Tarot Card Secrets & How They Work! FREE~Valuable~Information!

Tarot Card Secrets & How They Work! FREE~Valuable~Information!

Using the Tarot & understanding its secrets to guiding us to the message its wants us to receive is simple! NO need to make it more then what it is! Intuition is key & not second guessing is Law!

Wanting to learn the secrets to giving a great Tarot Reading? It’s quite simple actually

First & foremost don’t get anxious! Relax, breath, & let your intuition guide you! By touching & deeply looking at each Tarot Card you pulled you can easily began to get a sense of the message the card is wanting to relate to you. The first secret is to understand never, ever, doubt the first message that comes into your mind! Even if it sounds silly, doesn’t make sense, it is exactly what the card is trying to convey to the seeker! Tarot cards are not magic, nor are they wicked, or as some say woo-woo! They are only magical in that they help you connect with your deeper self, with your sub-couscous mind, they speak to you in a kind of puzzle way, messages… that if you allow your intuitive guide will get & understand so that you may relay those messages to the seekers in a non-ambiguous way! Remember~relax~breath~& allow your intuition to be your guide! If you have access to a Tarot Deck of cards~pick one Tarot card, hold the card in your hand, look at it, look at every detail of the card, colors as well as anything on the ground, in the sky, what energy are you picking up? What is coming to your mind immediately? What are you sensing intuitively? As soon as your subconscious mind focuses its attention on obtaining vital information, your psychic senses respond with alacrity.  It’s not magic, nor hidden secrets in understanding how to use the Tarot, the only magic is “YOU” & the fact you are allowing your intuitive guide to simply do what it does best, guide you! Let’s begin as if you are looking at the Tarot card the Empress!

The Empress in astrology is related to Venus. Why is this important you may ask? I’m only doing Tarot readings; the answer is simple astrology and tarot cards go hand in hand! What does Venus rule time wise? Libra & Taurus! Which will be the months of April and May September and October! You will find in reading Tarot cards it is important to know the months that it rules! The Empress, as you can see resembles a mother, who is consistently generating new life. The Empress is a symbol of fertility & growth! As you are looking at the card you will see that the Empress, like mother nature, is pictured in a lush garden sitting, she sits comfortably on a cushioned throne, all the while keeping with her craving for stability and comfort. And as you will notice she wears a crown of 12 stars~one for every month of the year, and every sign of the zodiac! Letting your intuition guide you, you will feel Venus and the Empress share a love of beauty-and love and attraction are powerful forces for creation! As you know the Empress of course is married, she’s a loving partner to the Emperor! When I draw this card in a tarot reading my intuition tells me that the seeker may soon be getting married, either forming a partnership, and or some kind of a personal relationship. I’m seeing comfort, affection, and enjoyment! If my seeker is asking the question of children and I draw the Empress, I will be telling her/him, or someone close to her/him, that they have children or will soon be having children. And knowing the timing is important, as I stated above, Venus shows me the timing! I’m able to sense my intuition as my guide that my seeker is or will be soon enjoying happiness, treasurers, something that they deeply value as the Empress rules the second house in the zodiac as well as the seventh house of the zodiac and Venus shows us what we love. The Empress has a strong attachment to both the property and people!

It is very important before laying a spread of tarot cards, to ask a definite question. This in turn will focus the attention of the subconscious on obtaining the information needed. As you are shoveling the cards concentrate on the question as it adds energy which the subconscious can use in gathering pertinent facts. Also, note, the tarot cards will be acting as a means of direct contacting the subconscious mind to acquire such information. An experienced reader does feel the presence of its power. This subconscious power not only does relate how the cards shall be read, but actually determines the way they fall so that a correct reading will result. The accuracy as I stated above of the information received depends upon the ability of the readers subconscious to perceive conditions that could not possibly be known to the objective consciousness and bring it through. In~order to do this, it does require not only electromagnetic energy, but a willingness to quite the conscious mind and focus on the card and let your intuitive energy to the rest. Manipulating the tarot cards is a simple matter of using one’s intuition! Also, note, it is extremely beneficial to have a clear understanding of how the Tarot and Astrology work hand in hand so you are able to give an accurate reading! I cannot stress this enough!

Also, beneficial, & a huge secret, is the importance of training the subconscious mind. It requires control. Think of your subconscious mind as a plastic card that bends at your will to new thoughts or ideas presented to it. Always speak to it firmly and back it up with will power! By following the simple steps, I have given, will aid the mind and any psyche intelligence that may be presented to know exactly how the cards will be handled. Also, noting your subconscious mind is like a computer! Example: when you go to Google, and type in a term for Google to search, it sends out its spiders to bring you back the information you requested. All because it started with one word “WHY” why do bumble bees fly? Scientists say they can’t! But we know they can! Your subconscious mind is like a computer, it goes out to search for the answers in the universe and brings the answers back to you, make sense? Try asking your subconscious mind at night before going to bed a question, always start with “Why” & as you sleep your subconscious will be sending out it’s spiders in search of an answer to bring back to you, it will because it’s wants you happy, & to keep you happy, it goes out & searches for your answer! It’s true! Practice with this for a couple months & see for yourself!

With the training of your subconscious mind & knowing to relax, breath, & allowing your intuition to take center stage, trusting the first message that comes to you with-out second guessing what is being conveyed, you have learnt the secrets to Tarot Card Reading! Simple, easy, & straight forward! If you are a beginner learning how to read Tarot Cards, I’ve put this easy to follow e-book together just for you! Click below!

Tarot Card Reading for Beginners

If you’d like your own Astrology/or, Tarot Card Reading, Two Question’s, $50! VERY DETAILED-(30 min, audio sent to your email), Reading Astrology or Tarot $50.00 See Pay-Pal Button Below, of what is coming & what it means in your life, or to see what other services I offer, please see my services & rates tab! Don’t forget to read my Testimonials! If you need an emergency Reading, please email me 1st to make sure I’m able to complete your request, cost for emergence Readings are $100.00. 

Please Note:  All readings are sent to you on a mp3, (very detailed readings 30 min readings, by Bree), to your email you have on file with Pay-Pal unless you instruct me to deliver them to another email address. I do offer Skype Readings please email me for cost & times available! I do have to adhere to a time scheduled when conducting my readings as others are also on my schedule & I want to honor all in a timely fashion! For each reading I will need your birthday month/day/year. Also, time of birth including AM or PM. City & State & Country of birth. After you pay for my services, I will be notified & send you a form to fill out! Please send me the form back via my email I give you! Please read my testimonials! (NO Refunds on Readings) If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me before you purchase, I will be more than happy to answer! See the “Contact Us” to send your questions on any concerns you may have! I look forward to working with you 🙂
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