those! Jupiter will move into your 6th house of work & health, & will square Pluto! Now squares help us notice issues we need to work on so we can be happy that we got it right & rewarded for our efforts! Think positive! This is not a bad square by any means! What you are being ask is to raise your ambition to achieve great things! And you certainly are great Taurus! With this transit you are striving for power & success! But while on your way do be careful & not step on toes as others may show resistance! Remember, we catch more flies with honey then vinegar!!  You need to pay extra attentions to detail Taurus! This transit very well may bring you success, along with social standing. And on the same token it may also not! The pitfall to be extra careful with is it may bring you conflict, with others who are in power. And this may happen quite innocently. Also, do not become obsessed with a plan you have or course of action, energy is always changing, circumstances are always changing, be prepared to accept the fact or at least consider that there are other sides to a coin! Also be-aware that this transit may lead to legal conflicts. And do remember while Mars is retro do not initiate a law suit, it will not be in your favor, who-ever initiates a law suit while Mars in retro is pretty much guaranteed  to loose!

On June 20th we have a full moon in your 8th house of other people’s money. Your debt, taxes, partners money, business partners finances, inheritance. With the full moon transiting thru your 8th house it maybe a good time to pay off your debt, ask for a loan (do not ask for a loan unless its to pay off debt) the 8th house also rules transformation, you may make some sort of change to yourself or your life now. You be asked or want to end something to allow new things to come in. You may also find your sex drive increases at this time, & casual sex will not do! Intensity accompany;s this in all areas of your life now!

On June 29th, 2016, Mercury (which went direct May 22nd, 2016). will accompany your sun & Venus in your 3rd house! He will be in the sign of Gemini. He will be at home here as Mercury rules Gemini! Gemini is all about getting out there & meeting people! Some travel maybe in your plans at this time, its a great time for that! Of course, it does matter what Mercury is transiting in your natal chart, please do keep this in mind, as with all the transits I am blogging about, you need to know how they are affecting your natal chart! With Gemini here you will not feel like relaxing trust me! This will be a time of heavy movement in your life! It is not the best time for you to make any kind of decisions now, save that for when this transit is over. Wait till it slows down to make any major changes, you’ll be glad you did! Use this time to gather the information you need, in dealing with others, rather contract negotiating, business deals, do not reach any final decisions yet, & you do need to be flexible during this time!

Mercury as stated earlier will be conjunct your Venus on June 29th, & this is an absolutely fantastic time for you! You may declare your love for someone, or they for you. Traditionally, with this transit will be favorable for fiances & business dealings. Mercury will mean this is a mental transit, it will mainly stimulate your mind rather then your feelings, but again, it does matter what this planet is transiting in your natal chart.

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