Taurus, July 2016, Tarot Card Reading!

Taurus, July 2016, Tarot Card Reading!

Taurus, for the first Two week in July, 2016, 

I pulled the “Judgement” card! In Astrology Judgement card rules the planet “Pluto” Pluto is the planet of death (not literally, although it most certainly can be) & destruction. The Judgement card is the element of fire. I see for many of you now Taurus, something needs to be addressed, something you share with others, rather that be in business related affairs, or maybe it’s with your significant other? The planet of Pluto rules the 8th house in Astrology, it is a Scorpio house, it rules sex, death, & inheritance. Also, Taxes, other people’s money! Something is trying to end now, I see this strongly relating to  a relationship for alot of you Taurus. Maybe you are not coming to terms with the way someone/business is spending money at this time. You & another are not seeing eye to eye now that’s for sure! I also see some of you will be getting an inheritance now, or, possibly from profit sharing, some kind of investment for some of you will pay off at this time! Something/one, is definitely leaving now. for many of you.  For some of you I feel someone from your past will be re-entering your life now. I can say one thing for sure with many of you things are going to be different now! Except what is changing, you will be reward for it later on if not immediately! Regarding your home life, I see some kind of decision is required from you now, something that relates to the home. Also, something is coming in for some of you related to your business, something you have been wanting to hear!

For the middle part of July, 2016, Taurus, I have pulled the “Devil” Card! 

In Astrology “Devil” is associated with Capricorn. Both know all to well the trials & temptations of the material world! Capricorn is a sign of business, career, & worldly success! Here with the Devil I’m seeing for alot of you struggling with bills needing paid. You know how to save money Taurus, but for some reason you are coming up short. Perhaps some of you have indulged in a spending spree the beginning of the month, while others I see some lost of something, perhaps a job? Some feel very unappreciated now, alone, tired. I want you to be careful of your thoughts now, because where thoughts go, energy will flow, & there is no sense in bringing more of what you don’t want to you! After the beginning of the month with all the energies that you’ve used, its time now for rest. Re-group, re-think! Excellent time for just that Taurus! Re-charge those batteries! Meditate would be ideal now! I see some of you working super hard now for very little money. I see you are enraged on just how others (business or significant others) are capitalizing on you  & your the one working hard! Maybe it’s time to change up this area Taurus?

Toward the end of July, 2016, I’ve pulled the “Eight of Pentacles”

In astrology, the “Eight of Pentacles” represents the Sun in Virgo. I see so many of you succeeding now, & achievement are coming now! This is all from plans Taurus that you have written for yourselves, based on creative ideas that I see coming forth now! I see some of you in a high level apprenticeship program now! You are being given the ability to sell your services now. an opportunity to grow in a new direction! I see many of gaining in money now! A lot of you will be recognized for your talents also. I do see a promotion for some of you! Things are looking so good for many of you now! Many of you are attracting romance into your life now to! Go for it! It’s a perfect time for this! If you are already in a relationship, I see it  strengthening now! Your life is changing for the better now Taurus! Your going strong now, nothing can defeat you!

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