Taurus August 2016 Horoscope Forecast Predictions! Cornucopia, Horn of Plenty Spell/Intentions!

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Taurus August 2016 Horoscope Forecast Predictions! Cornucopia, Horn of Plenty Spell/Intentions!

August 2nd, 2016, where your new moon will begin in your 4th house, Please do not forget to write down your 10 new moon wishes & keep it in front of you so you are able to see it & be reminded what your intentions are for the month to being into your life! The new moon is all about new beginnings! The 4th house is the home you came from & the home you make for yourself!

I do feel many of you now are reflecting on how to make your home more “You” I feel you are wanting to make all that surrounds you in your home more beautiful in the terms to how you are feeling now Taurus! Many of you are either fixing up your own homes, or, possibly, helping fix up that of someone’s else’s! Your very good at this Taurus! I see for many of you a lot of family time now! I also see for some of you this maybe possibly a time that you want to be by yourself to replenish your energy, & home is the best place!

I wanted to add here my “Intentions” for a prosperous harvest! Very powerful intention/ & or, spell! (“Spell”) I feel when one uses strong intentions, the mind is used powerfully & concentration is used with very powerful intentions, emotions, to get the results you are seeking, so if you want to call this “Intentions” to make you feel better that you are not using a spell, by all means do so. As long as you can get genuine emotions either will word will work. If you are more in tune with using the term “Spell” that’s great…if you are more in-line with & comfortable with the word “Intentions” that also is great! I feel both are one in the same! With both words, one is trying to change the energy around them! Influence the energy for the better good! Not letting anything in one’s life become “Chance” using the power of the “Mind” to again…change the energy in one’s surroundings! The more you use “Emotions” with either your intentions, or spell…the better the out-come of either! Emotion leads in both…cannot make change with-out using emotions, & the emotions need to be real!

Cornucopia Dreams,

Cornucopia (or the Horn of Plenty) overflows with flowers & fruits. It is a symbol of prosperity & abundance! Spin the intention/spell, just before you go to sleep! It give your subconscious mind fuel/food, to chew on & thus making it come into your reality quicker.

Gather the following: A horn of plenty, paper & pen, fresh flowers, & fruit…ie…. oranges, apples,. Also, a white candle!! Box of matches!

Write the words: “My life overflows with Abundance & Prosperity” on the piece of paper in large letters. Once that is done light the candle, (I always use a match… I like the sound for one…& I think it gives my intentions/spell, a much stronger feeling/emotions). light the candle dedicating it to who-ever you give power to. God, Mother God, Universe, Goddess, who-ever is your higher power! Now, sit back & look into the candle light, see with your 3rd eye your life over flowing with abundance & prosperity. Really go for it! See your life as you want it! Never, ever, try to figure out the beginning nor the middle part…only focus on the end result you want to see, your higher power will take care of the beginning & middle part! Now fold the paper four times & ever so carefully seal it with the candle wax. Hold the sealed paper in your receiving hand & say: “As I sleep peacefully tonight, Dreams of prosperity so bright, Abundance & wealth flow to me, By the (who-ever your higher power is…insert here) of plenty, blessed be”!

Now, put the sealed paper into the horn of plenty & then add flowers & the fruit. Place it next to your bed, on a bedside table or dresser. You can allow the candle to burn out safely, or, put it out yourself. (I put it out my-self) As you drift off to sleep, imagine in your mind the end result of your life overflowing abundance & prosperity. AND repeat to yourself: “Dreams of overflowing prosperity”. As you fall a-sleep.

You know, for the best results, do this 3 night in a row. Also, be sure to write down all that you recall from your dreams. Eat the fruit from the horn of plenty, & cast the flowers from the horn into a flowing body of water. Watch the magic begin!

(Note: I’m often asked: Can’t I just say all this & think it with-out all the props? My answer: Yes! If you feel you can really feel your strong emotions with-out using any props, & I mean you really have to feel strongly in your heart the emotions, (Your source…higher power) knows the difference between idle words & real emotions. (I feel using props helps in this area) …you decide what is best for you! Make it real & feel with emotions!

On August 16th, the sun & Venus will be in your 5th house of  children, love affairs, starting new business. This Taurus is a great date night, get out & meet someone new if you are single! I see many of you making plans to start a new business now!

On August 18th, you have a full moon in your 11th house, in  the sign of Pisces. The 11th house is a Aquarius house ruled by Uranus & co-ruled by Saturn. This more time then not, will resemble endings of some sort. I feel some of you are getting very intensified with current affairs that surround your life now. I feel not wanting to get involved in something that you feel strong about will end. I see many of you getting involved, with groups, ending some associations of groups that have outlived their purpose in your life. I see many of you will end sitting around now, & will make plans to join groups that are in a line with the way you think, feel. I see many of you waning to start new groups with like minded people now.


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